Working with an agent who understands the various levels of Green buildings and the technical industry terms and norms can help ensure that you find the right space for your living needs and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The agents below have distinguished themselves as having expertise in Green and environmentally-focused real estate.

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  • A George Washington University graduate, I earned a degree in Environmental Science and previously worked in environmental management consulting for the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund Redevelopment Initiatives. I understand the important elements to "living green" such as window type and insulation, and I can help direct my clients to the best green buildings and apartments.

    Ivana Tagliamonte
    11 client reviews
  • When you or your child has to consider allergies when looking for a home you need an educated EcoBroker to guide you through the options. While there are a limited number of buildings in NYC which were built specifically with those needs in mind, it’s important to work with someone who knows that market. I became the first certified EcoBroker in NYC over three years ago and have been involved in green and sustainable living since the 90’s. My knowledge covers not only air quality but also the ways in which we can minimize our homes' carbon footprint. While my first goal is to find or prepare a home for my client which is comfortable and a good investment, if we can accomplish this while being socially conscious to the global impact of our choices then I feel I’ve done my job threefold.

    Susan Singer
    8 client reviews