Thomas Wexler

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Highlight: Townhouse guru; personal investor in townhouses



Contact Information (646) 200-5824

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 50%
Representing Buyers 50%

Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Chelsea

Price range:
$3m to $10m, $10m plus

Lifetime deals: 150+

Sales 2006: $25 million

Sales 2007: $65 million

Sales 2008: $20 million


Boston University, BS

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 1984

Designations: Associate Broker; Corcoran Director of Townhouses


Broker of the Year at Corcoran's Carnegie Hill Office, 2003


Broker of the Year at Corcoran's Carnegie Hill Office, 2004


Corcoran's President's Council (Top 25 brokers)


Broker of the Year at Corcoran's Carnegie Hill Office, 2007


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I focus on townhouses, brownstones and small buildings in Manhattan. I have sold over 100 of these properties during the last 25 years.

Townhouses specialists »

I am an expert in the lease and sale of townhouses, brownstones and small buildings in New York City. I am also an expert in the construction, restoration and renovation of townhouses, brownstones and small buildings. In fact, I purchased, renovated and restored my own landmark townhouse in Manhattan.

Fixer-upper specialists »

Having consulted on the renovation of townhouses and having renovated and restored my own landmark townhouse, I understand the challenges fixer-uppers present.

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Recommended agent for ultra-luxury properties

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Agent's personal statement

I have a passion for townhouses in Manhattan - for both their architectural and historical features. My twenty-five plus years of expertise in brokerage and restoration of townhouses qualifies me to provide an in-depth expertise unmatched in this market. My clients are my focus - staying with them through various market cycles, and providing honest and sound judgment.


I believe in dedication to quality work, whether it be the extensive research involved in identifying a client's target market, or the hours of patience required for my hobby of restoring classic cars to their original perfection. By actively listening to his clients, I ensure that the right home is paired with the right buyer every time.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
10 East 92nd Street Townhouse - -
1141 Park Avenue Townhouse - -
117 E 65th Street Townhouse - -
119 East 91st Street Townhouse - 3350
121 East 36th Street Townhouse - -
125 East 91st Street Townhouse - -
125 East 95th Street Townhouse - -
1255 Park Avenue Townhouse - -
129 East 95th Street Townhouse - -
130 East 92nd Street Townhouse - -
1380 Lexington Avenue Townhouse - -
1380 Lexington Avenue Townhouse - -
1382 Lexington Avenue Townhouse - 3800
146 East 74th Street Townhouse - -
150 West 11th Street Townhouse - -
155 East 33rd Street Townhouse - 4980
16 East 95th Street Townhouse - -
17 East 93rd Street Townhouse - -
197 East 76th Street Townhouse - -
197 East 76th Street Townhouse - -
20 East 94th Street Townhouse - -
22 East 94th Street Townhouse - 7790
242 East 48th Street Townhouse - -
3 East 94th Street Townhouse - -
303 East 18th Street Townhouse - -
310 East 30th Street Townhouse - -
314 East 53rd Street Townhouse - -
322 East 30th Street Townhouse - -
324 East 51st Street Townhouse - -
330 East 51st Street Townhouse - -
333 East 65th Street Condo - -
338 East 69th Street Townhouse - -
357 East 62nd Street Townhouse - -
407 Bleeker Street Townhouse - -
451 West 24th Street Townhouse - -
451 West 24th Street Townhouse - -
521 East 85th Street Townhouse - -
57 E 92nd Street Townhouse - -
97 Barrow Street Townhouse - -

Our summary of
Thomas Wexler

"Tom is a townhouse guru. He's very familiar with the townhouse market--his clients report that he seems to know every townhouse in Manhattan. Furthermore, he personally owns and renovates townhouses himself and is extremely knowledgeable about managing townhouse-related issues: boiler, plumbing, HVAC, roof, permitting, etc."

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Verified reviews (8)

“As a real estate attorney, I routinely refer my client to Tom. He's a consummate professional.”

Robert T.

Posted June 1, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

Over the past five years, Tom has not only represented me, but he’s represented a number of my clients, as well. I’m a real estate attorney, and because of my initial experiences with Tom, I’ve been referring clients to him routinely. Tom is a consummate professional. Anyone can become a real estate broker, but Tom is actually a professional at what he does. He embodies responsibility, has a great sense of responsiveness, and really looks into properties before showing them to his clients. He tunes into his client’s needs and really finds out what they’re looking for, and I’ve never received negative feedback regarding Tom. More often than not, clients go out of their way to thank me for recommending him. With Tom, it’s not just the larger issues that are taken care of. Even with the little details, he has a remarkable instinct. The last time I worked with Tom, he advised me to up my bid on a property by just $2,000, and because of that, we won the bid and I was able to purchase the apartment. As I’ve said, I’m constantly referring my clients to Tom, and I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking to go into the market right now.
“I own real estate in Manhattan and have worked with Tom for the past 20 years. Tom is everything I'm looking for in a broker.”


Posted September 10, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

In 1973, I purchased an apartment building that I still own and manage today. I’ve worked with Tom for the past twenty years, and I’ve never once had a bad experience with him. Working with Tom has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve met with a number of brokers over the years regarding my property. Some had a negative attitude, some weren’t accessible, and others were neither attentive nor diligent. Tom is everything that I’m looking for in a broker. He’s ethical, honest, and really takes his time to process potential renters before having me meet with them. What I think is particularly impressive about Tom is that whether he’s working on a big deal or a small deal, he treats everyone with the same respect and close attention that they deserve. He’s developed a reputation of being very trustworthy, and that’s very important in the real estate business, because a good name means everything for an agent. I would recommend Tom to family and friends without hesitation. I truly can’t recall one moment of aggravation I’ve had with him, and with a history as long as ours, that’s a remarkable feat.
“I worked with Thomas from California to sell two of my mother's apartments. He went above and beyond his duties as a realtor to meet my needs, and I highly recommend him.”

