Moving to the U.S. from another country involves much more than a typical move. For example, an agent who can help find you short-term housing and/or is prepared to spend intense concentrations of time with you when you are visiting the U.S. previewing homes before you move can make your relocation much smoother. The following agents have distinguished themselves as experts at working with buyers who are relocating from abroad.

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  • In the past year, I have traveled throughout the world including to France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Thailand and Abu Dhabbi. At each destination, I have leveraged the Sotheby's International Realty brand to develop a network of clients -- both buyers and sellers. I have helped dozens of international clients move to Manhattan and I teach seminars in Manhattan about buying and investing in NYC real estate.
    Lee Summers
    6 client reviews
  • International buyers & sellers can have complete confidence in my ability to understand their needs. I've worked with clients from the UK, Sweden, Mexico, Italy and South Africa to name a few, and I have strong ties to several ex-pat communities. I've traveled extensively and pride myself on my knowledge of international business & cultural mores.
    Lynn Martin Kellert
    11 client reviews
  • My husband was a senior diplomat in the United Nations and as such, we had to move every two to three years to a different country or continent. I have lived in Africa, Asia and Europe (The Sudan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Italy, Norway and Israel). My experience has enabled me to understand different cultures which is extremely helpful when moving to, or purchasing in, New York City.
    Astrid Pillay
    8 client reviews
  • Having lived in different countries in Europe and the Americas and being fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, I am accustomed to working with people in every culture and income bracket. I have called Manhattan home for over twenty years and serve all areas of the city, from the Upper East Side to neighborhoods West and South.
    Gabriel Bedoya
    11 client reviews
  • I relocated from Europe to NYC with my husband and two children 12 years ago, so I have experienced first-hand the challenges you will encounter moving to the city such as learning about the different neighborhoods, schools, parks, services and entertainment. I've used my personal experience moving to the city to help many clients avoid the problems that I faced.
    Maria Wall
    9 client reviews
  • Recommended agents for international clients.
  • The Manhattan luxury residential market can be a confusing challenge to foreign investors. I have successfully enabled international clients to comfortably move through the process of buying or selling and board package approval. I offer complete guidance from beginning to end and I can introduce legal, tax, mortgage and insurance professionals who speak your native language. My native language is Japanese. If you make an investment that requires management I can find an appropriate tenant, collect rent and make expense payments.
    Sachiko Goodman
    8 client reviews
  • I have had the opportunity to deal extensively with International buyers as a result of my expertise in the luxury condo market. Interfacing with both clients as well as with international brokers gives me broad-based exposure to this specific group. By successfully working with these international clients and brokers, I have gained a solid reputation and have continued to expand my clientele through referrals. We offer a full spectrum of real estate services--from buying, selling, re-selling and renting.
    Karen Giaquinto
    6 client reviews
  • I know first hand about relocating to New York from aboard because that's exactly what I did. My own assimilation to American culture helps me to understand the needs of my international buyers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, South Pacific Asia, Italy and the U.K. Fluency in both English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese dialect) compliment my Asian customer base, and my study aboard experience in Europe helps me understand the business etiquette and customs of many cultures. I have a team of experts that assist international buyers with U.S. asset planning, financial advising, taxation inquiries and foreigner financing. It is absolutely crucial to investigate and understand these important factors before an international buyer begin shopping for a home.
    Eileen Hsu
    7 client reviews
  • Throughout my career, I've worked with many international buyers who are relocating to Manhattan or are purchasing an investment property. I know that, in addition to the standard issues with buying a home, international buyers face cultural differences as well. My twenty years of experience in the business enables me to help my clients make a smooth transition to the city.
    Daniela Kunen
    5 client reviews
  • I have spent every summer of life in Europe, so I have a good understanding of various cultures and business etiquette. I have been working with International buyers since they really started purchasing in NYC 15 years ago. I understand their needs and provide full service to them after the sale because I can project what they're going to need. I understand fears and concerns and am able to put them at ease and make the transaction as smooth as possible.
    John Stathis
    5 client reviews
  • Coming from an international background, I understand the needs and sensitivities of people relocating to the city. One of my strengths is my ability to quickly and effectively communicate the nuances of New York City real estate in a way that enables my clients to make educated decisions.
    Steen Rasmussen
    7 client reviews
  • I work extensively with foreign buyers who are looking for a "second home" in NYC. These buyers have special needs and concerns. I have learned over the years to put them at ease and guide them through the process in a stress-free, confident way. I also enjoy connecting them with interior designers and other professionals to make the overall experience as easy as possible.
    Marie Schmon
    12 client reviews
  • Whether relocating from abroad or investing, I have worked numerous successful deals with international buyers. Given my background working throughout the US and overseas, I have the knowledge and "know-how" to pick and choose the type of products and locations this type of buyer seeks.
    Sungwon Hwang
    9 client reviews