Our management team

Jonas Lee, Chairman | Aaron Niedermayer, General Manager |
Kathy Braddock, Executive Consultant | Paul Purcell, Executive Consultant |
Linda Chan, VP Operations

Jonas Lee

Jonas Lee has founded and managed several pioneering start-ups in real estate, retailing and technology. Most recently, he co-founded Redbrick Partners, the first investment management firm to focus on institutionalizing investment activity in single-family housing. While with Redbrick, he purchased and sold over 1,000 single-family homes, in the process working with dozens of residential real estate agents. The difficulty he experienced in finding best-in-class real estate agents sparked the business concept behind TopAgentGuide™.

Prior to Redbrick Partners, Mr. Lee was CEO of Poindexter Systems, where he repositioned the firm as a provider of optimization tools for online advertisers and media companies. Prior to Poindexter Systems, Mr. Lee was CEO and founder of GiftCertificates.com, the leading marketer of gift certificates in the country, where he developed the company from concept to over $60m in sales. Prior to GiftCertificates.com, Mr. Lee was general manager and co-founder of Integrated Computing Engines, a developer of supercomputing digital effects tools for film and video.

Mr. Lee began his career as a management consultant with Bain & Company. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Brandeis University.