Marie Schmon

The Corcoran Group
Highlight: Highly experienced and successful broker; great listener and strategic marketer



Contact Information (646) 200-5809

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 60%
Representing Buyers 40%

Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown East

Price range:
$1m to $3m, $3m to $10m

Lifetime deals: 300+

Sales 2006: $30 million

Sales 2007: $50 million

Sales 2008: $15 million


University Of Toronto, BA in Commerce and Business Administration

Second languages: Greek

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 1987

Designations: Senior Vice President; Associate Broker


Top 2% among NRT's brokers (over 60,000 brokers nationally) in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008


Corcoran's Carnegie Hill Office Broker of the Year, 2006


"Spirit of Corcoran" Award, 2007


"Top 10" among Corcoran Brokers at least 15 times


Corcoran's Multi-Million Dollar Club, 2001-2008


Generalists »

Most of my work is on the Upper East Side but I also venture more and more Downtown and to the West Side. Statistically, most of my sales are in the $1.5-$12 million range and I have sold over $300 million of Manhattan real estate.

Estate sales »

I have worked with representatives of Estates extensively including Trusts and Estates representatives from some of the most reputable institutions such as J.P. Morgan and Bessemer Trust. Because of their fiduciary responsibilities and their reputation, these institutions look for experienced realtors with impeccable credentials who will provide reliable evaluations, top marketing skills and, in general, excellent service. I pride myself in being this kind of broker.

International clients »

I work extensively with foreign buyers who are looking for a "second home" in NYC. These buyers have special needs and concerns. I have learned over the years to put them at ease and guide them through the process in a stress-free, confident way. I also enjoy connecting them with interior designers and other professionals to make the overall experience as easy as possible.

Pied-a-terre specialists »

I love helping pied-a-terre buyers because most of them are coming to NYC to live their dream. It is a privilege to be part of that process. Also, over the years I have developed tremendous expertise in knowing which buildings permit this type of purchase and how to best present these buyers to a building's Board so their applications are approved.

Greek »

I was born in Corfu, Greece where I spent the first 15 years of my life before I left to go to school in Canada. Therefore, I am fluent in Greek and enjoy working with Greek clients. In addition to vacationing in my home in Corfu every summer, I also travel to Athens to give seminars to Greek clients who are interested in purchasing real estate in Manhattan. As a result, I am often quoted in Greek newspapers on real estate news, trends and market conditions in New York.

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Agent's personal statement

A real estate professional since 1987, I believe in providing my sellers and buyers with the highest quality service possible. As a result, today over 90% of my work is through referrals or repeat business from satisfied customers, attorneys and Trust and Estate professionals from major banks such as J.P. Morgan.


When you hire me, I (and NOT assistants) will be there every step of the way to ensure that the job is well done.


I started my real estate career in 1987 at the then venerable agency of Sulzberger-Rolfe, and joined Corcoran in 1995 just before the company’s meteoric growth. Over the years I have received all of Corcoran’s top honors including “Broker of the Year” (Carnegie Hill Office), “Broker of the Month”, “Top Ten” and “Member of Corcoran’s Multimillion Dollar Club.”


Influenced by my business education and later my work in marketing and advertising, I take a strategic approach to the properties I represent and I provide my sellers with a written marketing plan showing exactly what I intend to do to effectively market their apartments. This approach ensures that I work in true "partnership" with the seller, which I consider an essential element in producing expeditious sales results.


When working with buyers, I listen very carefully not only to the needs which are clearly expressed but also to needs which are not. Often I work with people who have been referred to me after seeing countless apartments.That's when I know that I must find the need which has not been met. And I do, as proven by the fact that some of my buyers have bought the very first apartment I showed them.


