If you are focused on finding a penthouse, you may want to consider using a penthouse specialist. There are many positive aspects to living in a penthouse, including light, views, outdoor space, and expansion potential – but there are many concerns as well, including low water pressure, electric service, roof leaks, and access. The agents below have managed many penthouse transactions and understand their unique characteristics.

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  • Penthouse buyers have many different ideas about what they need and want in Penthouse Living - whether a penthouse represents extraordinary views for you or perhaps you desire a private terrace large enough to plant your favorite flowers, host family get-togethers, create magical parties or labor in a vegetable garden. I specialize in representing these unique properties for sale along with securing these properties for the right buyer. The marketplace only offers a few of these special and exciting properties at any given time and they usually sell very quickly, so having an agent who knows the inventory and market is critical.
    Stephanie Kanter-Weisberg
    6 client reviews
  • We have designed, planned, filed and implemented the creation and sale of penthouse properties in downtown Manhattan and in landmark settings. We have longstanding relationships with landscapers and garden suppliers as well as construction managers and expeditors, not to mention architects and roofers. Nothing is simple in Manhattan, especially penthouses.
  • A Penthouse offers the best of everything. They are set apart in style, views and details. In a city where people strive for excellence, representing penthouses offers the best features of a property and allows me to introduce these features to the some of the most discerning buyers in Manhattan.
    Alex Nicholas
    9 client reviews
  • With my vast experience buying and selling penthouse units in Downtown Manhattan, as well as currently owning one myself, I've learned to find the highlights and top qualities of penthouse-living. Whether it's the views, the outdoor space or just the allure of being on the top floor, penthouses hold so many amazing characteristics which set them apart from a traditional apartment.
    Timothy Melzer
    7 client reviews
  • I have been specializing in penthouses for years because I found that once my buyers moved into a penthouse they were only interested in other penthouses. They get use to being on top with view, light, and outdoor space. These are things they want to have moving forward.
    Holly Parker
    7 client reviews
  • For the past two decades, I have identified and sold the ultimate penthouse apartments in New York City. From the top of Time Warner to Sutton Place, Park and Fifth Avenue and all of the avenues between the Hudson River and the East River, I offer my clients the personal care and attention needed to buy and sell the most unique and prestigious properties. My creativity, focus, perseverance and team structure ensure that your home will receive marketing through Christie’s Great Estates, Important Residential Properties Magazine and the Luxury Homes section in the New York Times Magazine. I have been featured in the press because I have sold some of NYC's most unique properties. If you want to work with a true penthouse expert, please give me a call -- I look forward to meeting you!
    Elaine Clayman
    9 client reviews
  • I have sold a relatively high number of penthouses and I am very effective at pricing and presenting them.
    James Perez
    6 client reviews