Sherry Matays

The Corcoran Group
Highlight: Experienced Uptown agent, great w/ high-profile clients & working under time pressure



Contact Information (646) 200-5824

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 50%
Representing Buyers 50%

Upper West Side, Upper East Side

Price range:
$1m to $3m, $3m to $10m, $10m plus

Lifetime deals: 700

Sales 2006: $69 million

Sales 2007: $79 million

Sales 2008: $89 million


James Madison High School, NYC; Cornell University, AB (School of Arts & Sciences)

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 1989

Designations: Associate Broker; Senior Vice President


Wall Street Journal's "Real Estate Top 400" for 2008 (#58 in the country)


Corcoran's President's Council (Top 25 agent in company) since inception


Corcoran's Westside Salesperson of the Year, 2004-2008


Generalists »

Although my main focus is on high end real estate, $2.5 million and up, on the Upper East and Upper West sides, my true expertise is in working for highly time-pressed individuals. I convey information in efficient "sound bites" and work to make their transactions as stress-free as possible. I have been Corcoran's top broker for the past five years in the Midtown office at 888 Seventh Avenue - an office of more than 100 brokers.

Estate sales »

There is an art and sensitivity required for effectively representing estates. In addition to there being technical expertise in dealing with the estate attorney and potential heirs, I often work with the decision makers to prepare the apartment for marketing. Over the years I have developed a list of reliable appraisers, organizers, stagers and other professionals on whom they can rely.

Ultra-luxury specialists »

In doing deals at the ultra-high end of real estate, both buyers and sellers are relying on my refined knowledge of properties that merit these numbers. While putting my 20+ years of negotiating expertise to work, I leverage my excellent relationships within the real estate community to consummate these deals.

Buyers moving to NYC »

My extensive knowledge of Manhattan's varied neighborhoods helps me to focus a relocating buyers' energies on areas that will meet their needs. Often faced with a limited timeframe in which to make a decision, I discuss their space and transportation needs, recreational activies, and budget, helping them to optimize their efforts as they search for "that perfect home." I also have extensive experience in working with relocation companies as they help transferring employees buy or sell residences. Broad-based knowledge of this process allows me to immediately begin assisting a buyer or seller who is generally under great pressure to make a smooth and transparent transition.

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Agent's personal statement

My success in real estate has been fostered by my strong analytical ability coupled with my understanding of the daunting nature of buying and/or selling real estate within Manhattan. This skill set has allowed me to ask the right questions, synthesize the information I’m given, and then present my buyers or sellers with a clear roadmap for achieving their goals. In turn, they are able to move forward with confidence, knowing that we are optimizing their real estate opportunities.


Twenty years in the business has intensified my love for what I do, which is clearly evident to the people with whom I work. I have developed a loyal following and a substantial referral base.


Additionally, I have forged strong relationships within the brokerage community that help me to successfully consummate deals and provide for smooth transactions, all of which accrues to the benefit of both my buyers and sellers.