I am a frequent lecturer on real estate topics at Marymount College, The Learning Annex and private gatherings and industry functions. I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with my actor husband and two daughters who attended Nightingale-Bamford in Manhattan, and Emory and Wesleyan (CT) Universities.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
1 West 72nd Street Co-op 1.0 350
10 East 85th Street Co-op 2.0 1500
10 East 85th Street Co-op 2.0 1150
1010 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 2000
103 East 84th Street Co-op 2.0 -
1035 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 1700
1035 Fifth Avenue Co-op 4.0 -
1035 Fifth Avenue Co-op 3.0 1750
1035 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 2450
1035 Fifth Avenue Co-op 4.0 3400
1035 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 1600
1040 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 1750
1050 Fifth Avenue - 2.0 -
106 Central Park South - 1.0 -
1060 Park Avenue Co-op 1.0 -
1070 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 1900
1080 Madison Avenue Condo 4.0 2200
110 Central Park South Cond-op 1.0 1039
111 East 85th Street Co-op 1.0 700
1120 Fifth Avenue Co-op 4.0 -
1140 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 1600
1175 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 3800
118 East 60th Street - 2.0 -
1185 Park Avenue Co-op 3.0 2500
1220 Park Avenue Co-op 4.0 4200
126 Riverside Drive - 2.0 -
126 Riverside Drive Co-op 2.0 1150
127 West 79th Street Co-op 3.0 2000
137 East 36th Street Co-op 2.0 1400
137 East 66th Street Co-op 1.0 1000
140 East 56th Street Condo 1.0 -
142 East 16th Street Co-op 1.0 -
161 East 90th Street Co-op 2.0 1200
165 West End Avenue Co-op 2.0 1270
167 Perry Street Co-op 3.0 -
175 East 62nd Street Co-op 2.0 1500
19 East 88th Street Co-op 2.0 1400
190 East 72nd Street Co-op 3.0 2000
20 East 68th Street Cond-op 4.0 -
201 East 62nd Street Co-op 2.0 1750
22 East 88th Street Co-op 4.0 2000
225 Central Park West - 1.0 -
225 Central Park West Co-op 1.0 600
225 East 79th Street Co-op 3.0 1600
235 West End Avenue Condo 2.0 1000
245 East 71st Street Townhouse - -
25 East 83rd Street Co-op 1.0 1100
25 East End Avenue - 3.0 -
251 East 51st Street Co-op 0.0 500
300 Central Park West Co-op 4.0 3300
315 East 68th Street Co-op 2.0 1200
315 East 68th Street Co-op 2.0 1550
340 East 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1900
345 East 52nd Street Co-op 4.0 2400
360 East 72nd Street Co-op 2.0 1300
360 East 72nd Street Co-op 3.0 1650
40 East 61st Street Condo 1.0 950
40 East 94th Street Condo 2.0 1388
401 East 84th Street Condo 3.0 1700
401 East 84th Street Condo 3.0 1700
49 East 96th Street Co-op 3.0 1900
50 East 79th Street Co-op 2.0 1600
50 Sutton Place South Co-op 3.0 -
50 Sutton Place South Co-op 3.0 2300
502 Park Avenue Condo 4.0 4597
505 Greenwich Street Condo 2.0 -
519 East 86th Street Co-op 1.0 950
55 East 87th Street Co-op 1.0 800
600 West End Avenue Co-op 2.0 1100
600 West End Avenue Co-op 2.0 -
605 Park Avenue Co-op 4.0 3100
650 Park Avenue Co-op 2.0 2040
751 Fifth Avenue - 2.0 -
785 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 -
8 East 83rd Street Co-op 4.0 -
8 Union Square Condo 2.0 -
825 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 1100
825 Fifth Avenue - 2.0 -
845 United Nations Plaza - 1.0 -
845 United NationsPlaza Condo 1.0 877
857 Fifth Avenue Co-op 3.0 3800
870 Fifth Avenue - 2.0 -
870 Fifth Avenue - 2.0 -
870 United Nations Plaza - 2.0 -
875 Fifth Avenue Co-op 3.0 1700
885 Park Avenue Co-op 4.0 4000

Our summary of
Marie Schmon

"With over 20 years of real estate experience in Manhattan, Marie is one of the more experienced brokers in the city. She is also one of the city's most successful: she has been awarded Corcoran's 'Broker of the Year' award and has consistently been a member of the 'Multi-Million Dollar Club.' In our experience, Marie closely bonds with her clients and is a good listener. For her sellers, she takes a strategic approach to marketing which stems from her background in advertising."

TopAgentGuide™ editors


Verified reviews (12)

“Marie put so much effort into selling my apartment that it felt as if she was trying to sell her own apartment.”

Andrew P.

Posted August 5, 2009. Verified October 2, 2009.

All I can say is that Marie makes you feel like the property she’s selling is her own. That’s how much she puts into her work. She doesn’t treat you or your business as a transaction, and really makes it a personal relationship. Marie handled every aspect of selling my apartment flawlessly. From helping me understand the competitive pricing to getting the apartment into prime showing condition to getting qualified, real buyers to the door, Marie did it all. That was the key for me, because when we went into selling the apartment, the financial world had already begun to fall apart, and the city was already beginning to feel the impact of the downturn. Marie shepherded me through the process from beginning to end. Not only did she do her job really well, but Marie had a great ability to help me focus on the important decisions to be made and when I needed to make them. She didn’t let me get overly concerned about the small stuff, because she took care of it. Her advice was outstanding. I couldn’t recommend Marie more highly. She was there for all the stops on the way, offering a range of support and service that I had never experienced before.
“Marie has incredible instincts. She was a great guide throughout the process.”

Mickey R.

