Tracie Golding

Stribling & Associates
Highlight: Experienced, responsive and knowledgeable agent



Contact Information (646) 200-5824

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 50%
Representing Buyers 50%

SoHo/Tribeca, Upper West Side, Upper East Side

Price range:
$1m to $3m, $3m to $10m

Lifetime deals: 300

Sales 2006: $40 million

Sales 2007: $51 million

Sales 2008: $43 million


Syracuse University, BA

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 1995

Designations: Senior Vice President


Stribling does not give awards; we are given professional titles based on the sales volume. I was the youngest SVP in the firm's history.



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I have been selling real estate in Manhattan since the mid-1990's and have sold apartments in every neighborhood. My business is a referal business and therefore I sell where my clients wants and needs take me.

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Agent's personal statement

In 1995 I began selling real estate in Manhattan. Previously, I was in Advertising working as an Account Executive. My marketing experience has really helped me stand out in the industry. I have been written up in articles in The New York Times, New York Observer and the New York Post and have developed a strong reputation among my customers, clients and fellow brokers. I was even the guest speaker on the Business America radio show “The Krow Show.”


I consistently sell dozens of apartments each year representing both sellers and buyers. I believe that my success is based upon the enthusiasm, honesty, professionalism, courtesy, follow through, and "business sense" that I bring to every transaction.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
1 Morton Square - 3.0 2191
100 Morton Street - 3.0 2191
103 Greene Street - 3.0 2610
105 West 70th Street - 2.0 -
1050 Park Avenue - 2.0 -
108 East 66th Street - 2.0 -
109 Greene Street - 2.0 1742
11 Vestry Street - 2.0 2100
110 West 90th Street - 2.0 -
111 East 88th Street - 2.0 -
112 West 56th Street - 2.0 1700
115 East 87th Street - 3.0 2000
121 West 17th Street - 2.0 -
121 West 20th Street - - 1650
124 East 79th Street - 1.0 -
1349 Lexington Avenue - 2.0 -
136 Sullivan Street - 2.0 -
15 Broad Street - 3.0 1777
150 East 69th Street - 1.0 -
160 East 65th Street - 4.0 2800
160 Wooster Street - 2.0 1746
18 Leonard Street - 3.0 2200
180 East End Avenue - 2.0 -
200 Chambers Street - 3.0 -
200 Chambers Street - 2.0 -
203 West 90th Street - 2.0 -
217 East 7th Street - 1.0 1048
22 Mercer Street - 2.0 2047
222 Riverside Drive - 2.0 1249
225 West 83rd Street - 3.0 2010
2250 Broadway - 2.0 1100
233 East 69th Street - 3.0 -
25 Columbus Circle - 2.0 -
25 North Moore Street - 4.0 4050
25 West Houston Street - 1.0 -
250 East 53rd Street - 2.0 1335
250 East 65th Street - 3.0 1800
252 Seventh Avenue - 1.0 -
27 North Moore Street - 4.0 4567
27 North Moore Street - 3.0 2467
270 Broadway - 3.0 -
270 Broadway - 3.0 2780
30 East 62nd Street - 2.0 -
30 East 65th Street - 2.0 -
315 East 68th Street - 3.0 -
336 Central Park West - 2.0 -
40 Great Jones Street - 2.0 -
40 West 67th Street - 2.0 -
411 West End Avenue - 2.0 -
415 Greenwich Street - 4.0 4346
416 Washington Street - 4.0 2420
420 East 51st Street - 3.0 -
420 West Broadway - - 3034
429 Greenwich Street - 4.0 4000
429 Greenwich Street - 3.0 3296
475 Greenwich Street - 3.0 1862
5 East 22nd Street - 2.0 1100
501 East 79th Street - 2.0 1250
595 West End Avenue - 2.0 1005
60 East 96th Street - 3.0 -
60 East 96th Street - 3.0 1850
62 West 62nd Street - 2.0 1020
64 East 94th Street - 3.0 -
66 Leonard Street - 2.0 -
7 Hubert Street - 3.0 4663
7 Hubert Street - 4.0 3253
73 Worth Street - 3.0 2571
73 Worth Street - 2.0 19070
784 Park Avenue - 3.0 -
812 Park Avenue - 2.0 1920
875 Park Avenue - 3.0 2840
92 Laight Street - 3.0 2071
92 Laight Street - 3.0 -
924 West End Avenue - 2.0 -
970 Park Avenue - 3.0 3000

Our summary of
Tracie Golding

"Having been an advertising account manager prior to her real estate career, Tracie is highly skilled at marketing and staging apartments. She also is knowledgeable about the market and it's trends. These skills help Tracie skillfully position her sellers' properties in the market. She is also responsive and a tireless worker, which makes her a good buyer's broker."

