Our client consultants have helped over 1,000 buyers and sellers find the perfect New York City real estate agent. Transaction sizes range from $300,000 to over $20,000,000.

Video testimonials

Mike Loftus, sold in Manhattan
Manhattan and Hamptons resident
Darly Stern, purchased family home in Manhattan
Former Manhattan renter
Ruth Meyler, purchased in Manhattan
Relocated from San Francisco

Written testimonials

  • Paul Carter
    Boston Consulting Group
    “The service we received was top class throughout the process. The decision not to buy is as significant as to buy and you have provided objective, helpful advice all along. We have enjoyed meeting each of the contacts you have put us in touch with and you were well tuned in to our needs. We will certainly be passing on strong recommendations to others that we speak to about real estate investing.”
  • John Podesta
    Executive, Apparel Industry
    “The residential real estate industry can be enormously frustrating to the consumer. In my lifetime the level of care I’ve received from various residential real estate brokers has varied widely, and I’ve been frequently disappointed about the general lack of professionalism in the industry. I looked to you as my expert residential real estate guides, and you ensured that the process of selling my Chelsea loft was seamless, secure, efficient and pain-free.”
  • Ken Lustbader
    Historic Preservation Consultant
    “If you’re thinking of buying or selling residential real estate in the New York City area, they should be your first stop. As your advocate, they provide clients with a value that is priceless: informed, intelligent, and unbiased information that streamlines the process and makes you feel like a real estate expert. Having used them for simultaneously selling and purchasing apartments, their business acumen and professional hand-holding made both deals happen without a lot of stress. I can’t recommend their services enough and wouldn’t think of working without them in the future.”
  • Lynda Logan
    SVP, Wood Mackenzie Consultants
    “Faced with the daunting task of moving to NYC and coming to grips with the complexity of the Manhattan property market, discovering them was like finding a port in a storm. Their knowledge and experience of the market was invaluable and he is genuinely interested in working out what is right for the client and then helping them through the process. Being a skeptical Brit (Scot), at first I was expecting to find a catch. There is none. This is truly an independent and impartial service that anyone looking to buy or rent property in NYC would be mad not to take advantage of. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
  • Jeff Wilner
    “As first time buyers, we had little idea of what the process would be like and what steps we had to take to prepare for the most significant investment of our lives. They helped us understand what type of home our budge would allow and helped us identify which area of Long Island made most sense to target. They immediately put us in contact with the BEST real estate agent the area. Our search was quick, and because of the questions he asked in the initial consultation, the homes the agent showed were targeted and perfect! No waste of time at all! After 6 hours of looking, we made an offer on a home and it was accepted! The few months between making the offer and closing were difficult at times, but they were ALWAYS available to answer questions regarding home financing and negotiating the purchase contract. My fiancé and I are grateful that we had someone so knowledgeable and thoughtful to help us through the process.”
  • Greg Parsons
    McKinsey & Company

    “Having just used your services, I can’t say enough about the help you provided me throughout the entire process of my apartment purchase in Manhattan. From our initial conversation where Kathy gave me a comprehensive overview of the real estate market in NYC, to recommending a fantastic broker, to asking all of the questions I didn’t know to ask in my first walk, she has been my primary source of reliable information and trustworthy advice. Frankly, she was an invaluable resource and I strongly recommend that anyone looking at a potential purchase of property within NYC give her a call.”

  • Kevin Molloy
    Vice President, AXA Financial
    “When I learned I could reach out to the experienced talent of Paul Purcell at no additional cost, I was ecstatic. I was amazed that I was able to have complete, unfettered access to Paul, a residential real estate professional with outstanding credentials and background. For real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and real estate attorneys, purchasing property is an everyday occurrence. He understands that for individual people, purchasing property is a huge decision with significant lifetime ramifications.”
  • Luis Alvarez
    VP, Global Financial Services Firm
    Sonia Garica-Romero
    VP, Global Financial Services Firm
    “Working with you was a real pleasure. You helped us find not just one, but various dream apartments, based on the location and neighborhood attributes we desired. You were equally crucial in helping us decide between them, and in making the right offer to ensure closing. We have recommended you to various friends who have had an equally positive experience. We intend to use you for our next home purchase.”
  • Bob and Susan Feldman
    “The process of valuing and selling our apartments was made all the more challenging by the fact we had combined two apartments and estimates of value varied widely. In addition to wanting to maximize the sale price, we also needed to handle the whole process efficiently and quickly as we were soon relocating to California. They did a terrific job of bringing forward three highly qualified brokers, facilitating quality presentations and helping us sort through some of the conflicting guidance those brokers gave us. The final result: we were delighted with the service and recommend them highly.”
  • Catrin Treadwell

    “The prospect of our relocating to New York was a daunting one, particularly since I had never before lived in the U.S. It was evident from the outset that we’d found someone who not only knows New York inside out, but also knew how to find the kind of property we wanted in the most painless way. She put us in touch with efficient and charming brokers, took the time and trouble to help educate us about different areas of New York and was very patient when we had a complete change of mind about which part of the city we wanted to be in.


    We lived in London and thus had only a limited period of time in which to find a suitable apartment. We did so, however, in a matter of days and we’re thrilled with our new place.


    Using them has saved us a great deal of time and trouble and has probably helped us avoid making a mistake about the location of our new home. I commend her most highly to anyone who contemplates using her.”