Once I entered this profession I never looked at Manhattan the same way again. My love affair with this city - its architecture, its diversity, and its energy - has allowed me to practice a craft, rather than just perform a job.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
1 Lexington Avenue Co-op 3.0 2750
102 East 22nd Street Co-op - -
1036 Park Avenue Co-op 1.0 900
1036 Park Avenue Co-op - -
105 East 16th Street Co-op - -
11 East 36th Street Condo - -
11 Riverside Drive Co-op 4.0 4400
110 East 87th Street Condo 2.0 1950
110 East 87th Street Condo 1.0 705
110 East 87th Street Condo 1.0 705
110 East 87th Street Condo 2.0 1950
110 West 90th Street Condo 2.0 930
115 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 2250
115 Central Park West - 2.0 -
1158 Fifth Avenue - 3.0 -
120 East 79th Street Co-op 3.0 -
125 East 84th Street Co-op 3.0 2000
138 West 18th Street Townhouse - 4232
140 East 81st Street Co-op 2.0 1650
140 Riverside Drive Co-op 2.0 1500
145 East 76 Street - 2.0 -
1474 Third Avenue Condo - -
15 Central Park West Condo 2.0 2367
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 850
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 1250
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1300
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 3.0 2200
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 700
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 850
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1250
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 725
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 -
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 -
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1250
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 875
15 West 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1750
150 East 56th Street Condo - -
150 East 69th Street Co-op 2.0 1756
151 Central Park West Co-op 3.0 2600
155 West 68th Street Condo - -
155 West 80th Street Co-op 3.0 1650
156 East 79th Street Co-op 4.0 2900
157 West 88th Street Townhouse - -
16 West 83rd Street Townhouse - 4200
160 Riverside Drive Co-op 1.0 900
160 West 66th Street Condo 1.0 1200
161 West 61st Street Condo 2.0 1167
161 West 86th Street Co-op 3.0 2500
17 Thompson Street Co-op 2.0 1600
18 East 12th Street Condo 5.0 3416
18 West 70th Street Co-op 3.0 2100
180 Riverside Drive Co-op 3.0 2400
180 Riverside Drive - 4.0 -
186 Fifth Avenue Condo - -
188 East 70th Street Condo 2.0 1415
1965 Broadway Condo 2.0 -
20 West 64 Street - 3.0 -
20 West 64th Street Condo 2.0 1700
200 Riverside Blvd Condo 4.0 2674
200 Riverside Blvd Condo 2.0 1432
2000 Broadway Condo 2.0 1745
201 West 72nd Street Condo 3.0 1656
205 East 77th Street Co-op - -
205 West 89th Street Co-op 1.0 775
215 East 73rd Street Co-op 3.0 1250
215 West 78th Street Co-op 2.0 -
215 West 88th Street Condo - -
22 West 66th Street Co-op 3.0 -
225 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1400
225 Central Park West Co-op 3.0 2200
225 East 73rd Street Co-op 1.0 -
225 West 83rd Street Condo 1.0 900
229 East 79th Street Co-op 3.0 -
23 West 73rd Street Co-op 2.0 -
23 West 73rd Street Co-op 3.0 -
235 West End Avenue Condo 2.0 1150
25 Central Park West Condo 3.0 1900
250 East 54th Street Condo 3.0 1647
257 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1150
26 East 10th Street Co-op 1.0 846
260 Park Ave South Condo 2.0 1407
262 Central Park West Co-op 3.0 2800
2628 Broadway Condo - -
2628 Broadway Condo 3.0 -
27 West 72nd Street Condo - -
27 West 72nd Street Co-op - -
271 Central Park West Co-op 3.0 -
285 Central Park West Co-op 4.0 -
29 West 85th Street Condo 3.0 2700
30 West 60th Street Co-op - -
30 West 90th Street Condo 3.0 1800
30 West 90th Street Condo - -
300 East 62nd Street Condo 3.0 2400
300 West End Avenue Co-op 6.0 7200
305 East 72nd Street Co-op 0.0 -
305 West 98th Street Co-op 2.0 -
322 West 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1100
322 West 72nd Street Co-op 3.0 -
322 West 72nd Street Co-op 3.0 -
325 West End Avenue Co-op 3.0 -
325 West End Avenue Co-op 4.0 3000
33 Riverside Drive Co-op 1.0 850
33 West 93rd Street Co-op 3.0 -
333 Central Park West Co-op 3.0 2100
333 West 71st Street Townhouse - -
334 West 77th Townhouse - -
336 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 2200
336 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 2000
340 East 74th Street Co-op 1.5 -
340 East 74th Street Co-op 3.0 1825
404 Riverside Drive Co-op 2.0 1850
41 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1400
420 Riverside Drive, 8D Co-op 2.0 -
425 East 86th Street Co-op 2.0 -
43 West 64th Street Condo 4.0 3998
430 East 56th Street Co-op 1.0 950
430 East 57th Street Co-op 2.0 1200
44 West 106th Street Condo - -
44 West 77th Street Co-op 3.0 -
455 Central Park West Condo 3.0 2835
470 Park Avenue Co-op 1.0 190
470 West End Avenue Co-op 2.0 -
49 East 12th Street Co-op 1.0 600
49 East 12th Street Co-op 1.0 650
490 West End Avenue Co-op 2.0 1150
519 East 86th Street Co-op - -
52 West 85th Street Townhouse - -
54 Riverside Drive Co-op 2.0 1800
54 Riverside Drive Co-op 2.0 1800
545 West End Avenue Co-op 2.0 1400
545 West End Avenue Co-op 3.0 2000
55 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1350
55 Central Park West Co-op - 1850
55 East 74th Street Townhouse - -
55 East 9th Street Co-op - -
580 West End Avenue Co-op 3.0 -
580 West End Avenue Co-op - -
601 West End Avenue Co-op 2.0 -
606 West 113th Street Co-op 3.0 -
65 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1550
65 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1300
655 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 2000
655 Sixth Avenue Condo 2.0 2057
7 East 35th Street Co-op - -
70th and Columbus Co-op 2.0 1600
70th and Columbus Co-op 3.0 1850
74 West 68th Street Co-op 1.0 700
75 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 -
75 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 -
755 West End Avenue Co-op 3.0 2000
857 Fifth Avenue Co-op - -
90 Riverside Drive Co-op 4.0 2800
91 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1900
91 Central Park West Co-op 2.0 1300
975 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 2000
983 Park Avenue Co-op 4.0 -
983 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 3370

