Having a second home in Manhattan is the ultimate in luxury. Only a handful of agents specialize in understanding the needs of second home buyers and know which co-ops and condos even allow second home owners. The following agents have distinguished themselves in this area of expertise.

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  • Pied-a-terre buyers do not need a Manhattan home, but they want one. It could be they lived here once, it could be that they’ve always dreamed of a Manhattan foothold. Whatever the case, I enjoy educating potential pied-a-terre buyers about neighborhoods and the process. I also understand that pied-a-terre buyers often are in Manhattan in short bursts of time to conduct their searches, and I always strive to make these visits as highly productive as possible.
    Tom Cooper
    10 client reviews
  • For those clients who love Manhattan and visit frequently, but cannot live here full time, a Pied-a-Terre is the perfect solution. With every client, I listen attentively to their specific needs in order to expedite the search to find their home away from home. I work tenaciously and enthusiastically to provide my clients with a swift transaction that secures the perfect getaway apartment for the best possible price.
    Joan Swift
    5 client reviews
  • Because I speak Greek and because many of my clients are from overseas and want a place to call home in Manhattan, I am very familiar with the pied-a-terres in the city. I know which co-ops allow pied-a-terres and which condos cater toward pied-a-terre buyers.
    John Stathis
    5 client reviews
  • Pied-a-terres require special attention because, in New York, not every building allows a buyer to purchase an apartment as a second home. I have the experience of working with clients in the pied-a-terre market and can help steer buyers in the right direction when looking for a second home in the City.
    Michael Murphy
    8 client reviews
  • I love working with pied-a-terre buyers because we typically share the same passion for New York City. It’s an exciting challenge to find the perfect apartment that elicits enthusiasm as well. As these buyers can be in town infrequently, I often preview apartments on their behalf and work hard to zero in on the short list of appropriate properties to maximize their time while they are here.
    Dare Elliott
    8 client reviews
  • A pied-a-terre buyer always excites me because there are many different reasons for this type of purchase: the sheer enjoyment of visiting New York City, the aspiration of a prudent financial investment, or a corporate purchase for employees or a captain of industry. The majority of buildings located in Midtown Manhattan, the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side will not allow part-time residency and/or a investment property in their residential building. I am an expert in the pied-a-terre market and I will steer you to the right type of building for your needs and budget. In the hands of an educated broker like me, this type of purchase can be seamless.
    Stephanie Kanter-Weisberg
    6 client reviews
  • The home away from home! Pied-a-terre buyers have come our way for years....We will help you find that NYC "weekender" gem. As some buildings allow these types of purchases - some, of course, do not. We have the knowledge of the "pied-a-terre" buildings throughout the city and are here to help you purchase with ease. Perhaps you even need some help renting it out on your 'off' weekends! Keep all of your options open with us.
    Brad Malow & Becki Danchik
    13 client reviews
  • Many of my clients' business or lifestyle requires a second home in the city, where they can spend a few days to work or relax. Others are buying for their children to stay while in school or starting out with the hope of using it personally in the future. London Terrace is one of just a few co-ops which allow this type of purchase. Over the years I've served many families in finding the right home for the right reason.
    Susan Singer
    8 client reviews
  • I have extensive experience helping my customers in purchasing pied-a-terres. Many of the buildings that I have sold multiple units in are designed for pied-a-terres because of their proximity to the park, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Time Warner Center, as well as their amazing amenities. Because co-ops rarely allow pied-a-terres, as a condominium specialist, I am highly experienced in working with this product type.
    Marie Bianco
    5 client reviews
  • Pied-a-terre buyers are looking for something special, sexy and architecturally signficant -- or maybe just a place to hang their hat a few days a month for work. Knowing which buildings allow pied-a-terre ownership is a must, and knowing which buildings have that something extra to make coming home to New York like a stay in a luxury hotel, is my specialty.
    Camille Duvall-Hero
    7 client reviews
  • I love helping pied-a-terre buyers because most of them are coming to NYC to live their dream. It is a privilege to be part of that process. Also, over the years I have developed tremendous expertise in knowing which buildings permit this type of purchase and how to best present these buyers to a building's Board so their applications are approved.
    Marie Schmon
    12 client reviews
  • I have sold a large number of co-ops and condos to buyers seeking a seeking a second home in Manhattan. A large percentage of pied-a-terre buyers are actually qualified to purchase a co-op, and may not have to pay a premium for a condo.
    Perry Roth
    7 client reviews