Frequently asked questions

  • What do you do?

    We are an independent company that selects and reviews NYC's top-rated real estate agents. Our business is helping our clients find the real estate agent best suited to their specific needs.

  • Do Certified TopAgents™ only sell very expensive homes?

    What makes a “top agent” is not how many deals they do, but their superior market knowledge, professional reputation, high ethical standards, persistence, and ability to negotiate. The agents in our network all have different specialties. For example, some are excellent in selling starter studios in the Lower East Side while others focus on $10 million plus co-ops on the Upper East Side.

  • Are you a real estate brokerage firm?

    Yes, but we are not a typical real estate brokerage firm. None of the agents we recommend work for TopAgentGuide™—they come from a wide range of brokerage firms. We help buyers and sellers of residential real estate find their ideal real estate agent, regardless of the agency for which they work.

  • Why is it important to have a top real estate agent?

    If you’ve ever had a bad real estate agent, you already know the answer to this question. In a nutshell, the great agents will help you buy or sell much faster and get you the best possible price—whether it’s a studio apartment or a multimillion-dollar townhouse. The top agents are the ones you want on your team. After all, buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial transactions you will ever make. The problem is, only about 1% of the agents out there are truly excellent.

  • What do you mean by “verified reviews”?

    We only allow prior clients of an agent to post verified reviews. By personally interviewing each reviewer, we verify eliminate “review spam” making sure you receive accurate information. This obviously takes quite a bit of effort, but we think it is critical.

  • How does it work... what's the process?

    Either pick a Certified TopAgent™ on your own or pick up the phone and call us. If you already know the agent you want based off of the extensive data we provide, we will connect with the agent of your choice. Most clients, however, call us for a more personal touch. Our expert consultants will discuss your particular situation with you to get a feel for your needs and personality. They will then recommend several agents and review their profiles with you. You will have the opportunity to interview each of the agents and pick the one (or ones) you like. Your consultant will continue to work with you to make sure you get the most from your agent and that they follow industry best practices.

  • Can you help me with anything else besides finding a real estate agent?

    Since we are a continual source of clients for each agent, if there is ever a problem, we command significant influence that we can use as your advocate. We also typically provide recommendations on high-quality movers, lawyers, staging companies, and title agents. After years of experience and over a thousand satisfied clients, our consultants know the best suppliers in Manhattan.

  • What is your screening process for determining which agents qualify as Certified TopAgents™?

    Less than 1% of local agents meet our qualifications. Click here to learn more about our screening process.

  • What will you service cost me?

    Our service is free to the consumer. We do not accept advertising fees from the agents we list. We are paid a universally accepted, industry-standard referral fee by the agent only on closing. No agent pays us any more or any less than the standard referral fee, allowing us to remain independent but to be compensated for the service we provide.

  • Who are your “expert consultants”?

    Our consultants each have at least 20 years of NYC real estate experience. Two of our executive NYC consultants have been senior managers of major brokerage agencies and relocation companies as well. See their bios below:

    Paul F. Purcell - Until 2001, Paul was the President of Douglas Elliman, NYC’s largest residential real estate brokerage. At the firm, Mr. Purcell was responsible for over 1,100 agents in 14 offices and sales of $3 billion (over 4,500 sales and over 3,000 rental transactions). Under his direction, the company achieved the most successful revenue and earnings year in its 92 year history. Prior to becoming President, Mr. Purcell served as the firm’s COO. He joined in 1996 as Director of Relocation Services and Corporate Development. Before Douglas Elliman, he was the Director of Relocation and Corporate Development for The Corcoran Group, a leading NYC brokerage. Mr. Purcell began his real estate career in 1984 as a residential sales agent in NYC. Mr. Purcell received a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and attended The Anderson School, UCLA’s Graduate School of Business. He has an unparalleled understanding of the co-op and condo process as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of buildings throughout Manhattan. He is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, The National Realty Alliance, and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

    Kathy Mayer Braddock - Until 2001, Kathy was the General Sales Manager for Douglas Elliman, NYC’s largest residential real estate firm. She was responsible for supervision of the residential brokerage division consisting of 1,100 real estate agents throughout NYC, Connecticut, New Jersey and Long Island. Her responsibilities also included relocation and corporate services. Prior to 2000, Ms. Braddock was a principal in the Intrepid New Yorker, which she founded in 1982. The INY handles relocation services for individuals and Fortune 500 corporations. Her success required first matching the relocating individual (and/or family) with the community that would meet their specific needs and desires, and then narrowing their housing options, taking into account price and style. In this capacity, she oversaw a team that worked very closely with a hand-picked group of real estate agents from various firms throughout the area. Her knowledge, background and expertise on the New York Tri-State area culminated in her co-authoring two books about living in New York and navigating daily life in this area. The most recent, published in 2000, was entitled How to Live the Good Life in New York. Ms. Braddock is a New York City native, educated at Hunter and Brearley. She received a BA from Vassar College.

  • What type of clients do you serve?

    Our clients include all types of buyers and sellers: young families and retirees, first time buyers and experienced sellers, families moving across town or to the suburbs, renters buying their first home, families looking for a vacation home, investors seeking to find a good rental condo, etc. Typical transactions sizes range from $300,000 to over $20,000,000.

  • What geographies do you serve?

    We currently cover Manhattan. Over the next year, we will be expanding to the Hamptons, Brooklyn, Westchester, Fairfield County CT, and Bergen County NJ.  Learn more »

  • What makes you independent?

    Certified TopAgents™ are nominated by our panel of experts or through our peer-review process. No brokerage or agent pays us to be included in the network. We do not sell property or otherwise compete with our agents. If any consultant has a prior personal or professional relationship with a Certified TopAgent™ that they recommend, this relationship is disclosed.  Learn more »

  • What if I have a problem with my agent?

    Since we refer many transactions to each agent, we have “buying power” that individuals do not. We use our influence to be your advocate—providing you with a powerful ally if you ever have a problem and need our assistance.

  • What if I need more than one agent?

    Many of our clients need several agents. Often, a seller is also a buyer and wants a different agent for each transaction. Many times a buyer is looking in several different neighborhoods and needs an agent that specializes in each sub-market. We can help you find one or more agents depending on your situation.