Susan Forrest Reynolds

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Highlight: Excellent buyer's agent, highly caring and dedicated



Contact Information (646) 200-5824

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 30%
Representing Buyers 70%

Upper West Side, Harlem/Morningside Heights, SoHo/Tribeca

Price range:
$500k to $1m, $1m to $3m

Lifetime deals: 100+

Sales 2006: $4 million

Sales 2007: $8 million

Sales 2008: $5 million


The Dwight School, NYC; Hampshire College, BA

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 2001

Designations: None




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I focus on providing my clients with the finest service available. Whether it is selling a $3 plus million loft in Tribeca or assisting clients in purchasing their first apartments for under $250k in a new condo conversion in Harlem, I always deliver. I love what I do and I am meeting the challenges of this new and ever changing market head on.

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First time buyers are my specialty because I really spend the time to listen to what they are looking for and then I facilitate the search and procurement of their fist apartment with steady caring energy and attitude. They never feel rushed or pushed. I explain the process before we begin and along the journey as well. I want my work ethic and customer service to inspire a client/customer for life -- from their first rental to their first purchase and beyond. I want my clients to feel that they are heard and that my assistance with the process is exactly what they were looking hoping and looking for.

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Agent's personal statement

Having been born and having spent most of my life in Manhattan, I often define myself a "real New Yorker." I have lived in many neighborhoods in New York, but the Upper West Side has been my home for the last 18 years. In fact, I live in the building in which I was born and raised, which really gives me an insight that few can boast. I have been selling residential real estate, primarilly co-ops and condos, in New York City for the last nine years. My extensive experience includes representing both buyers and sellers in their quest to buy a new home or to exclusively market and sell the one they have lived in. Prewar buildings are my specialty, with their stately qualities, but I've sold lofts which offer great space and uniqueness. My repertoire also includes new constructions that provide the most modern amenities.


I love New York, so if you work with me I can guide you through the myriad of living possibilities Manhattan has to offer. Prior to my career as a real estate broker, I worked for nine years in the film industry in production. This unique experience enabled me to travel the world and interact with people from many cultures and nationalities. Film production gives one a real understanding of deadlines and the urgency of getting a job done quickly and efficiently. It also helped me develop a real sense of people’s needs and how to help address them. If you're looking for a native New Yorker to help you uncover your own special home in New York, give me a call. I love a challenge and you'll love seeing all of New York's endless living possibilities.

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108 Fifth Avenue Condo - -
150 West End Avenue Co-op - -
220 Riverside Boulevard Condo - -
590 West End Avenue Co-op - -

Our summary of
Susan Forrest Reynolds

"Susan is an excellent buyer's broker. We like to joke that she's like the 'Mother Teresa' of NYC real estate agents because she cares for her clients so much. She really seems to love what she does. A great majority of Susan's business is from clients with whom she has developed long-term relationships."

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Verified reviews (9)

“Susan listened and understood exactly what I was looking to buy.”

Cathy C.

Posted July 21, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

My experience with Susan was wonderful. As a first-time buyer with a set budget, I had a very specific set of preferences in terms of properties. I found Susan to be very professional in making our appointments to view properties. She was extremely dedicated to finding something for me that was not only within my budget, but that also had the amenities that were important to me. She really listened to and understood what I wanted. I would highly recommend Susan as a real estate agent.
“Susan knows every nook and cranny in the city.”

Wendi B.

Posted June 2, 2009. Verified October 9, 2009.

What I loved the most about working with Susan is that she never once showed me a property that she herself wouldn’t feel comfortable living in. As a single woman in the city, I felt it was extremely important that I was safe in the neighborhood I moved into, and I wanted my home to be an investment in my future. Susan was empathetic to this, and she was very attentive to my needs. Susan and I searched for a home all over the city. She took me to every neighborhood I was interested in, showed me homes at the high and low end of my price range, and was always willing to discuss any property after we visited it. We ended up finding a property through an online listing. As soon as we walked in, Susan knew that I had made up my mind, and she began the process of helping me purchase the apartment. I’ve already recommended Susan to a number of my colleagues, and I will continue to do so. She knows every single nook and cranny of this city, and that’s exactly what you want in a realtor.
“I couldn't be happier working with Susan to sell my home.”

Marcia W.

Posted July 21, 2009. Verified October 9, 2009.

Working with Susan has been a wonderful experience. She’s been completely focused on me and really cares about the things that I find important in selling my home. She’s also very good with keeping an open line of communication, and she’s always willing to discuss anything I may have concerns with. I would definitely recommend Susan to others. I personally couldn’t be happier with her, and I’m confident that others will feel the same way.
“Susan was extremely attentive to us -- we felt like her only clients.”

Anne-marie S.

