Wendy Sarasohn

The Corcoran Group
Highlight: Experienced agent w/ focus on higher-end properties on the UES/UWS



Contact Information (646) 200-5824

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 50%
Representing Buyers 50%

Upper East Side, Upper West Side

Price range:
$3m to $10m, $10m plus

Lifetime deals: Approx. 1,000

Sales 2006: $50 million

Sales 2007: $70 million

Sales 2008: $50 million


Simmons College; American Academy of Dramatic Arts, BA; NYU School of Journalism

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 1988

Designations: Senior Vice President; Associate Broker


Corcoran's Winner's Circle every year since its inception in 1989


Generalists »

My focus is on high end properties throughout the city ranging in price from $3 million to $45 million. This is my 21st year with Corcoran and I have consistently been in the Winner's Circle of Top Producers.

High-profile clients »

I treat all of my customers with an amazing level of service. I’m very discreet while working with people in the public eye. My strong intuition makes it easier for people whose time is very precious to rely upon my talent to get the deal done.

Ultra-luxury specialists »

After twenty-one years at Corcoran I know the high-end market very well. My track record proves that I negotiate the best deal possible for my clients. I strive for the win-win.

Buyers moving to NYC »

I know Manhattan inside and out. I have worked in every neighborhood and understand the buyer’s needs. I pride myself on my dedication to making the buyer’s experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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Agent's personal statement

I bring an intuitive gift to my professional calling. Along with my dedicated service, unflagging energy and great sense of humor, my famous "sixth sense" has made me consistently one of The Corcoran Group's top producers for over twenty years. Working alongside my daughter, Jamie, whom I’ve been training since she was in the first grade at Spence, I’m frequently "Broker of the Year," "Salesperson of the Month," and a continuous member of The Corcoran Group's "President’s Council." I’m an accomplished student of feng shui, and know what to look for and how to improve the quality of life in the city.


I'm different because I really do care about finding the perfect place for my customers. I like the process to be enjoyable and I am very discreet. Others may be better at interpreting floor plans and doing the math, but I'm psychic. When the apartment is right, I get chills. Sometimes it will pop out of the computer -- or I'll have a dream about it. I also intrinsically know the wrong apartments. I'm the only broker in town who will suggest a feng shui person or a smudger.


Buyers who work with me can expect to see fewer apartments than they otherwise might, but each one will be appropriate for their situation and lifestyle. One satisfied customer raved, "I looked at 165 apartments before I met Wendy. She was the only one who really listened to me. Then she found me my home on the first time out." Sellers, too, can count on my intuitive ability to match properties and buyers. I enjoy an exceptionally high ratio of clients-to-sales and when I take on an exclusive property, I sell it.


Many people who meet me think I look familiar and it’s probably because they’ve seen me on television. I have appeared in numerous commercials, have lent my real estate experience to the media world and am one of the most talked about brokers in the press. I’m often quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Forbes.com and CNNMoney.com. You may also have seen me discussing the latest real estate trends on NBC, ABC or Fox News.


I’m a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the New York University School of Journalism, where I was a member of the National Honor Society.


