Tom Cooper

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Highlight: A highly polished and professional Chelsea resident and Downtown expert



Contact Information (646) 200-5824

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 60%
Representing Buyers 40%

Chelsea, West Village, Gramercy/Union Square/Flatiron

Price range:
$1m to $3m, $3m to $10m

Lifetime deals: 75

Sales 2006: $14 million

Sales 2007: $21 million

Sales 2008: $17 million


University of California, Berkeley, BA

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York; Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Broker's Committee

Active Agent since: 2002

Designations: Associate Broker


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Generalists »

As a downtown resident and co-op owner, my focus is helping clients buy and sell in Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Gramercy, SoHo and TriBeCa, neighborhoods I know, love and walk daily. I like sharing my thoughts on specific neighborhood restaurants and stores, as well as about neighborhood history, particular architectural styles as well as specific historic buildings.

First-time NYC buyers »

I understand first hand what it is like to be a first time buyer. In Manhattan real estate especially, there are many non-intuitive steps in a process which involves many moving parts. I enjoy educating with first time buyers and working with them to develop their understanding of the process.

Buyers moving to NYC »

I moved to Manhattan ten years ago from San Francisco and know what it is like to be new to the city. I understand both the excitement and frustration people feel about Manhattan's unique brand of living and therefore can empathize with the range of thoughts and emotions people go through when they move to New York.

Pied-a-terre specialists »

Pied-a-terre buyers do not need a Manhattan home, but they want one. It could be they lived here once, it could be that they’ve always dreamed of a Manhattan foothold. Whatever the case, I enjoy educating potential pied-a-terre buyers about neighborhoods and the process. I also understand that pied-a-terre buyers often are in Manhattan in short bursts of time to conduct their searches, and I always strive to make these visits as highly productive as possible.

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Agent's personal statement

Years before entering real estate I worked at different times for the U.S. Senate, the Governor of California and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. In each position I was fascinated by the mechanics of the legislative process: one bill, one goal, many steps, countless people involved in these steps, sometimes setbacks, but usually success in the end.


When I bought my first apartment I started to see similarities between the mechanics of the legislative process and the process of a real estate transaction – the steps, the responsible parties, the desire of an ultimate goal. I found I was interested by a real estate transaction every bit as much as I had been fascinated by the legislative process. Add to this interest the many unique people and homes one gets to experience in Manhattan, and the result is a career I find endlessly gratifying in a city that never ceases to amaze me.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
11 East 36th Street, PH1201 - - -
111 4th Avenue, 10C - - -
1160 ThIrd Avenue, PHD - - -
163 Charles Street, 3/4 - - -
163 Charles Street, 5 - - -
166 West 18th Street, 5B - - -
175 East 62nd Street, 5D - - -
2 Horatio Street, 15M - - -
257 West 17th Street, 6C - - -
302 West 12th Street, 12D - - -
310 Lexington Avenue, 8FG - - -
333 West 57th Street, 206 - - -
38-44 Warren Street, 6C - - -
41 Fifth Avenue, 6B - - -
42 West 15th Street, 2 - - -
427 West 21st Street FL PARLOR - - -
450 West 17th Street, 2204 - - -
453 West 19th Street, 6B - - -
469 West 21st Street Townhouse - -
47 Walker Street, PH/5B - - -
555 West 23rd Street, 611D - - -
59 West 12th Street, 10BC - - -
641 Fifth Avenue, 41F - - -
652 Broadway 12F - - -
7 East 14th Street, 1120/1122 - - -
98 Havemeyer Street, 7A - - -

Our summary of
Tom Cooper

"Tom lives in Chelsea and is an expert in the Downtown neighborhoods. He's like Will Rogers -- he's never met a person he didn't like. He has a wonderful sense of humor that he brings to the process. You will have fun while working with him; his unique perspective makes the experience a joy. Tom is experienced, dapper, polished and professional."

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Verified reviews (10)

“Tom does what is necessary, and then some, to get the job done right.”

Howard W.

Posted September 24, 2009. Verified October 2, 2009.