Our summary of
Sherry Matays

"Sherry is one of the most experienced and well-respected Upper West Side agents in the city. She's regularly Corcoran's West Side Agent of the Year. She works equally well with buyers and sellers, but her real expertise is working with customers and clients who are under time-pressure. She is a good listener and works efficiently to achieve her clients' goals. We find her to be particularly skilled at working with high-profile clients."

TopAgentGuide™ editors


Verified reviews (7)

“Sherry kept all parties involved on-track and she pushed the transaction through in about one month.”


Posted September 3, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

I had a very positive experience working with Sherry. I think one of the elements she did particularly well was keeping everybody on track. She kept both sides of the transaction up-to-date and well-informed. I have done many real estate transactions in my life, and I find this skill to be particularly important and valuable. Sherry is able to stay focused on the big picture and not get caught up in minor details. We worked together efficiently, and the whole transaction only took a month. I would recommend Sherry to others; the whole process flowed well.
“I can't imagine a better agent than Sherry.”


Posted September 14, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

I couldn’t imagine a better agent than Sherry. She helped me to sell a co-op apartment on the Upper West Side. Sherry is knowledgeable and responsive. She was always prompt to return calls and stayed in communication with us. Sherry has a strong sense of the market and steered us away from potential buyers who would not pass the board.
“Sherry and her team made each step in the selling process easy.”


Posted August 27, 2009. Verified September 29, 2009.

We had a great experience working with Sherry and her team. We met several brokers from different firms, and selected Sherry and her team to sell our UES co-op. Unlike individual brokers, Sherry and her team were able to accommodate all showing requests, and generally could show at the specific times requested by prospective buyers. Individuals with even a few listings would not have been able to do this. Sherry took the time to show the apartment in detail to each of her team members, and made sure that we were okay with each of them doing individual showings. They also offered input about things we should change, add and remove from the apartment in order to show it better. They had 2-4 team members on-site for each open house – one in the lobby, and the others in the apartment. It wasn’t a big apartment, but their staffing allowed them to work as personally as possible with interested parties. They provided as much feedback as possible; generally by voicemail or email (our preference). We were fortunate to receive several offers, and they helped us to work through the details and respond accordingly. We would recommend Sherry and her team without reservation.
“Sherry genuinely cares about her clients. That is why she doesn't hesitate to set you straight if your view of the market is misguided.”

Lisa S.