As a recognized leader in the community, I know the importance of giving back to the community. This year, I was honored by Boys of Town New York for my tenacious spirit and inspiration as a role model to the young women in the programs of Boys Town, which provide help to at-risk teens.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
1 Central Park West Condo 3.0 3059
1 Leroy Street Condo 3.0 2101
1 Leroy Street Condo 3.0 2042
1 Leroy Street Condo 5.0 2910
1 Leroy Street Condo 3.0 1992
1 Leroy Street Condo 2.0 2862
1 Leroy Street Condo 4.0 2895
1 West 72nd Street Co-op 3.0 -
10 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 -
100 United Nations Plaza Condo 3.0 2000
103 West 89th Street Condo 3.0 1940
107 West 86th Street Co-op 1.0 -
107 West 86th Street Co-op 1.0 -
1070 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 2000
1075 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 1900
108 East 91st Street Co-op 1.0 -
1133 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 -
119 East 84th Street Co-op 2.0 -
1192 Park - 2.0 -
1192 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 1900
120 East 36th Street Co-op 2.0 1100
130 East 63rd Street Cond-op 1.0 -
130 East 63rd Street Cond-op 2.0 1400
132 East 72nd Street Co-op 3.0 -
140 East 81st Street Co-op 3.0 1600
150 Central Park South Co-op 0.0 -
150 East 61st Street Co-op 0.0 -
150 East 61st Street Co-op 0.0 600
150 East 73rd Street Co-op 2.0 1900
150 West 56th Street Condo 2.0 1582
150 West 56th Street Condo 2.0 1056
155 East 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1200
160 West 66th Street Condo 2.0 1675
160 West 86th Street Condo 2.0 -
164 East 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1450
165 West 66th Street Co-op 2.0 -
174 East 74th Street Co-op 2.0 1000
176 West 87th Street Co-op 2.0 1700
181 East 65th Street Condo 2.0 1486
181 East 65th Street Condo 2.0 1404
181 East 65th Street - 3.0 -
181 East 65th Street - 1.0 -
19 East 88th Street Co-op 1.0 1000
196 East 75th Street Co-op 1.0 1000
196 East 75th Street Co-op 2.0 -
196 East 75th Street Co-op 2.0 1400
20 East 9th Street Co-op 1.0 900
200 East 69th Street Condo 1.0 990
200 East 89th Street Condo 3.0 2100
200 Riverside Blvd Condo 3.0 1723
201 East 62nd Street Co-op 2.0 1500
201 East 77th Street Co-op 0.0 550
205 East 59th Street Condo 1.0 1113
220 East 73rd Street Co-op 2.0 1750
220 East 73rd Street Co-op 2.0 1243
225 East 73rd Street Co-op 1.0 900
225 East 73rd Street Co-op 4.0 -
230 East 50th Street Co-op 2.0 1200
234 East 84th Street Townhouse - 6283
25 Central Park West Condo 3.0 2221
250 East 54th Street Condo 2.0 1313
252 Seventh Avenue Condo 2.0 1637
3 East 77th Street Co-op 3.0 2200
30 East 9th Street Co-op 2.0 -
300 East 74th Street Co-op 2.0 1500
31 Perry Street Townhouse - 9000
315 East 65th Street Co-op 2.0 -
325 East 77th Street Co-op 2.0 -
330 East 75th Street Condo 2.0 1020
333 East 79th Street Co-op 3.0 -
340 East 74th Street Co-op 2.0 900
343 East 74th Street Cond-op 2.0 1100
35 West 54th Street Co-op 2.0 -
353 West 56th Street Condo 1.0 931
400 East 51st Street Condo 2.0 1504
401 East 74th Street Co-op 2.0 1600
401 West End Avenue Co-op 0.0 -
417 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 -
440 East 57th Street Co-op 3.0 1700
444 West 20th Street Condo - 5400
45 East 80th Street Condo 2.0 1666
45 West 67th Street Condo 2.0 1014
49 East 96th Street Co-op 1.0 -
52 East 78th Street - 1.0 -
530 East 76th Street Condo 2.0 1430
530 East 76th Street Condo 1.0 743
55 East End Avenue Co-op 3.0 1800
622 Greenwich - 2.0 -
66 Madison Avenue Co-op 1.0 750
70 East 10th Street - 2.0 -
710 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 -
715 Park Avenue Condo 1.0 800
8 East 68th Street Co-op 3.0 -
876 Park - 2.0 -
907 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 3200
907 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 -
907 Fifth Avenue Co-op 4.0 4600
965 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 2000
993 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 2700

Our summary of
Wendy Sarasohn

"Wendy takes the time to create personal relationships and is dedicated to ensuring that her clients are satisfied. Wendy never loses patience or interest in her clients, even if the process is lengthy (she worked with one of our clients for two and a half years before closing a deal). She never gives up and won't let her clients pull the trigger on a deal unless it is absolutely right. Having been in the business for over 20 years, she has seen every kind of market."

TopAgentGuide™ editors


Verified reviews (10)

“She's fabulous. Dynamic and personable.”

Sheila P.

Posted March 18, 2009. Verified March 19, 2009.

My experience working with Wendy could not have been better. She is dynamic, personable and full of energy. She has a great outlook on life and we really enjoyed our time together. If you're looking for a dynamic agent who is full of energy and always smiling, Wendy is the right agent for you. By the end of the process of selling my home we had become friends. I absolutely would recommend Wendy to someone considering buying or selling real estate in Manhattan. She's fabulous.
“I have bought three and sold two apartments with Wendy. Superior agent.”


Posted March 18, 2009. Verified March 19, 2009.

My association with Wendy has been the most pleasant experience that I have had with any realtor. I have a real estate license so I have quite a bit of experience with realtors and, by far, Wendy is the most professional. The amount of personal attention and attention to detail that Wendy provides is unmatched. Wendy really gets to know her clients and is truly interested in her clients. She focuses on understanding your wants and needs, and she keeps contact with you so know how the process is going. When we were buying a home, she facilitated the co-op board package and was very helpful in the co-op interview process. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market, and her direction as to where to buy and what types of buildings were the best for us was beyond expectation. In terms of the selling side, she is creative. Her marketing skills are unbelievable, so much so that my home was featured in real estate television show. I have purchased three apartments and sold two with Wendy. She is a superior real estate agent. I now consider Wendy a friend and I have recommended her many times.
“Knows the market like the back of her hand.”

Joanna L.

Posted March 18, 2009. Verified March 18, 2009.