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Verified reviews (10)

“Within one week, Tracie brought in four bids for our apartment. A bidding war quickly pushed the offers above our asking price, and we couldn't be happier with Tracie's work.”

Jennifer L.

Posted October 9, 2009. Verified October 9, 2009.

When we first put our SoHo condo on the market, we worked exclusively with a broker for six months, and absolutely nothing happened during that time. We had no offers and barely any traffic. After those six months, we hired Tracie. Within one week, Tracie had set up an open house, and we received four competing offers. A bidding war started, and the offers quickly rose above our asking price. I think Tracie's biggest strength is that she knows how to market an apartment. She understands what prospective buyers are looking for in a property, and she is able to present a space in a way that's attractive to those buyers. She really understands the market, and she's extremely smart. I have recommended Tracie to many people already, and I would absolutely continue to do so. She's truly great to work with.
“I find the combination of qualities that Tracie possesses as an agent to be extremely unusual and very special.”

Jonathan G.

Posted October 12, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

Working with Tracie was an absolute pleasure. She is a first-rate agent in every respect. She's diligent, honest, remarkably knowledgeable, and exceptional at what she does. Tracie is a special person. I would urge anyone considering buying or selling a home to work with Tracie, and I highly recommend her.
“Tracie made selling a home in the city as pleasurable of an experience as we could imagine.”

Purvi P.

Posted October 5, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

We met with a couple of different agents before deciding to work with Tracie, but we chose her because we found her to be the most knowledgeable. She knew what was on the market, and she knew how to price our home competitively while also making sure it would still be attractive to buyers. Once we began holding open houses, she was very clear about what we could do to prepare for potential buyers and how to showcase our apartment. On a personal note, Tracie was also extremely nice, fun, and easy to work with. She made selling a home in the city as pleasurable of an experience as we could imagine. I would absolutely recommend her to others.
“Tracie's keen sense of how to price our property combined with her people skills were crucial in pushing the deal forward.”


Posted October 5, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

We've worked with Tracie both to buy and sell an apartment, and since then, we've recommended her to many of our friends. The purchase of our apartment was extremely easy, so we didn't get to see just how good Tracie was the first time we worked with her. When she handled the sale of that property, that's when we really saw her strengths. Tracie had a terrific strategy for selling our apartment, and within our first meeting to discuss a plan, she told us how she wanted to price and market the space. We trusted her advice, and she came through for us. Some apartments in our building had been sitting on the market for eight or nine months, but within three, Tracie found us a buyer and we entered negotiations. Because of her diligence and ability to work extremely well with our attorney, the whole process was very efficient. Together, they disclosed everything, educated our buyers, and the deal went through. I think Tracie's keen sense of how to price our property combined with her people skills were crucial in pushing the deal forward, and I'm very happy that we decided to work with her again.
“I was relocating back to NYC when I worked with Tracie. She's the most outstanding agent I know.”

Josh S.

Posted October 5, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

In both circumstances that we've worked together, Tracie was the most outstanding real estate agent that I've known. I've bought and sold over ten properties in my life, and I've only met one other agent who ranks anywhere near Tracie. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to friends or family. When I first met Tracie, I had just finished an overseas assignment, and my company had a relocation program that worked with her company. My return to the country came a few months before my wife's. We had discussed the type of property we wanted, so I asked Tracie to help me find what we were looking for. We wanted an apartment with a large outdoor space, but we had a limited budget. Tracie took the challenge head-on and started bringing me listings to look at. I quickly became confident that she was showing me properties in the middle of my price range that fit my preferences, and the search itself was a great experience. We eventually found a condo with a huge backyard area, and my wife and I were both very happy. On the selling side, what I found great about Tracie is that she spent a lot of time up front talking about strategy. In a market that was literally collapsing around us, that opportunity to talk in advance really prepared us for the kinds of things that a potential buyer might be asking. She was absolutely instrumental in our move out of Manhattan, and we're extremely satisfied with the work she did for us.
“Tracie really knows how to balance advising her clients and enabling them to make their own decisions. She's a great resource with a wealth of knowledge.”