Nancy W.

Posted October 9, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

I hired Tom to help sell two of my mother's Manhattan properties, and both times, he was terrific to work with. Much of the time, I was working with Tom remotely from California, so I depended on him to take care of all of the details regarding the sale of the properties. Tom kept me informed throughout the transactions - he was my eyes and ears for the sales-and he went above and beyond the duties of a typical agent. Tom helped me to find contractors that I could trust to do fix-ups and remodel a bathroom. He did whatever it took to get the properties sold, even if it meant coming to clean up the space before a showing. In short, Tom made both transactions a pleasure. Most importantly, Tom's experience and knowledge of the market enabled him to develop terrific pricing strategies that got us excellent prices in a difficult market. I highly recommend him.
“Thomas' flexibility and experience in the New York market helped to keep the sale of my home on track.”

Craig D.

Posted October 9, 2009. Verified October 9, 2009.

I hired Thomas to sell my townhouse on the Upper West Side when I was looking to downsize to a smaller location. He was helpful all the way through the process, and I found the whole experience working with Thomas to be very positive. I would certainly recommend him to friends and family. Thomas gave me great advice regarding where to price my apartment and what renovations would be helpful to make the property more marketable. He really knew what potential buyers would look for, and I valued that knowledge. Thomas was also adept at diffusing conflicts within the sale. There were a number of obstacles during the transaction that were difficult to get through, but Thomas was flexible, and his experience helped to keep the deal moving forward.
“No other agents that I know can compare to Tom. He is honest, intelligent and professional.”

Lydia A.

Posted May 20, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

My experience with Tom was excellent. He’s analytical, patient, and thoughtful with his clients. I know quite a few real estate agents in the city, as well as in California, and none of them compare to Tom. He’s helped us with financing questions, finding movers, and he’s even recommended a lawyer. Simply put, I don’t usually like real estate agents, but I like Tom for his intelligence, honesty, and professionalism. The first time I worked with Tom, I wanted to buy a townhouse in Chelsea. It was during the hot time in the market, so finding a property I was interested at a price that appealed to me was very difficult for him, but he never grew tired of working with me to find that perfect place. Since then, Tom and I have worked together a number of times to buy and sell properties. I tend to be really involved in the negotiation process of a deal, but I allowed Tom to take command with my last sale, and I really like the way he handled it. He got me a great price on my apartment. I’ve recommended Tom to four or five friends already, and they’re never disappointed with his performance. His business strategy has always been sound, and I always try to recommend him to others when I can.
“Tom's marketing and negotiating skills helped us nearly achieve the asking price in a down market.”

Greg S.

Posted May 20, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

My experience working with Tom was first-rate. In a few words, he was extremely professional, understanding, successful, persistent, and committed to the job. When my wife and I sold our Brownstone in Carnegie Hill, we thought we’d have to go through all the hoops ourselves, but Tom took care of everything. His marketing to find the right type of buyers was superb, and his negotiating skills allowed us to sell the apartment at a figure that was very close to our initial asking price. Throughout the process, we were always able to reach him without any problems, whether it was through his secretary or on his cell phone. I would absolutely recommend Tom to friends and family. My wife and I are very happy with the way he handled everything from start to finish.
“Tom got us access to a townhouse that hadn't even hit the market. When we were outbid, he talked to the sellers and subsequently, they chose us.”

Blake F.

Posted September 10, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

My husband and I have known Tom for a long time, and we’ve done several deals with him. To this day, we haven’t found a more professional and genuinely honest realtor in all of Manhattan. When we first met Tom, we had been living in co-ops for a number of years and were growing tired of dealing with co-op Boards. We wanted to move to a townhouse, but hadn’t found a suitable property yet. Tom took a lot of his time to figure out what we were looking for, and then he gave us an extremely thorough picture of what was going on in the market at the time. Within a couple of weeks, he called us with a property that technically wasn’t even listed yet. Because he knew the developers of the project, he was able to get us in for a sneak-peek, and we absolutely loved the property. That day, we made a bid that matched the asking price and were subsequently outbid by a very large amount. Tom said he would talk to the sellers, and by the end of the weekend, they called us to say they had chosen us as buyers. I would recommend Tom to friends and family in an instant. My husband and I have met hundreds of realtors over the years – we like to invest in real estate all over the world – and Tom still stands out as one of the best. He’s an incredible resource and is an all around great person to work with.
“Tom is a great resource for townhouse buyers and sellers. I've worked with him multiple times.”

Patrick M.

Posted June 1, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

I consider myself a connoisseur of value townhouses. I like to purchase the unsellable properties, the ones with the most problems, and renovate them for resale. A lot of brokers in the city want an easy sale, but Tom really understands what I’m trying to do. He bought and flipped a townhouse himself , and I think that really shows the level of commitment he has to that type of property. Townhouses are very different from other homes in New York, and he knows them extremely well. The first time I worked with Tom, he sold my townhouse at a very high price, and I felt very comfortable writing him the check for his commission. He was worth every bit of it. In the two years since then, we’ve looked at a number of other places. Tom found me another townhouse to renovate, and because of its location, it was a great investment. What impresses me about Tom is that he’s never played games with me, nor has he ever made me make a bid on something I wasn’t interested in. I always felt comfortable telling Tom what I was thinking, and showing him my full hand, so to speak, because he never took advantage of that. I would absolutely recommend Tom to anyone interested in townhouses. He truly understands that type of investment, and he’s a great resource on all levels.