Posted August 27, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

I have worked with Sherry on more than one occasion. She first helped me to sell a home in Manhattan. I interviewed many agents who were very interested in working with my husband and me because we were trying to sell a brownstone. Sherry was recommended to me by a reputable source and we instantly decided on her because she has a genuine quality about her and her reputation speaks for itself. Sherry’s honesty, kindness, tenacity, and willingness to listen sets her apart from other agents. She does not posture and she does not name drop. Sherry is a real person with heart and soul who understands a client’s decisions and does everything to work with the client. She does not oppose you, but she also sets you straight if your concept of the market is incorrect. She is very good at teaching her clients market concepts that are very complicated in an approachable way. I recommend Sherry to anybody looking for a positive experience in buying or selling.
“Sherry is the whole package. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable and a great communicator.”

Lisa M.

Posted October 8, 2009. Verified October 14, 2009.

Sherry has been my agent for multiple transactions, on all fronts: for sales, rentals and purchases. I regularly refer Sherry to others. Needless to say, Sherry is very knowledgeable about real estate as well as trends in the real estate market, based in large part on the many number of years she has worked in the business, her vast network and strong relationships with management companies and other real estate brokers, and her understanding of economic and other indicators that affect the real estate market. But what makes Sherry stand out from any other real estate agent I’ve worked is the value she provides beyond her knowledge about real estate; Sherry is enthusiastic, has a positive attitude, is realistic and straightforward at all times and is always looking out for your interests. She is more interested in the person she is working with and the relationship she is building than making a quick profit, because she is a people person and she knows that strong relationships make for trusting long-term relationships. As an example, recently I was thinking about selling my apartment, and Sherry, looking out for my interests, advised me to either move into the property myself or rent it. Sherry, in many respects, is more like a confidant and soundboard; someone who actually cares about you and your family, knowing that you’ll always come back to her when you are thinking about buying, selling or even renting a real estate property. Before the market crash, I was looking to buy an investment property through Sherry. At that time, the market was at an all-time high, and I was reluctant to buy because it didn’t seem possible that the real estate market would maintain its high levels. But as we started to look at properties, we came upon one that I became very interested in purchasing. After various negotiations, Sherry was able to get us an incredible price for the apartment, largely due to her relationship with the management company and her fantastic reputation. In fact, even though the real estate market has come down significantly since purchasing the apartment, the price we paid was so incredible that if we were to sell today, we would likely break even. Sherry is also an incredible communicator. When I call her, I get an instant response and she is always able to answer any question. She provides a full picture of her views and of the current state of the changing market, while remaining low-pressure. Sherry really is the whole package.
“The process with Sherry was seamless. She never wasted our time showing us apartments that didn't fit our wants and needs.”


Posted September 14, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

Sherry helped me buy and sell a condo and I was extremely happy with her performance with both transactions. I would absolutely recommend Sherry to friends and colleagues and have already done so. I came into contact with Sherry from a friend who recommended her to us, as he used her more than once. Sherry was informative and knowledgeable about the entire city and the state of the housing market, by neighborhood. She took the time to get to know our family, understand our needs and then showed us properties that we found interesting. She did not waste our time with properties that would not be a good fit. Sherry’s professionalism throughout the entire process of looking, contracts and closings was exceptional. The 'Sherry' process was seamless.
“Sherry is the type of guide I'm looking for in the real estate market.”

Philipp T.

Posted September 30, 2009. Verified September 30, 2009.

I think Sherry is an absolutely fantastic realtor. I've hired her for three transactions now, and every time, I've been extremely satisfied with her work. I find Sherry to be the type of guide I'm looking for in the real estate market. She gives excellent strategic advice in purchasing, and she's helped me through a number of bidding wars. With selling, she's always known exactly how to price my properties so that I would receive the bids I was looking for. Her knowledge of how the market is functioning is exceptional, and I think that's critical for an agent. I've recommended Sherry to a number of friends who have subsequently hired her, and they've all been very happy with her work.