Family-sized apartments typically mean large with three or more bedrooms and two or more bathrooms. The following agents have a focus on knowing the market for family-sized home and on the specific needs of families with children.

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  • I would call myself an expert on Upper West Side homes that are five rooms and up. When I started in the business I made a concentrated focus on Riverside Drive, in fact Barbara Corcoran crowned me "The King of Riverside Drive."
    Alan Berger
    7 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for Family-sized apartments
    Lori Huler Glick
    6 client reviews
  • I specialize in selling apartments for and to families looking for a larger home or moving from a rental to a permanent residence. I have school age children raging from ages 4-15 and thus am well versed in neighborhood schools, from pre-school through high school, both public and private. I also know a lot about the attributes of different neighborhoods and buildings, allowing my clients to make educated decisions about their purchase for their family.
    Lisa Lippman
    11 client reviews
  • Having raised my two daughters in Manhattan, I am keenly aware of what works and doesn’t work in terms of space, neighborhoods and amenities for families. With buyers, I love exploring the options which can be as varied as the multitude of lifestyles which thrive in New York. For sellers, my experience has given me specific insight on how to market to families and what the critical selling points are.
    Dare Elliott
    8 client reviews
  • I have been selling family apartments for the past two and half decades to every size family from a one child family up to as many as 5 children; young married couples, experienced empty nesters and families with no children. Classic Six and Classic Seven room homes are popular and common in supply and demand. The Classic Eight to Classic Twelve room apartments are in very high demand and sell for very high prices in every single neighborhood. Unfortunately, size does matter on this subject and buying just the right size home takes a lot of research, comparative shopping and hitting the pavement. My daily challenge is helping people buy and sell these types of properties and negotiating the best terms for a smooth closing.
    Stephanie Kanter-Weisberg
    6 client reviews
  • Many of our clients are growing families looking to upsize. As their family grows, so do their living needs. We are happy to help our clients find the right home for their family.
    Paul & Carolyn Zweben
    12 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for family-sized apartments
    Sheila Lokitz
    6 client reviews
  • As a mother of two daughters who have grown up on the Upper West Side, I recognize that families in Manhattan have unique needs for their homes--whether they require specific amenities, storage or proximity to schools. My acute knowledge of Manhattan’s neighborhoods enables me to help families sell or purchase homes that meet their exact specifications.
    Ann Cutbill Lenane
    7 client reviews
  • I have handled a vast number of 3-6 bedroom homes throughout Manhattan. I truly love finding large homes and placing families referred to me through our Christie’s Relocation affiliation. Relocation clients want to know everything about their new neighborhoods and I simply love doing the research on schools, culture, shopping and more. My research keeps me fresh and the customers informed. My sellers love seeing the effort put into creating brochures that speak to not just the apartment but the neighborhood lifestyle. Selling large homes to families suits my creative energy and benefits buyers and sellers. I once almost talked a seller into staying!
    Elaine Clayman
    9 client reviews