The residential agents listed below all experts when it comes to None selected homes. Further, they have passed our rigorous certification process, including reviews by their peers, clients, and our panel of experts. Please review their profile pages and feel free to call us at 888-481-6828 for more information on their potential fit with your needs.

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  • Price Range: $3m to $10m
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  • Experienced Upper East Side professional, excellent for sellers

    Dee Downing
    11 client reviews
  • Excellent buyer's agent for families, first-time buyers and people moving to NYC

    Sheila Lokitz
    6 client reviews
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced Downtown specialist

    Alex Nicholas
    9 client reviews
  • A highly polished and professional Chelsea resident and Downtown expert

    Tom Cooper
    10 client reviews
  • Highly experienced agent perfect for international clients

    John Stathis
    5 client reviews
  • Highly experienced agent, excellent for international clients

    Astrid Pillay
    8 client reviews
  • Well respected, experienced and energetic Eastside agent specializing in families and pied-a-terres

    Dare Elliott
    8 client reviews
  • Highly experienced generalist, works with well with families and investors

    Holly Parker
    7 client reviews
  • Business-savvy, full-service team who are excellent for investors

  • Highly experienced Downtown team ranked in top 100 by the Wall Street Journal

    Meris & Kenny Blumstein
    9 client reviews
  • Excellent listener with a focus on Upper East Side luxury apartments

    Joan Swift
    5 client reviews
  • Highly experienced professional, strong networker and negotiator, competitive bridge player

    Stephanie Kanter-Weisberg
    6 client reviews
  • Uptown co-op specialist with a focus on higher-end properties

    Dianne Van Laer
    6 client reviews
  • Townhouse guru; personal investor in townhouses

    Thomas Wexler
    8 client reviews
  • Well respected agent considered to be the resident Sutton Place expert

    Daniel Farris
    4 client reviews
  • Experienced agent with a strong professional background, focused below 42nd street

    Glenn Norrgard
    6 client reviews
  • Highly professional and analytical, great with investors

    Richard Ferrari
    5 client reviews
  • Uptown expert with a focus on high-end luxury properties

    Scott Stewart
    13 client reviews
  • Rising star with a focus on townhouses & ultra-luxury condos

    David Kornmeier
    10 client reviews
  • Financially savvy agent, specializes in luxury apartments for international clients

    Janet Wang
    5 client reviews
  • Downtown specialist; great choice for first-time Manhattan buyers

    Anna Shagalov
    10 client reviews
  • Experienced, responsive and knowledgeable agent

    Tracie Golding
    10 client reviews
  • Downtown guru with a focus on properties between $1m to $30m

    Leonard Steinberg
    9 client reviews
  • Specialize in working with high-profile clients and ultra-luxury properties

  • Experienced Uptown agent, great w/ high-profile clients & working under time pressure

    Sherry Matays
    7 client reviews
  • Downtown focused agent with very strong analytic skills

    John Tenore
    8 client reviews
  • Highly professional former attorney; Uptown expert

    Lisa Lippman
    11 client reviews
  • Dubbed "King of Riverside Drive," great with UWS family-sized apartments and townhouses

    Alan Berger
    7 client reviews
  • Determined & experienced (1,000+ deals), focused on high-end properties

    Joanne Douglas
    10 client reviews
  • Experienced pro who focuses on high-end properties, design-focused clients and investors

    Sachiko Goodman
    8 client reviews
  • Experienced agent w/ focus on higher-end properties on the UES/UWS

    Wendy Sarasohn
    10 client reviews
  • Highly driven, excellent marketer, can handle very complicated and/or difficult deals

    Jacky Teplitzky
    8 client reviews
  • Highly experienced Downtown agent with a strong knowledge of the market and inventory

    Barbara Godson
    9 client reviews
  • Experienced professional specializing in Harlem, the UWS and Morningside Heights

    Vie Wilson
    7 client reviews
  • Numbers-focused, analytic agent who works well w/ investors and finance industry types

    George van der Ploeg
    7 client reviews
  • No-nonsense agent skilled in serving the needs of investors & international clients

    Marie Bianco
    5 client reviews
  • Highly experienced and successful broker; great listener and strategic marketer

    Marie Schmon
    12 client reviews
  • Hard-working, responsive agent with an expertise in new developments

    Michael Gordon
    5 client reviews
  • Award-winning agent, great with first-time Manhattan buyers and professional athletes

    Camille Duvall-Hero
    7 client reviews
  • Award-winning luxury condo and investor specialist

    Karen Giaquinto
    6 client reviews
  • Highly experienced (1,500+ deals) Upper East Side co-op specialist

    Daniela Kunen
    5 client reviews
  • Experienced downtown agent who specializes in lofts

    Danny Davis
    7 client reviews
  • Well-respected, hard-working UWS expert with strong marketing skills and a focus on sellers

    Ann Cutbill Lenane
    7 client reviews
  • Sophisticated, well-traveled agent with a focus on international clients and ultra-luxury homes

    Lee Summers
    6 client reviews
  • Well-regarded, hard-working agent who specializes in Downtown neighborhoods

    Timothy Melzer
    7 client reviews
  • Highly professional and analytic MBA who focuses on the UWS and Morningside Heights

    James Perez
    6 client reviews