Tom did whatever it took to help sell my apartment, and he got the job done in a difficult market. I would definitely recommend him as an agent. We both knew that the real estate climate wasn't the best for selling, but I needed to upsize and Tom was happy to accept the challenge. He worked extremely hard to market the property and bring in potential buyers. Every week, he held an open house, and he spent a great deal of time focusing on individual appointments as well. He gave me extremely good advice in terms of pricing my apartment, and once we had agreed on an acceptable amount, we saw a huge increase of interest among the potential buyers we'd seen. When all was said and done, Tom got me a great price for my property, and I'm very satisfied with the work he put in to help me sell the space.
“Tom turns the challenging prospect of buying a home into an exciting, enjoyable experience.”

Michelle B.

Posted September 24, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

What's great about Tom is that not only is he an amazing real estate agent, but he's also a great person to work with. He's completely informative, responsive, and professional, but he's also personable, fun, and a joy to spend time with. His attitude really helps to transform a challenging, stressful transaction into a very enjoyable experience. I recommend him all the time. Tom was very helpful in helping my husband and I find a home. We didn't have to explain anything twice to him, and he was usually a step ahead of us. For example, his experience had taught him that couples with a new baby would have certain needs that they might not be aware of yet, and he was able to predict those needs for us and make sure our apartment accounted for them. Tom truly knows how to connect the dots and infer exactly what kind of property his clients need, and I think that's extremely valuable with purchasing real estate.
“I've worked with Tom to both buy and sell my apartment because he's confident, helpful and always gave me his full attention.”

Jennifer W.

Posted September 22, 2009. Verified September 23, 2009.

I knew Tom slightly from a time when we had both worked at the same firm in a different industry, so I was pleased to run across his profile while I was doing online research for the purchase of my first apartment in the city. From the first e-mail I sent him, I was very impressed with his friendly tone and candid responses. I chose to work with Tom because he was sympathetic to my being a nervous first-time buyer, and despite the fact that the property I was looking into was inexpensive by Manhattan standards, he gave me his full attention. With every step of the process, Tom told me what I could expect. Before every conversation with the sellers or another broker, he gave me insight into what would be discussed, what he was hoping to accomplish, and how he thought the conversation might play out. When it came time to close the deal, he referred me to an outstanding attorney, and she too was very diligent about explaining everything to me. Last year, I relocated and returned to Tom to help sell my apartment. He did an excellent job dealing with my co-op’s Board, making sure the buyer’s package was perfect, and creating a helpful connection between the buyer’s broker and himself. The whole process went much more smoothly than it could have, and Tom helped me to avoid a lot of the stress and difficulties involved in selling a co-op space. I’ve recommended Tom to a number of friends, and he’s been equally as patient and attentive with them as he was with me. He’s confident, helpful, and lovely to work with.
“In a real estate transaction, there's nothing better than having someone who will immediately return phone calls or e-mails, and Tom always kept me informed.”

Rick B.

Posted October 9, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Working with Tom was great. He's a class-act, an extremely hard worker, and his knowledge of the market in NYC is extensive. When I contacted Tom, I had been interested in upsizing and moving to a new neighborhood, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted in my new home. Tom quickly figured out what kind of property I was interested in, and he took the time to understand exactly what amenities I wanted that property to have. Because of that, I never spent any time looking at properties I wasn't interested in. Tom was extremely professional throughout my purchase. I think there's nothing better than having someone who will immediately return phone calls or e-mails, especially with such a large investment, and Tom always kept me informed of what was going on. He did all of the leg work involved with the purchase, so I was confident to relax and let him take care of the important details. Because of my experience buying through Tom, I asked him to help me find a tenant for my rental property, as well. I was equally as pleased with his work, and I've since recommended him to a relative of mine who was also very satisfied. I would absolutely work with and recommend Tom again.
“Tom has all the characteristics you want in an agent. He's proactive, patient, respectful and in-tune with the market.”


Posted August 31, 2009. Verified September 29, 2009.