Wendy is the most knowledgeable real estate agent we've ever worked with. She knows the Manhattan real estate market like the back of her hand. Within the neighborhood in which we were looking, she knew about every building, the differences between the buildings and which buildings would be the best fit for our needs. Wendy is incredible and I absolutely would recommend.
“Extremely responsive. Understood our needs.”


Posted March 23, 2009. Verified March 23, 2009.

Wendy was extremely responsive to our needs. As the process moved forward, she learned about what we wanted and didn't want; what we liked and didn't like. As Wendy became more and more familiar with us and what we wanted, she tried very hard, and was largely successful, at anticipating the type of apartment and pricing (on the sell side) which we were looking for. The more we worked together, the better she became. Wendy understood our needs because she is a great listener. She was truly interested in learning about what we were interested in. What impressed me most about Wendy was that she understand that it wasn't her purchase or sale -- it was ours. She didn't show us homes that were a waste of our time. I would definitely recommend her.
“Understood what I was looking, my likes and dislikes.”

Javier V.

Posted March 30, 2009. Verified March 30, 2009.

Wendy is a true professional. She immediately made me feel comfortable which is unusual when you're looking to buy a home. I felt very confident working with Wendy. She understood exactly what I wanted in a home and the things that were important to me. Sometimes real estate agents show what they want you to see but not what suits you. Working with Wendy, that was never the case. We are thinking about selling our place now, and if we choose to do so, we will use Wendy as our agent.
“Worked with Wendy 4 times in 6 years.”

Bob E.

Posted March 18, 2009. Verified March 18, 2009.

I have worked with Wendy Sarasohn numerous times and my experience with her has been consistently excellent. As the senior partner of a law firm with a very active real estate practice, I have worked with many brokers in New York City. Wendy has a unique ability to present a property aggressively but honestly, highlighting its best features. She has an uncanny ability to match the right buyers to the available properties and spends the necessary time with prospective purchasers to help them identify their ideal location and the characteristics of their “perfect” home. She is extremely hands-on and she has a highly trained and very capable staff supporting her. I have so much respect for her work that I have personally used her services four times in the past six years. I don’t believe that there is an agent in Manhattan who has a better grasp of the market than Wendy. I should also mention that clients of my firm who have engaged Wendy as their broker often mention to me that they have been thrilled with her attention to their specific requirements and her unfailing commitment to find them the right deal. If someone asks me for a recommendation I can confidently recommend Wendy.
“Uncanny ability to understand your needs.”

Barton H.

Posted March 19, 2009. Verified March 20, 2009.

Wendy has the uncanny ability to understand people and apply that understanding to real estate. Many agents can show you apartments, but Wendy will find you your home. That's a really important distinction. Other agents with whom I worked paid lip service to what I was looking for, but they never made the effort to truly understand my needs. On the other hand, Wendy listens extremely well. She asked me personal, but appropriate, questions such as "why have you decided that the Upper East Side is where you want to live?" and "what do you think the Upper East Side is?" which not only helped her understand exactly what I was looking for, but also helped me to focus my needs. I saw three apartments with Wendy and purchased the third. In my experience, that is unheard of. That's Wendy Sarasohn. She asked, listened, analyzed and narrowed my search and, ultimately, found me my home. Wendy is also an amazing resource: both my real estate attorney and mortgage broker came to me through Wendy. I absolutely and unabashedly would recommend Wendy. Wendy was not the only agent I started the buying process with. She was, however, the agent whom I ended with. That really tells the story.
“Joy to work with. Truly fabulous agent.”

Valerie O.

Posted April 1, 2009. Verified April 1, 2009.

Wendy is a joy to be with. We had so much fun with her throughout the entire process. My husband and I had worked with several other real estate agents and looked to buy an apartment for four years. Wendy found our new home in only a few months because, unlike the others agents, she was able to sift through apartments she knew would not suit us. Wendy understood exactly what we were looking for and amazed us with an “old gem” on Fifth Avenue – something we had never considered! I'm a pretty tough judge of character and critic, but I have nothing negative to say about Wendy: she is truly fabulous. We were thrilled to work with her.
“Honest agent. Encourages you to evaluate your options.”

John S.

Posted March 30, 2009. Verified March 30, 2009.

I find Wendy to be very honest and straight-forward. Never in the process of buying our home did we feel that Wendy was pushing, or rushing us to make a deal. Instead, she had great perspective on the situation. She wanted us to evaluate all of our options and carefully think through our decision. If someone was considering using Wendy as their agent, I would tell them that Wendy is someone who brings a great degree of balance, humor and perspective to a situation. She is also extremely collaborative. I have already referred three friends to Wendy, two of whom closed transactions.
“Professional, responsive and knowledgeable.”

Andy W.

Posted March 20, 2009. Verified March 20, 2009.

I found Wendy to be professional, responsive and knowledgeable of the New York marketplace. Wendy is very loyal and dedicated to getting the job done. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling in Manhattan.