The residential agents listed below all experts when it comes to None selected homes. Further, they have passed our rigorous certification process, including reviews by their peers, clients, and our panel of experts. Please review their profile pages and feel free to call us at 888-481-6828 for more information on their potential fit with your needs.

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  • Price Range: $500k to $1m
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  • Excellent negotiator with a Downtown focus

    Gabriella Winter
    6 client reviews
  • Highly experienced UES broker (1,500 deals), excellent for first-time buyers & sellers of homes <$2m

    Gary Brynes
    8 client reviews
  • Rising star w/ strong market knowledge; excellent w/ buyers, especially first-time Manhattan buyers

    Michael Steinberger
    8 client reviews
  • Highly driven, excellent marketer, can handle very complicated and/or difficult deals

    Jacky Teplitzky
    8 client reviews
  • Great communicator with integrity. Highly analytical and exceptionally knowledgeable

    Douglas Heddings
    9 client reviews
  • UWS, Harlem & Morningside Heights specialist, great with family-sized homes

    Lori Huler Glick
    6 client reviews
  • Extremely smart, dedicated, no-nonsense agent

    Michael Rosenblum
    8 client reviews
  • Excellent buyer's agent, highly caring and dedicated

    Susan Forrest Reynolds
    9 client reviews
  • Excellent Downtown agent with a strong aesthetic sense

    Ivana Tagliamonte
    11 client reviews
  • Downtown experts for sellers, particularly sellers of lofts

  • Business-minded, former CPA with strong financial skills

    Michael Murphy
    8 client reviews
  • A go-getter w/ great aesthetic sense who focuses on the UES and Harlem

    Fabienne Lecole
    10 client reviews
  • Hard-working Uptown and Midtown agent with an international background

    Steen Rasmussen
    7 client reviews
  • Excellent with homes that need renovations and with international buyers relocating

    Maria Wall
    9 client reviews
  • Rising star in the Gramercy, Chelsea & Murray Hill areas

    Tracie Hamersley
    10 client reviews
  • Business-minded, customer service oriented Harlem expert

    Julia Boland
    7 client reviews
  • Highly dedicated agent for first-time home buyers

    Rosemarie Gambetta
    6 client reviews
  • Upper Manhattan specialist & Washington Heights resident

    Kelly Cole
    10 client reviews
  • Brooklyn expert with an intimate understanding of Brooklyn Heights

    Madeline Williamson
    9 client reviews
  • Experienced downtown agent who specializes in lofts

    Danny Davis
    7 client reviews
  • Rising star with an international focus

    Eileen Hsu
    7 client reviews
  • Rising stars who work tirelessly for first-time buyers

    Brad Malow & Becki Danchik
    13 client reviews
  • Experienced professional specializing in Harlem, the UWS and Morningside Heights

    Vie Wilson
    7 client reviews
  • Rising star with strong financial training; focuses on homes < $1.5m

    Perry Roth
    7 client reviews
  • Rising star with strong financial and analytic skills and a focus on international clients

    Sungwon Hwang
    9 client reviews
  • Warm, energetic and service-oriented agents who are particularly knowledgeable about the UWS

    Paul & Carolyn Zweben
    12 client reviews
  • Pioneer within the city's green/sustainable movement

    Susan Singer
    8 client reviews
  • Experienced Uptown agent specializing in new development

    Tony Oakley
    8 client reviews
  • A true advocate for her customers & clients; excellent for first-time buyers

    Dina Cohen
    8 client reviews
  • Provides top-notch customer service, is well-connected and is excellent with international clients

    Gabriel Bedoya
    11 client reviews
  • Caring agent who lives, and is a rising star, in Harlem

    Dianne Howard
    8 client reviews
  • Hard-working, patient Brooklyn agent with a good eye; a rising star

    Alyssa Morris
    9 client reviews