If you are relocating to Manhattan, you will likely need a general introduction to the city as well as an overview of Manhattan’s varied neighborhoods. These agents are prepared to spend concentrated and intense periods of time introducing you to the city. They also understand the short-term rental market. The following agents have distinguished themselves as experts at working with clients relocating to Manhattan from within the U.S.

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  • I moved to Manhattan ten years ago from San Francisco and know what it is like to be new to the city. I understand both the excitement and frustration people feel about Manhattan's unique brand of living and therefore can empathize with the range of thoughts and emotions people go through when they move to New York.

    Tom Cooper
    10 client reviews
  • New York is a dynamic, sophisticated city that many people dream of moving to. However, finding a place to live in Manhattan’s unique marketplace can be quite daunting. This is why I guide suburban, out-of-state, and international buyers every step of the way through the Manhattan real estate process in order to secure a successful home purchase or sale. As a proud native New Yorker, I am familiar not only with the city’s appeal and opportunities, but also with how to educate buyers about the diverse neighborhoods and complex world of Manhattan co-ops, condos, townhouses, and new developments. Purchasing or selling real estate in Manhattan is a huge undertaking, investment, and commitment, and I work relentlessly on my clients’ behalf to ensure a smooth transition to this exciting city.

    Joan Swift
    5 client reviews
  • Nothing is more exciting than moving to Manhattan. I moved here 32 years ago and the city is every bit as exciting today as it was then. I love to talk to people moving to the city about all the city has to offer, from what is available culturally, to neighborhood restaurants, to where the best gyms are located. I help instill this enthusiasm in my clients.

    Daniel Farris
    4 client reviews
  • Moving to NYC can be intimidating. We strive to educate our buyers who are moving here about all aspects of the city -- real estate, cultural, neighborhoods, transportation and schools.

    Paul & Carolyn Zweben
    12 client reviews
  • I have gone through training and have the designation of a certified relocation specialist. Having moved to New York, 20 years ago from Los Angeles, I understand the emotions and challenges involved in a relocation. It is my job to make my clients move as easy as possible. Not only will I help them find their dream apartment, but I can furnish them with information on schools, shopping, restaurants, etc. I can also recommend mortgage brokers, contractors, lawyers -- anyone or anything that the relocatee may need. I especially give attention to the spouse or partner of the relocatee, who often times is left to handle the move on their own and finds the task daunting. It is very rewarding to know that I have helped to make their move a positive experience.

    Sheila Lokitz
    6 client reviews
  • Many years ago, when my daughters were five and six years old, we moved from a seven-bedroom house in New Haven to Manhattan. I quickly learned to adjust my lifestyle and I found out what was important to make a happy home and how to ease the transition for my family. I learned all about the schools (public and private) and soon knew all the Downtown parks and playgrounds. I know where all the best food and specialty stores are, and can ease the anxiety of a relocating family.

    Barbara Godson
    9 client reviews
  • Working with buyers who are moving to New York is my favorite challenge. As a New Yorker for over 30 years, my knowledge of the City is extensive. I love educating buyers to the ins and outs of neighborhoods, buildings, and amenities. There really is something for everyone here, including the perfect apartment that you’ll want to call home.

    Dare Elliott
    8 client reviews
  • Having been an expatriate from Paris, I understand all the difficulties families will have to face when relocating to our city. I have an extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools, convenient stores, religious places, parks and day-care centers. Moving to a foreign country presents unique challenges. I am confident that my personal and professional experiences will help make your transition to New York City a smooth one.

    Fabienne Lecole
    10 client reviews
  • I have worked numerous successful deals with relocating families as well as executives and investors over the past several years. Given my background working throughout the U.S. and overseas, I have the knowledge and "know-how" to pick and choose the type of products and locations this type of buyer seeks.

    Sungwon Hwang
    9 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for buyers relocating to NYC

    Tracie Golding
    10 client reviews
  • I love living in this city. And I love to share my enthusiam with those just arriving or moving back. I am very active and social both in my business and professional life. I love guiding people towards the best experience for them in Manhattan.

    Holly Parker
    7 client reviews
  • Moving to Manhattan can be very exciting but also very daunting. I have helped many buyers acclimate successfully and feel more at ease with adapting here. I never take for granted how intimidating the process can be in this magnificent but sometimes confusing city.

    Anna Shagalov
    10 client reviews
  • I enjoy helping my relocation clients who initially come here to try a new job. Not only do I strive to find the ideal neighborhood that matches their lifestyle, but I get as excited as they do when they find "the one." Since I enjoy Manhattan so much, it is my pleasure to show them various neighborhoods and give some history on it as well.

