Manhattan townhouses are a unique type of real estate. Since townhouses make up only a small percentage of total sales in Manhattan, most agents have little experience helping buyers or sellers. There are agents, however, who do specialize in townhouses. They understand the maintenance, renovation, Landmarks, and other issues related to “vertical living.” The following agents have distinguished themselves as experts at townhouse purchases and sales.

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  • Townhouses have their own pros and cons. It's my position to educate buyers and sellers as to the proper questions to ask on both ends of the deal. This is not rocket science but customers need the right agent to navigate and negotiation a townhouse deal properly. That's why I'm here!
    Tony Oakley
    8 client reviews
  • In the past two years, I have sold $60 million of Manhattan townhouses.
    Lee Summers
    6 client reviews
  • The Williamson Group continues to sell beautiful townhouses in Brooklyn Heights and beyond. Whether you are looking for a property to fully renovate or a beautiful and classically appointed home that is ready to be lived in right away, we know the inventory and we know the best locations so that you have the complete and ultimate experience of residing in historic Brownstone Brooklyn.
    Madeline Williamson
    9 client reviews
  • We especially like townhouses. We have had the pleasure of representing many townhouses for sale more than one time, as our clients love our enthusiasm and knowledge while marketing these unique properties.
    Meris & Kenny Blumstein
    9 client reviews
  • Because I live in and own a townhouse, I closely relate to buyers and sellers of townhouses and I understand the nuances of townhouse living. In a townhouse, you have total freedom to do what you want to your home. It truly is yours.
    Fabienne Lecole
    10 client reviews
  • There is no substitute for experience. Over the past 20 years, I have been helping clients buy, sell and rent townhouses in Manhattan’s best neighborhoods. This longevity enables me to provide a long-term perspective on value and my extensive relationships with owners enables me to arrange transactions for properties that are not even on the market. Townhouses offer great value and have many benefits including private outdoor space. In addition, I appreciate the aesthetic, architectural and historic qualities unique to townhouses
    George van der Ploeg
    7 client reviews
  • I sold my first townhouse in 1990, and since then I have sold enough townhouses that I was given the title of Townhouse Director for the West Side office. Townhouses are a small, special, and unique segment of the Manhattan Real Estate market which offer owners their own individual piece of New York. In addition to privacy, Townhouses boast a huge amount of space, special charm, outdoor areas, and often a piece of New York history. In my career, I have had the privilege of representing sellers and buyers in more than 30 townhouse transactions. I've enjoyed the chance to give "recommendations" on how to best restore a wreck for optimal marketability as well as sell magnificently finished homes. I thrive on discovering the beauty in each of these wonderful houses.
    Alan Berger
    7 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for Townhouses
    Lori Huler Glick
    6 client reviews
  • Townhouses represent a very small portion of the inventory of properties in Manhattan. They have their own very specific pros and cons, and buying or selling one requires a detailed understanding of these issues. The location of a house, the direction it faces, it's width, ceiling heights, and the ownership profile are all important elements in making smart decisions about townhouses. We have sold and helped purchase some of the best townhouses throughout the city, especially in Greenwich Village, one of the prime areas because of the protected light afforded by building height limitations.
    Leonard Steinberg
    9 client reviews
  • I have a great deal of experience with townhouses, from the West Village to Gramercy Park to the Lower East Side, up to Harlem. I live on the Upper West Side and am also very familiar with property there. I have sold and participated in the sale of over 50 townhouses between my own sales and my previous partnership. I have set record prices in multiple neighborhoods as a seller's representative and have good connections that lead me to unique deals for my buyers. I believe in a value-added approach to property search, by having and maintaining comprehensive knowledge of zoning regulations, landmark policy, serious vs. minor violations, landlord/tenant laws, estate matters, and renovation/layout choices, to inform their decision.
    David Kornmeier
    10 client reviews
  • I own and live in a single family townhouse. Having gone through purchase and two years of renovation, I have personal experience dealing with architects, city permits, contractors and expeditors. I can help guide sellers and buyers through the process and save a lot of their precious time.
    Janet Wang
    5 client reviews
  • I am an expert in the lease and sale of townhouses, brownstones and small buildings in New York City. I am also an expert in the construction, restoration and renovation of townhouses, brownstones and small buildings. In fact, I purchased, renovated and restored my own landmark townhouse in Manhattan.
    Thomas Wexler
    8 client reviews
  • I have sold many townhouses and understand all the intricacies involved from changing the Certificate of Occupancy to clearing the outstanding violations that often accompany old houses. I know when a house is well-priced and I can see it's potential. I recently brought such a house to the attention of one of my buyers, and was able to sell the house for them two years later for twice what they paid.
    Barbara Godson
    9 client reviews
  • I have been a top broker for high-end sales in co-ops, condos and townhouses. I have handled transactions in the luxury market for many of the biggest names in the U.S. and abroad and have set records for the price per square foot multiple times throughout the years.
  • Having bought and completely renovated a four-story historic house two years ago, I am always excited when someone is looking to sell or buy a townhouse. I love the architecture of Brooklyn's townhouses and all of the details that go into making it a home. I have knowledge of construction and renovation from my own personal experience and from my extensive design background. This enables me to assist people through the process from seeing potential in their space, to finding reputable contractors and understanding costs, to advising on what kind of upgrades will present the largest challenges.
    Alyssa Morris
    9 client reviews