Posted August 4, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

I am extremely impressed with Marie’s work. I’ve worked with a number of brokers and real estate companies, both in New York and around the country, and I found Marie to be the consummate professional. When Marie helped me purchase a home, she literally took care of the entire process. My only job was to be myself and show up on time. From details such as the type of air conditioning or countertops an apartment offered to more important issues like preparing a Board package, Marie guided me through everything. Marie knew her way around the city, had a tremendous grasp of what I could find in each neighborhood with my budget, and she also had an incredible instinct for striking the perfect balance between being in-tune with my needs as a client and keeping herself from intruding into my life in a non-professional way. The process of buying and selling a home can be very intimate and emotional, and while I felt taken care of by Marie, I never felt pushed around or hovered over in any way. I would recommend Marie to friends and family without a doubt. My only hesitation is that I feel like if everyone knew about Marie, she’d be too swamped with work to help me next time I want to work with her!
“Marie is the consummate professional. She also was a great marketer.”

Richard S.

Posted August 5, 2009. Verified October 2, 2009.

Marie was recommended to my wife by a trusted friend, and from the start of our business together, we understood why. She was a consummate professional, and extremely efficient in all regards. As soon as we settled on a price that my wife and I thought was very fair, Marie brought in a photographer and had a floor plan drawn up to help market the property. Within days, she held an open house and began to seek out prospective buyers. Because the property was in a co-op, she knew the type of financials and the general profile that a prospective buyer would need to possess, and she was adept at finding those buyers and drawing them in. Towards the end of the process, our co-op Board took their time in processing our request, and they hassled the buyers with unnecessary paperwork, but Marie stayed calm throughout all of that. She didn’t once become impatient with the process and cause the deal to fold. I would definitely recommend Marie to friends and family. She was a true professional and really took the reins to sell our property.
“In order to search for our second home, we had to travel from San Fransisco to the city. Marie made sure each of our visits was focused and yielded a number of properties suitable for us.”

Nora G.

Posted October 7, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

Working with Marie was excellent, and we'd definitely recommend her to others. Our primary home is in San Fransisco, so most of the time, we worked with her remotely. It was critical to us that Marie knew what we were interested in so that when we visited, we could search with a focused effort and not waste any time. She was an excellent listener and she found a number of opportune properties for us, and our searches were always efficient and constructive. Once we found an apartment we liked, we realized it was going to be very hard to receive Board approval, and Marie was instrumental in making sure we were able to purchase that property. She resolved the situation, and the whole experience was very positive.
“After working with Marie, it would be unfair of us not to pass on a glowing review.”

Robert J.

Posted August 5, 2009. Verified September 26, 2009.

We were given a glowing review of Marie by a relative that had worked with her, so we decided to contact her to help us find a pied-a-terre in the city. Everything we were told turned out to be true, and we can't help but pass on that recommendation. Marie is insightful, gives extremely thoughtful advice, and is great to work with. She a truly professional agent, but she was still able to have a laugh with us, and we felt like she became a friend by the time we found a home. The first co-op we applied to turned us away, but Marie never slowed down. She helped us regroup and continued to bring more listings for us to look at. When we found another co-op, she helped us again to prepare for the Boards, and we were accepted. The whole experience was absolutely wonderful, and we're very happy with Marie. She deserves every bit of success she has in the industry.
“Marie truly cares about her clients. She was dead-on in terms of pricing, staging, marketing and negotiating our apartment.”

Alex H.

Posted August 5, 2009. Verified October 6, 2009.

Marie did a number of things that were above and beyond what I ever expected from an agent. My family put up our apartment in a falling market, so we didn’t want to price it too aggressively, but we still wanted to maximize the amount we could get in the sale. Marie encouraged us to be realistic about what we should be asking for, but backed up all of her advice with compelling facts. She compiled a listing of similar apartments in our neighborhood, and even provided us with the opportunity to go visit a couple of them to help us decide on our asking price. She really brought all of her 20 years experience in the real estate market to bear on that one specific question of pricing. Once we settled on a price, I continued to be impressed with Marie. Within two or three days, she brought a corporate photographer to shoot the apartment for flyers and her company’s website, and she distributed the flyers and had the website updated as soon as possible. During the selling process, Marie was always willing to get in touch with us, whether it was about an up-coming visit to the apartment or if there had been a last-minute cancelation. I didn’t want to be there during the showings, but I was completely comfortable leaving both my daughters with Marie in the apartment when she showed it. Frankly, Marie acted like a second mother to them. After a few offers were made, Marie advised us on effective counter-bids and did an excellent job of coaxing our buyer along to meet our asking price. We closed the deal with this buyer within a week. Throughout the entire process, she was always the one that was representing us – I never got the feeling that she had an inventory of 20 apartments and that we were just one more that she was trying to sell. I would recommend Marie in a heart-beat. She is an exceptional agent and a wonderfully thoughtful person, and she truly cares about her clients.
“Marie has an extraordinary amount of experience which allows her to know exactly what her clients are looking for, both in buying and selling a property.”

