In Manhattan and the Hamptons, $500k is entry-level. But that does not mean buyers and sellers of such homes deserve entry-level agents. There are many excellent agents who focus on entry-level homes, providing the same level of professionalism, persistence, and caring as agents that focus on $5 million homes. We consider the following agents to be specialists in properties under $500,000.

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  • Since we work often with first-time buyers, we have extensive experience with homes under $500k. Whether it be mapping out your finances to pass a co-op board, discussing the best neighborhoods for resale value (as you will want to upgrade within a few years!), matching you with the right attorney, or putting you in touch with the best mortgage broker --- we are with you from beginning to end in your search for the perfect home.
    Brad Malow & Becki Danchik
    13 client reviews
  • Whether you're first time buyer or looking for your ideal investment in Manhattan, I am here to help. I specialize in all price ranges in Manhattan and you would be surprised as to what you can buy for under $500,000 in NYC. Pied a tierre, vacation, investment buyers call me!
    Michael Steinberger
    8 client reviews
  • I've worked with many clients and customers buying and selling homes under $500k. I work closely with a mortgage broker, and together we walk buyers through the process, fees and financing.
    Rosemarie Gambetta
    6 client reviews
  • I have worked with many buyers looking to purchase homes under $500k over the years by using both traditional and creative financing vehicles. I have worked with low down payments, higher debt to income ratios, guarantors, gift situations, lease options and cash purchases. I am able to quickly assess a situation to see how to make it work (or if it will work). I look forward to doing that for you.
    Gary Brynes
    8 client reviews