If you are looking to buy a condominium in a new development, it can be beneficial to work with an agent who intimately knows the many recent developments around the city. New condo experts can readily provide price and amenity comparisons, advise you on the pre-construction purchase process, and inform you of the reputation of various developers (the best agents often know the "inside scoop"). The agents below have distinguished themselves as new condo experts.

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  • Many buyers strive to have a top quality living experience, not only in their apartment, but in their building as well. New condo conversions and newly constructed condo buildings offer today's Manhattan owner and buyer the 21st Century experience -- one in which I am well versed, having helped many buyers find suitable home in new developments.
    Alex Nicholas
    9 client reviews
  • I love new condominium projects because most have tax abatements which keeps the return on investment higher. The process of buying a new condo is different than buying any other type of home because many times, your home will not be ready to be moved into for years. Since I know the process inside and out, I am able to make my clients comfortable and confident with their purchase.
    Marie Bianco
    5 client reviews
  • In my mind, working with new condominiums is an extremely exciting experience. A buyer can obtain a home on the cutting edge of design and architecture. While the process can be frustrating on some levels (i.e. not being able to move in for a year or two), I instill a level of confidence throughout the entire process.
    Daniel Farris
    4 client reviews
  • I am one of the few top brokers consulted by the top luxury condo developers about apartment size, pricing and amenities. This gives me the advantage of having the earliest possible access to deals and an inside knowledge of which apartments to choose. My clients can be confident that I am accessing the best prices. My record of value projection is unrivaled. I know this market well and often personally invest in new condos.
    Sachiko Goodman
    8 client reviews
  • Downtown, especially West Chelsea, has seen a huge influx of new developments over the past five plus years. I have represented many clients in the purchase of apartments in new developments and I know the benefits (and potential land mines) of purchasing in a new or newly converted building.
    Michael Murphy
    8 client reviews
  • We are licensed as development sales people and have worked with developers in forming the plans to be filed with the New York State Attorney General for condo conversions and construction. We have a working relationship with many architects, designers and developers and with whom we have collaborated on many projects. We also bring this expertise to existing co-ops and condos and have advised many boards. We uniquely brand each condo we represent to best position it in the market and generate the highest sales price possible.
  • Recommended agent for new condos
    Tracie Golding
    10 client reviews
  • Most of my clients are attracted to new buildings in the city. Therefore, I have toured almost each and every new development in Manhattan. My knowledge in that sector of the market helps my clients identify the right property that best suites their needs. My expertise spares my clients the long process of researching and screening.
    Janet Wang
    5 client reviews
  • Selling condos, new developments and resales, comprise roughly 75% of my business. I understand the importance of owning your own place -- I mostly have lived in condos in the city. Although condos only make up 30% of the inventory in the city, I know the buildings and new projects extremely well which allows me to offer a level of expertise that helps my clients find the right home for their needs.
    Fabienne Lecole
    10 client reviews
  • I specialize in new development condominiums!! The last six years have been dedicated to working with developers and buyers of new development properties on the UES, UWS and Harlem! There are many details that buyers and sellers will never be privy to from any website. As a professional in these areas I realize that not all buyers have the stomach for the "new development" process and can often see the light in a townhouse.
    Tony Oakley
    8 client reviews
  • Part of my team's education incorporates visiting new construction sites so that, at any given time, my brokers are intimately familiar with new developments and their unique and special features. My team's vast knowledge of new condo developments enables our clients, both local and foreign, to compare apples to apples and make the right decision for their needs. My team prides ourselves on educating our clients about the new condo market -- especially if our clients are new to the city.
    Elaine Clayman
    9 client reviews
  • I have experience selling developers' new condos in challenging markets, so I understand how to price and stage units to make the best impression possible. On the flip side, I also have completed many new condo deals for my buyers. I understand buyers’ concerns and the details that go into making a purchase in a new construction building. I can walk them through each step in the process, including inspecting the building to ensure it is solidly built, advising on what to look out for in an offering plan, recommending lawyers that have experience with sales in these types of buildings, understanding potential delays, and highlighting special closing costs that often go along with a new construction purchase. This ensures that there are no unexpected surprises in the end.
    Alyssa Morris
    9 client reviews
  • I am always searching for the latest and greatest new development project in Manhattan. I, myself, have invested in several new development projects in Manhattan and am currently a homeowner in a brand new development on the Upper East Side. Many developers and their representatives contact me about their latest projects. One developer awarded me a Maserati and chauffeur for a year. This was for selling the most apartments of any broker in his huge new development. I would be happy to go over the latest new development projects taking place in Manhattan with you.
    Michael Gordon
    5 client reviews
  • Having lived and owned in numerous condo buildings, I have first hand expertise in the Manhattan Luxury Condo Market. As an investor myself, I’ve thoroughly searched for the best values and opportunities, and I keep myself apprised of new developments. I take the same approach with my clients. Further, I have successfully represented numerous condo owners as their exclusive listing broker. This gives me an unparalleled advantage because I have my finger on the pulse of this specific market. From those looking for luxury condos as an investment property, to those looking for a pied-a-terre, primary residence or rental, I work with them all! Since much of my business focuses on the luxury condo market, my insight on pricing, inventory and “hot spots” is always up to par!
    Karen Giaquinto
    6 client reviews