Frank W.

Posted October 7, 2009. Verified October 7, 2009.

Working with Marie is exceptional. She has an extraordinary amount of experience which allows her to know exactly what her clients are looking for, both in buying and selling a property. She's honest and completely realistic, as well. We'd absolutely recommend Marie to friends and family. When we purchased with Marie, she was able to very quickly figure out whether or not we'd be interested in any particular property. Because of this, virtually everything she showed us met our criteria in some way, whether it was the price, location, or style. She helped us narrow in on a property that we loved, and the purchase went smoothly. When we later sold the apartment, Marie again helped with everything. We discussed how to market the apartment and how to showcase it for open houses. She designed the marketing materials wonderfully, as well. When we found a potential buyer, Marie was there for all the negotiations and the closing to lend her support and expertise.
“Marie was flexible and accommodating throughout our experience with her, and she always met our needs.”

Flana H.

Posted August 5, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

We first met Marie because she was the listing agent of an apartment that we were looking to purchase. Even though she worked for the seller, she treated us like we were her clients, as well, and she helped us prepare our Board package and counseled us throughout the process of purchasing the apartment. We were so impressed with Marie's service that when we subsequently sold that apartment, we hired her to be our broker. Marie was excellent at staging the apartment, and she brought fresh flowers to every open house in order to add a little extra to the space. The co-op we were living in had a very tough Board, and Marie was able to predict which of our bidders would be more likely to qualify for the property, which really helped us to narrow down which bid we chose. She knew that we were in no hurry to sell, so she was able to negotiate a higher price for us, and we were very satisfied with the final bid we received. Marie was flexible and accommodating throughout our experience with her, and we highly recommend her to others looking to sell an apartment.
“I've worked with Marie twice. Her integrity, professionalism and non-pressuring demeanor are what set her apart.”


Posted August 5, 2009. Verified September 23, 2009.

I’ve worked with Marie twice and both times she’s been outstanding. The first time I worked with Marie, she was relatively new to the business, but she knew that buying a home was a huge investment for me and was willing to take as much time as I needed to walk me through the entire process. When my daughter graduated from college last year, I turned to Marie again and saw that she had grown enormously as a realtor. Chelsea wasn’t necessarily her neighborhood of expertise, but once again, she put herself into her work and found a few listings for us very quickly. She even predicted ahead of time which apartment we’d find to be perfect for my daughter, and she was right. I’ve already recommended Marie to my friends, and they always come back and thank me for putting them in contact with her. No one I know has ever felt any pressure with her, and we all agree that her integrity and professionalism are clear from the start and continue throughout her work.
“Marie's integrity, consideration for her clients, and expertise in real estate set her apart from other agents in the city.”

Eileen B.

Posted October 14, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

My company has worked with Marie for the past ten years, and we've sold a number of properties in the Upper East Side with her assistance. My personal experiences working with her have all been very positive. Marie is a terrific broker. Her integrity is top-notch, and she's extremely conscientious of those she works with. She gets personally involved with her work and invests in her clients. In addition, her personality allows her to make strong connections with those she works with and makes her a pleasure to be around. Whenever I receive a request for a recommendation, I always give out Marie's contact information. Her expertise in real estate makes her an extremely valuable addition to any transaction.
“Marie was wholly committed to us, both in the purchase and sale of our home. Her diligence in both transactions made working with her an absolute pleasure.”

Peggy B.

Posted October 7, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

Both times we worked with Marie, she was wholly committed to us. She was diligent and thorough in both the purchase and sale of our home, and we're very happy with her work. Marie always maintains a professional yet enjoyable attitude. When we were looking for our home, she was tireless in searching for properties that would be suitable for our family. She was able to figure out exactly what we needed, and because our experience purchasing with her was so positive, there was no question that we were going to contact her when we later sold the space. On the selling side, Marie was again exceptional. She was able to sort through our prospective buyers and attract the type who would be sincerely interested in our property, so she never wasted any time. She worked with our family's schedule in order to work at our convenience, and she was extremely conscientious of us. I've already recommended Marie to my friends, and if my family were ever to enter the market again, I'd contact Marie and ask her to help us. Working with her was an absolute pleasure.
“Marie's analytical approach to sales and years of experience made me feel completely comfortable with entrusting the purchase and sale of my home to her.”

Vicente L.

Posted October 7, 2009. Verified October 7, 2009.

I had a fantastic experience both times I worked with Marie. She has a lot of experience and a wealth of market knowledge, and those strengths really show in the way she approaches prospective buyers and sellers. Marie takes an analytical approach to the sales process, and I valued that very much. She's level-headed and thorough, which made me comfortable with both buying and selling my property through her. I would highly recommend Marie to others, and I have already to a number of friends who have all been very satisfied with her work. She's exceptionally trustworthy, and I couldn't be happier with her.