Tom Cooper is the highest quality of real estate agent you can find in Manhattan. He is respectful, polite, patient, and genuinely a kind and friendly person. He is unique in that he treats all parties (i.e., clients, peers, sellers, agents, advisors) with respect. Every time we met an agent representing the other side, it was clear that Tom was well known but, more importantly, very respected within the industry. We were originally using two brokers – one in the Upper East Side neighborhood and one in the Greenwich/West Village neighborhoods. Tom initially focused on the latter neighborhood. Tom was so good that we stopped using the broker in the Upper East Side and worked exclusively with Tom shortly after meeting him. From a client perspective, Tom has all of the characteristics you would want in an agent representing you. He was proactive vs. reactive in showing us listings. He was extremely responsive and always in communication with us (even when he was traveling domestically or internationally). He made sure we were taken care of with another colleague if he was traveling. Despite two failed bid attempts, Tom was extremely patient with us for several months. It was this type of top-tier, client/service relationship everyone seeks in an agent. In the final stages of working with him, Tom clearly understood the historical market trends and current dynamics. He armed us with the relevant data to make an informed decision. He had access to the best mortgage brokers and real estate attorneys in the city. He is someone you want on your side in an important real estate transaction.
“Under less than ideal circumstances, Tom sold my townhouse at a price that I was happy with. It was quite an achievement.”

Anthony I.

Posted August 14, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

My experience working with Tom was flawless. My situation was especially difficult, both financially and personally. I was going through a separation, so the conditions under which we were trying to sell weren’t the greatest. Even so, Tom was able to hold everything together, working with us throughout the entire negotiating process, and he sold my Chelsea townhouse in a very timely manner and at a price that was more than acceptable. I think that was a great achievement!
“Tom helped my husband and me relocate to NYC. Our experience with him lead us to ultimately use Tom to sell our apartment when we moved.”

Cindy P.

Posted August 25, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Working with Tom was wonderful. The first time my husband and I contacted Tom, we were new to the city and weren’t sure what we could expect to find with our budget. Tom was quick to sort through the available listings he had and narrow down the search to our interests. He was extremely receptive to what we were looking for, and he was able to find exactly what we wanted without wasting any of our time. Ultimately, we purchased a co-op on the Upper East Side. Our experience with Tom was so positive that we hired him again when we sold our apartment. Once again, he was excellent, and we’re still very happy with his work. We would absolutely recommend Tom to our family and friends.
“Tom is creative, honest and diligent. Very professional.”

Scott G.

Posted October 2, 2009. Verified October 2, 2009.

Tom is very professional. He honestly and diligently managed the sales process, and my expectations. Whenever I had a question or a concern, I always felt that he was giving me a straight answer. I was selling my co-op in Union Square and Tom thought of creative ways to market the property so it stood out from the other inventory in the area. Once we identified the buyer of my apartment, Tom skillfully handled my co-op board which was a challenge.
“I've worked with Tom for years because of his ability to blend a straightforward business approach with a warm personality.”

Joe L.

Posted October 1, 2009. Verified October 6, 2009.

I've worked with Tom a number of times over the years, and I've found him to be outstanding. Tom has taken the time to figure out how I like to do business, and he understands the manner in which I like to be presented information in a business transaction. Because I work in investment banking, I prefer a more hard-nosed and curt approach, and Tom's been great with that. At the same time, Tom has the ability to reach across the professional spectrum and into personal preferences, which has been extremely helpful. For example, my cat is my most valued asset, and Tom has always made sure that it's taken care of. I would definitely recommend Tom to others. I feel like he's always done an excellent job of representing me as a client, and that's exactly what I want in a broker.
“It's not fun to look for an apartment in the city, but I really looked forward to every meeting with Tom. He made the whole experience very pleasant.”

Barbara G.

Posted September 30, 2009. Verified October 26, 2009.

As a first time buyer, I wasn't sure which neighborhood I wanted to live in, nor did I know what kind of property would suit me best. Tom helped me look at condos and co-ops all over the downtown area, and the whole experience was very pleasant. Tom was incredibly friendly, patient, and very positive throughout the process of searching for my apartment. He had great insight into my preferences, and he knew which I was willing to sacrifice in order to ensure others. He really understood what I was ideally and realistically expecting, and he made sure to cater the search to those expectations. I would recommend Tom to family and friends without hesitation. It's not fun to look for an apartment in the city, but I really looked forward to every meeting with Tom.