Buying a home for the first time can be intimidating. It is important to find a patient agent who will educate you about New York City’s various neighborhoods and guide you step-by-step through the entire purchase process. Below you will find highly-experienced agents that focus on the needs of first-time NYC buyers.

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  • Having assisted so many rental clients during my early years in real estate, it became clear that in order to become a full-service broker, I would need to be able to help those former renters buy their first home when the time was right for them. It is a perfect fit for me because I get as excited as they do when they find, "the one." I am there from start to finish and feel a sense of pride when I see my clients become first time home owners.

    Dina Cohen
    8 client reviews
  • For the past 20 years, a large percentage of my business has been transactions of $3 million and below. As such, many of my clients have been first-time buyers. First-time buyers have unique needs that I have become an expert at addressing. Most importantly, I take the time to guide my clients step by step through the entire transaction so that they feel confident in their decision.

    Steen Rasmussen
    7 client reviews
  • I have worked with numerous first-time buyers and their parents/families over the years, and I have a special empathy and patience for all the questions they have throughout the whole lifecycle of a purchase. As a home owner in Manhattan as well as Miami Beach, I have been through the process as a buyer myself and have a lot of familiarity and understanding of all the potential speed bumps one can potentially encounter along the way. I do my best to make this as painless and fun an experience as possible.

    Tracie Hamersley
    10 client reviews
  • A great deal of my business has been with first-time buyers. Since rentals are so easy to come by here, many people opt to take that route until the time is right for them to buy. It is not unusual to be a first-time buyer in New York City at any price range. I have been complimented time and time again for my patience and diligence as I walk a new buyer through the process very carefully so they understand it from start to finish.

    Anna Shagalov
    10 client reviews
  • Because a good deal of our business is in the $500k range, we often work with people who are purchasing their first apartment. We understand that making this type of investment is one that is not taken lightly and people need to feel that they are in experienced hands. Our team provides sound advice in all areas of real estate. We not only know the market well and can advise people on pricing and making the opening offer, but we also have a mortgage expert who works with us full time and can walk a new buyer through that process, too. Most importantly, we are patient and excellent listeners who will do our best to get you the nicest apartment your money can buy.

    Madeline Williamson
    9 client reviews
  • I LOVE working with first-time buyers! Home ownership changed my life, but when I bought my first apartment, it was a torturous process. One of the reasons I got into real estate was because I felt it did not need to be so painful. As a performer at the time, I was not given the respect I deserved as a customer, as a professional or as a person. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is helping a first-time buyer become a home owner. With compassion and patience I offer an education and plenty of hand-holding not to mention steadfast advocacy for all my customers.

    Kelly Cole
    10 client reviews
  • Are you a first-time buyer? If so, don't fret. I've been there and done it, not only for my clients, but for myself. I know how exciting but intimidating purchasing your first home can be. I'm here to guide you through the process, from start to finish.

    Maria Wall
    9 client reviews
  • I work quite a bit with first-time buyers and consider it an education process. Aligning all of the pieces of the puzzle so that buyers are ready to go to contract when they find a place they love is paramount. I want my buyers to feel fully educated as to the current marketplace so that they are certian they are getting the very best deal possible based on the their wants and needs. If that means looking at 50 apartments, so be it. Put simply, I want my first-time buyers to be happy and excited when they get their set of keys at the closing table.

    Camille Duvall-Hero
    7 client reviews
  • I have worked with many first-time buyers over the years using both traditional and creative financing vehicles. I have worked with low down payments, higher debt to income ratios, guarantors, gift situations, lease options and cash purchases. I am able to quickly assess a situation to see how to make it work (or if it will work). I look forward to doing that for you.

    Gary Brynes
    8 client reviews
  • Recommended agents for first-time NYC buyers.

  • I'm always thrilled to sell an apartment in NYC to a first-time buyer. I know the city and the market so well that I can successfully place the first-time buyer in his/her ideal apartment and neighborhood. New York is a city of neighborhoods and I've lived in most of them; I understand the details of each, from schools to restaurants to transportation. I have the enthusiasm and energy to work with the first-time buyer to ensure he/she is as happy as I am to live in New York.

    Lynn Martin Kellert
    11 client reviews
  • I've worked with quite of number of first-time buyers. I work closely with a mortgage broker, and together we walk first-time buyers through the process, fees and financing. I provide first-time buyers with a guide explaining the process and fees, and I educate them on the market. I hold their hands throughout the process to make sure that they are comfortable and that they understand each aspect of buying a new home.

    Rosemarie Gambetta
    6 client reviews
  • If you are a first-time buyer, I am here to help. I specialize in all price ranges in Manhattan. The Manhattan real estate process is unlike anywhere else in the world, so let me be your guide!

    Michael Steinberger
    8 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for first-time NYC buyers

    Dianne Howard
    8 client reviews
  • First-time buyers often find the process of purchasing a Manhattan apartment very stressful and intimidating. My goal is to try make the sales experience as stress-free as possible by providing thorough and accurate information to first-time buyers and gently guiding them through the entire sales transaction.

    Perry Roth
    7 client reviews
  • First time buyers are enjoyable to work with. They are enthusiastic and excited about making this investment but need help and someone with experience, who can guide them in making the right choice. As I have worked with young people since the beginning of my career, I have the patience and knowledge to accomplish this.

    Sheila Lokitz
    6 client reviews
  • I understand first hand what it is like to be a first time buyer. In Manhattan real estate especially, there are many non-intuitive steps in a process which involves many moving parts. I enjoy educating with first time buyers and working with them to develop their understanding of the process.

    Tom Cooper
    10 client reviews
  • I cut my teeth in real estate by selling studios at London Terrace Towers. It was the perfect training ground for attending to the needs of young professionals who, while on the fast track in their careers, had little time for the details involved in board packages. As my business developed, my buyers recommended me to their friends as someone who they could trust with their first investment in NYC real estate. Whether the market is robust and prices are on the rise or inventory is swelling and opportunities are increasing, an experienced realtor can offer guidance based on history. I take great satisfaction in knowing that when the sale is completed my buyers come back to me for advice on home insurance and a myriad of other decisions…including their next home.

    Susan Singer
    8 client reviews
  • Buying for the first time should be an exciting, stress-free experience!! We have guided and educated first-time buyers for years. Whether it be mapping out your finances to pass a co-op board, discussing the best neighborhoods for resale value (as you will want to upgrade within a few years!), matching you with the right attorney, or putting you in touch with the best mortgage broker --- we are with you from beginning to end in your search for the perfect home.

    Brad Malow & Becki Danchik
    13 client reviews
  • First time buyers are my specialty because I really spend the time to listen to what they are looking for and then I facilitate the search and procurement of their fist apartment with steady caring energy and attitude. They never feel rushed or pushed. I explain the process before we begin and along the journey as well. I want my work ethic and customer service to inspire a client/customer for life -- from their first rental to their first purchase and beyond. I want my clients to feel that they are heard and that my assistance with the process is exactly what they were looking hoping and looking for.

    Susan Forrest Reynolds
    9 client reviews
  • I work well with first time buyers because I am patient and enjoy educating and advising clients on purchasing in Manhattan. I am not pushy and understand that first time buyers can have fears and hesitations that repeat buyers may not. As a former lawyer, I can also explain the process from very beginning to closing, clearly and in detail. This helps all buyers, even repeat buyers.

    Lisa Lippman
    11 client reviews
  • Recommended agent for first-time Manhattan buyers

    Michael Rosenblum
    8 client reviews