Julia B.

Posted October 5, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

My experiences working with Tracie have been great. She's been quick, responsive, and knowledgeable throughout both of the times we've worked together. I think Tracie's biggest strength is that she really knows how to balance advising her clients and enabling them to make their own decisions, which I appreciate. She's never advised me in a way that made me subsequently regret my decision. Also, Tracie's understanding of the Manhattan market is great, and her network in the industry is extremely strong, which helps with all aspects of buying and selling. She's been a great resource to me in both transactions, and her wealth of knowledge has been helpful. I've already recommended Tracie to friends multiple times, and I would certainly recommend her again.
“Tracie really stands out among the agents within New York City, and at this point, I wouldn't use anyone else.”

Samantha H.

Posted October 9, 2009. Verified October 9, 2009.

I originally hired Tracie as a first-time homeowner in the city. Throughout my experience with her, I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and informative about the city's neighborhoods and market trends. She was extraordinarily responsive, and provided me with the information I needed to make educated decisions regarding my property. She also gave her opinion in respect to a decision, but she was never pushy. Because of my experience working with Tracie to buy my home, I've recently rehired her to assist in the sale of my property. She really stands out among the agents in the city, and at this point, I wouldn't use anyone else. I highly recommend her.
“At a time in which open houses generally failed to attract many prospective buyers, Tracie was able to spark an enormous amount of interest in my property, and I accepted a bid just four weeks after listing it.”

Jerome L.

Posted October 9, 2009. Verified October 9, 2009.

My experience working with Tracie was highly positive. She was recommended to me by a friend in the real estate industry, and from our first meeting, I was very impressed with Tracie. I immediately found her to be intelligent and pleasant to work with. Tracie continued to impress me once we started working together to sell my apartment. We discussed a strategy for pricing the property, and it became clear very quickly that Tracie's recommendations were spot-on. Within days, we received a lot of interested in the apartment. Tracie was able to have the space published in the New York Times' weekly real estate feature, as well, which brought in even more potential buyers. This all took place at a time in which open houses generally attracted very few prospects. Once I accepted a bid on the space, Tracie was careful to explain everything about the property to my buyer. Because the apartment was a classic, quirky loft as opposed to a cookie-cutter floor plan in a large building, there were a number of aspects of the property that were slightly different from what a buyer might expect. Tracie did an excellent job preventing any snags in the sale. I've already highly recommended Tracie to friends, and I'd continue to do so without hesitation.
“Tracie is very patient, disciplined, and detail-oriented. I've already recommended her to about fifty people, and I wouldn't hesitate to continue.”

Jeff B.

Posted October 14, 2009. Verified October 14, 2009.

If I were to rate Tracie on a scale of one to ten, I'd give her a ten without a second thought. I'm a huge fan of hers, and I've already recommended her to about fifty people. Tracie is a very patient, disciplined, and detail-oriented broker. She knew that I was a first-time buyer, and she educated me with respect to what I needed to do and in what kind of time frame. That was exactly what I wanted from a broker, so I found that advice to be extremely valuable. When we searched for my apartment, Tracie was able to pick up on what I wanted, both in terms of a price point and in terms of style, and she never showed me a space that was outside of the scope of what I was looking for. Once we found a property, she worked hard to find the right price point in order to drive negotiations. At the time, there wasn't the availability of online resources that there is now, so she had to do the majority of this research by hand, and she did an excellent job in compiling the pertinent information. I think Tracie is one of the best brokers in the city, particularly in downtown neighborhoods, and if she was working within my industry, I'd want to hire her as a part of my team.
“Tracie tackled every obstacle during our transaction head-on. She was thorough and enthusiastic in her work.”


Posted October 23, 2009. Verified October 26, 2009.

Tracie's motivation and enthusiasm was magnetic. She was able to sell our Chelsea apartment in less than two weeks, and in that time, we received multiple offers, so we had a set of buyers to choose from. Even when obstacles presented themselves during our transaction, Tracie tackled them head-on and cleared up every situation. She had a clear understanding of the market and was able to find an answer for us regarding anything she wasn't immediately sure of. I would absolutely recommend Tracie, and I plan to work with her next time I enter the market. Her work is completely thorough.