Posted August 5, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Susan is the best. When my husband and I were first looking for a home in the city, she really took us under her wing. She always had a driver pick us up from our hotel, and we’d go together a number of places, like we were her only clients. Neither of us had ever lived in an apartment building before, so Susan told us the ins and outs about things we weren’t aware of, like tipping the door man around Christmastime. We also had a large Saint Bernard at the time, and she took that into account at every building we looked at. She’d make sure we knew whether or not the building had an elevator, the size of the living space, and other things we wouldn’t necessarily think to consider. We didn’t end up buying a home the first time we looked, but we never got the sense that Susan was annoyed. She kept looking for a permanent place for us, even after we decided to rent instead of buy. She’s incredibly good at what she does, but more importantly for us, she’s a great person. We still call her and go to dinner with her regularly. Whenever I need any sort of recommendation, whether it’s for a doctor or a cleaning lady, I can ask Susan, and she sets me up with the best. I couldn’t recommend Susan more highly. Anytime any of my friends are looking to buy or rent, I tell them about Susan.
“Susan's patience, no-pressure attitude and listening skills made her feel like a part of my family.”

Barbara D.

Posted July 22, 2009. Verified October 6, 2009.

The first time I worked with Susan, she helped me move from Westchester into Manhattan and got me a beautiful rental. Two years later, I contacted Susan again and together we purchased a beautiful apartment in a co-op on the Upper East Side. Both times I worked with her, Susan was extremely thorough. She understood my needs and didn’t waver from them. I told her that I didn’t want a low floor and I didn’t want to be near an elevator, and she only showed me properties that matched my specifications. She took the time out to get to know me and my needs, and she really understood what I was looking for, which also made her very efficient with my time. Another thing that made my experience with Susan so easy was that I never felt any pressure with her, unlike other brokers I’d worked with before. Susan was always concerned with what I wanted, and if a property wasn’t right for me, we kept looking. Her patience, no-pressure attitude, and understanding of my needs really made it feel like she was a family member trying to help me out. I would recommend Susan in a heartbeat, whether someone was looking for a rental or to make a large purchase. She was a pleasure to work with, and I will use her myself in the future. You couldn’t ask for a better agent than Susan.
“Always made me feel as though I was her #1 priority. One-of-a-kind.”

Robert C.

Posted July 20, 2009. Verified August 9, 2009.

Susan is one-of-a-kind realtor --intelligent, driven, and kind -- who understands the NYC real estate market like nobody else. Susan took the time to get to know me, made me feel that I was her #1 priority, helped me understand what I was seeing in comparison to what I had seen and would see, and unlike other realtors I have encountered, never once pressured me to make a decision. Susan is astute and tireless. She assists you in narrowing and ranking your choices but is also always ready and eager to go back to the drawing board. Indeed, it was reassuring to work with a person of such integrity and professionalism, a person who you know has one objective and one objective alone: to find you the right property.
“I turned to Susan when I wanted to invest in Manhattan real estate. She understood my goals and helped me acheive them.”

Robin G.

Posted August 3, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

When I was looking to invest in real estate, and I hired Susan to help me find the perfect property. Susan truly understood what I wanted to achieve with my investment, and she was attentive to my needs. Her extensive experience in the Upper West Side proved to be very helpful in finding a suitable property for me. She was up to date on the development going on there, and even though what I had originally hoped for proved to be out of my price range, she found an appropriate alternative for me. I’ve found that the real estate market in the city, especially with new developments, tends to be a hassle to deal with, and the developer of my investment wasn’t always helpful with performing the necessary repairs or solving the issues that came up after I bought the property. Susan really did everything she could to help mediate the situation and talk to the developer, which eased my situation. I’ve already recommended Susan to a friend, and she found him a great apartment to live in. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s looking to buy or sell in the Upper West Side.
“With Susan, there is no pressure. She always put my needs first.”


Posted July 22, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Susan was absolutely wonderful. I had an interesting case with Susan because while we worked together, I made offers on two separate apartments that I later decided I didn’t want. With both, I returned to the apartment for a second viewing and found something that I hadn’t seen the first time, and I wanted to back out. When I called Susan to tell her, she was very understanding, and wasn’t in the slightest bit angry or pushy. She said that she simply wanted me to have the house of my dreams. There was no pressure, she always put my needs first and she was very accommodating. Eventually, I found a condominium that I loved, and Susan did an excellent job helping me close the deal. I would recommend Susan to anyone looking to buy in the Upper West Side.
“Susan asked all the right questions and truly was my advocate.”

Richard B.

Posted July 21, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

What I found particularly impressive about Susan’s service was that she asked all the right questions to find out about my lifestyle and what location would suit me best. She knew that it was important for me to be near a gym, so she made sure that every apartment we looked at was within four or five blocks of one. She also made sure I was within walking distance of restaurants, pubs, and gourmet food stores, all of which were very important to my lifestyle. Especially given the amount of money that goes into real estate, I was hoping to find an agent who would be a real advocate of me and my needs, and Susan was exactly that, from the beginning to closing. She really allowed me to get the most out of my investment of property. Susan also found me an excellent attorney, and since the apartment I decided on hadn’t been completed yet, her attorney helped me fill out all the paperwork to make sure the property would be completed in a timely manner and that everything would go smoothly with the transaction. I would recommend Susan to others without hesitation. I just recently referred a colleague of mine to her, and she was able to find a great home for him, as well.