When dealing with lofts, it takes a specialist to advise on loft-related complexities. Not every agent is familiar with conversion problems, building infrastructure issues (i.e. ceilings, windows, plumbing) or amenities. The following agents have distinguished themselves as loft experts.

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  • I am an expert at selling lofts because this is what I've always focused on. Most of the inventory in the neighborhoods in which I specialize such as TriBeCa and SoHo, are lofts and this is where I work most frequently. I've learned to recognize what separates certain types of lofts from others, and I understand and appreciate the history behind these great buildings and neighborhoods. That is the true talent.
    Timothy Melzer
    7 client reviews
  • Since my business is primarily Downtown, it is only natural that I specialize in the gorgeous lofts that are concentrated here. Soho, Noho, Flatiron, Tribeca, Chelsea, Lower East Side and Union Square all have these beautiful dramatic properties with stunning architectural features, including high ceilings, over-sized windows, authentic columns and beams and open floor plans. These are some of the most interesting properties in all of Manhattan.
    Anna Shagalov
    10 client reviews
  • Lofts offer a unique living experience. The creative aspect of a converted space that offers old-world, industrial and architectural aspects into residential living is one that I personally find appealing. I have represented numerous lofts in Tribeca, Soho, East, Central and West Village, Flatiron and Chelsea. Representing such homes and helping customers find suitable lofts comes naturally to me and is something that I look forward to doing.
    Alex Nicholas
    9 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for lofts
    Tracie Golding
    10 client reviews
  • We are loft pioneers, having purchased a loft in 1973, when they were first emerging onto the market. Since then, we have sold and helped clients purchase a vast number of lofts. We understand that every different format for living is a variable based on the consumer. We are active in sales of townhouses, apartments and new developments also.
    Meris & Kenny Blumstein
    9 client reviews
  • Lofts comprise a large portion of the inventory of the Downtown real estate market. Old, traditional lofts have evolved into highly sophisticated homes with superb building amenities. And while the old loft still does exist, it co-exists with this new and unique breed of extraordinary real estate. Understanding the unique characteristics of a loft building are critical to making good decisions when buying or selling.
    Leonard Steinberg
    9 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for lofts
    Danny Davis
    7 client reviews
  • As a resident first of Greenwich Village and then Chelsea for 20 years, I first started selling real estate in my neighborhood--initially lofts. As my client base grew, I expanded to selling more traditional apartments and townhouses as dictated my customers' needs. I have an extensive knowledge of the inventory of property below 42nd Street and have experience with many of the boards of these buildings. I often have clients return to me when they sell to help them find their next home.
    Glenn Norrgard
    6 client reviews
  • I have been selling lofts since 1984. When I first started selling lofts they were mainly located in Soho. Many were selling for $100 a square foot and most were owned by artists. Compare this with the most expensive lofts, which in the recent past were trading for over $4,000 per square foot. In some buildings, even though buyers were paying $1,400 a square foot, they still had to put their own garbage on the sidewalk!
    Barbara Godson
    9 client reviews
  • We originally became involved in New York real estate because of our expertise in lofts -- we were involved in lobbying for the original legislation that legalized them. Artists and other loft dwellers sought us out to help legalize and sell their spaces. We are familiar with all of the history, attorneys and landmark considerations that surround this fascinating property type.
  • I specialize in the Downtown Manhattan market where lofts are most numerous. I live in a loft in Chelsea and I have helped numerous clients buy and sell lofts in Downtown Manhattan.
    Michael Murphy
    8 client reviews