For investors seeking real estate investment opportunities, it’s all about finding a great deal and making the numbers work. Agents who specialize in working with investors run financial models, advise on the costs of managing a rental property, have a thorough understanding of the neighborhood’s rental market, and have a perspective on the appreciation potential of various neighborhoods. The following agents have distinguished themselves as investor specialists.

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  • My team specializes in representing investors and renting their investment properties. We build long-term relationships with our investor clients because we know that closing the transaction is just the beginning of the investment. In many cases, my team acts as the local liaison between the tenant and our client. We are experts at analyzing investment returns and we know the rental market inside and out.
    Steen Rasmussen
    7 client reviews
  • I do both rentals and sales and work with investors from the U.S. and all over the world on properties that have investment potential. Indeed, a good 50% of my clients are investors. By getting to know each building well and by accessing the right type of expertise, I provide investors with confidential and honest advice on their investments, both when they buy and when they sell. Most invest in condominiums and multi-family buildings.
    Astrid Pillay
    8 client reviews
  • Analyzing market data and determining investment feasibility are key to making a wise real estate investment. In a confusing Manhattan marketplace, I believe that my 17 years in the industry working in both strong and soft markets has proven to be an asset to any investor.
    Douglas Heddings
    9 client reviews
  • Recommended agents for investors.
  • Recommended agent for investors.
    Julia Boland
    7 client reviews
  • I have extensive experience working with investors of all types and particularly with developers. I have marketed individual units and packages of units for developers particularly in Manhattan as well as up and down the eastern seaboard. Over the years I have represented sellers of real estate in all markets and conditions. I am an expert in marketing, merchandising, positioning, and representing the seller’s goals. I have completed easy, quick transactions as well as difficult sales that included the swapping of apartments, bond for a deed, seller financing, lease with option, etc. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was an executive for a national Real Estate Auction company with a specialty in Bank REO properties.
    Gary Brynes
    8 client reviews
  • I understand the specific needs that real estate investors have, not only because I have assisted dozens of investors buy and sell in NYC, but also because I have been an investor myself for many years. In addition, I own a small management company so I can manage my clients' investments.
    Marie Bianco
    5 client reviews
  • I have sold dozens of condominiums to buyers who are purchasing them solely as an investment. I fully understand the income to expense concept of purchasing for investment. I am very aware of the issues involved with investment properties because I presently own numerous apartments for investment purposes only.
    Richard Ferrari
    5 client reviews
  • Purchasing a home as an investment is very different than buying a personal home. At the end of the day, it's all about making the numbers work. Having graduated with a degree in Economics from Princeton, achieved an MBA from New York University and worked as a banker for 12 years at The Bank of New York, I approach the real estate business as that -- a business. I understand that investors are looking for value, and my quantitative and analytical skill set enables me to offer my clients accurate and informed real estate investment advice.
    George van der Ploeg
    7 client reviews
  • I am one of the few top brokers consulted by the top luxury condo developers about apartment size, pricing and amenities. This gives me the advantage of having the earliest possible access to deals and an inside knowledge of which apartments to choose. My clients can be confident that I am accessing the best prices. My record of value projection is unrivaled. I know this market well and often personally invest in new condos.
    Sachiko Goodman
    8 client reviews
  • Close to one third of my buyers are "investors." My investors do not simply purchase properties as a pure rental income vehicle but for long-term investment prospectives. Some may be relocating from overseas with long-term investment objectives down the road; while some purchase investment properties but eventually use them as their secondary or even primary home. I have also worked well with both domestic and international investors who are only interested in new development projects or recent developments in Manhattan. Given my previous professional background in Fortune 50 companies in the US and in Asia (Japan, Hong Kong and Korea), I have completed many successful transactions with international investors and familes.
    Sungwon Hwang
    9 client reviews
  • My team's knowledge of building purchase and conversion costs comes from first-hand experience working with developers. Our experience make us uniquely qualified to advise investors whether it be for one unit or bulk purchases. Our team will handle everything from finding the best opportunities, to identifying the highest and best use. In addition, we assist our clients in renting and managing their investment properties.
    Joanne Douglas
    10 client reviews
  • I grew up in a family of real estate investors from all over the world. I know first hand that real estate is one of the best assets in which to invest. I believe there are "good deals" in any marketplace if you know where to look. My team and I strategically develop a systematic investment plan for each one of our investors based on their specific needs. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned investor, we have the experience and the resources you need to ensure that you maximize your investment.
    Eileen Hsu
    7 client reviews
  • Over the years I have sold many condos to investors, as well as the occasional co-op with tenants already in place, and I am very realistic about the market value for a particular property. A finance major, I am quite seasoned in managing my clients' expectations and assisting them in evaluating each opportunity by the numbers.
    Tracie Hamersley
    10 client reviews
  • I have worked with investors since the beginning of my career, closing over 100 properties. The same investors I sold to in 2001, I am still working with today. Why? Because I look for trends, review statistics, and also invest myself. I think like my clients think. I have a proven track record in creating deals that meet the needs of both buyers and sellers alike.
    Karen Giaquinto
    6 client reviews
  • I have been working with small developers and investors throughout my career. I have a unique gift of guiding my investors towards the right properties. Numbers have always been my strength and I have a keen sense of what will appreciate the most.
    Holly Parker
    7 client reviews