    Dina Cohen
    8 client reviews
  • I have worked extensively with people relocating into Manhattan from around the US and from overseas including London, Milan, Hong Kong and Dubai. I have developed great skill in helping people prepare in advance for their visit with on-line tools used to acclimate you to Manhattan. An in-depth knowledge of neighborhoods is necessary to help relocate people unfamiliar with Manhattan. I become a relocating person's best friend during their house hunting visits by introducing them to neighborhoods, restaurants, schools, shopping and transportation. Most importantly, I listen carefully to their hopes in order to find them the perfect property best suited to their needs.

    Scott Stewart
    13 client reviews
  • I have handled dozens of sales for buyers who have moved to New York from other parts of the U.S. and the world. I listen to the client's needs and have the experience and ability to place them in the neighborhood that works best for them and in the appropriate size apartment.

    Richard Ferrari
    5 client reviews
  • Moving to Manhattan can be a daunting task. I have a lot of empathy for buyers relocating -- I was not born in NYC but have lived and raised my family here for over 20 years. Finding the right place (and getting to feel at home) in a short amount of time takes knowledge of the city and a broker willing to put in the elbow grease to make it happen. When I find a place for someone new to the city, I always make sure they are fully armed with info on the best schools, markets, dry cleaners, wine shops, gyms and restaurants in their new neighborhood. That enables the transition to New York City to be as seamless as possible and allows a new resident to hit the ground running.

    Camille Duvall-Hero
    7 client reviews
  • Relocating to Manhattan can be an intimidating, stressful experience. Having to learn about different neighborhoods and school systems, let alone physically moving, can be overwhelming. I enjoy working with clients moving to Manhattan because I know Manhattan as well as anyone and I love to pass on that knowledge. I've lived here for 35 years, raised a family, worked, played and done charity work here. I've experienced life to the fullest here and I look forward to seeing my clients enjoy the city as much as I do. I can be especially helpful to customers with school-age children because I understand both the private & public systems so well.

    Lynn Martin Kellert
    11 client reviews
  • My extensive knowledge of Manhattan's varied neighborhoods helps me to focus a relocating buyers' energies on areas that will meet their needs. Often faced with a limited timeframe in which to make a decision, I discuss their space and transportation needs, recreational activies, and budget, helping them to optimize their efforts as they search for "that perfect home." I also have extensive experience in working with relocation companies as they help transferring employees buy or sell residences. Broad-based knowledge of this process allows me to immediately begin assisting a buyer or seller who is generally under great pressure to make a smooth and transparent transition.

    Sherry Matays
    7 client reviews
  • A large portion of my business is direct referrals from clients who have moved in or out of the city and recommend me to their friends and colleagues. A Manhattan real estate transaction is significantly different from a similar type of residential sale anywhere else in the United States due to a lack of allowable contingencies, a myriad of city requirements and requirements for co op board approval. It is especially important for a buyer who is unfamiliar with the various rules to obtain accurate information and guidance from a knowledgeable broker.

    David Kornmeier
    10 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for buyers relocating to NYC

    Michael Rosenblum
    8 client reviews
  • I know Manhattan inside and out. I have worked in every neighborhood and understand the buyer’s needs. I pride myself on my dedication to making the buyer’s experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

    Wendy Sarasohn
    10 client reviews
  • I have extensive knowledge of the market and neighborhood amenities, which customers find valuable as they begin relocating to Manhattan. I have relied on the extensive national and international network that Sotheby's International Realty has built and have a reputation for matching clients' needs and expectations with the right home in a convenient neighborhood to suit their new lifestyle here in New York.

    Glenn Norrgard
    6 client reviews
  • A fair amount of my business is working with people who are either empty-nesters returning to NYC after 20 years in the suburbs or people who have always wanted to live in New York as either a full-time or secondary residence, so I have developed a good understanding of the things that are important to clients moving to the City. As someone who has lived in the majority of neighborhoods in my 13+ years in Manhattan (and certainly sold in all of them), I am very familiar with each area and can answer questions and provide recommendations about day-to-day life in every area of New York.

    Tracie Hamersley
    10 client reviews
  • When I work with clients from outside the city they quickly find out that they are in good hands. Whether you are looking for a pied-a-terre or are empty nesters looking to relocate back to the city, I will provide you with a personalized experience and will guide you confidently through the purchase process.

    John Tenore
    8 client reviews