Lisa Lippman

Brown Harris Stevens
Highlight: Highly professional former attorney; Uptown expert



Contact Information (646) 200-5809

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 60%
Representing Buyers 40%

Upper West Side, Upper East Side

Price range:
$1m to $3m, $3m to $10m

Lifetime deals: Approximately 500

Sales 2006: $71 million

Sales 2007: $91 million

Sales 2008: $108 million


University of Pennsylvania, B.A.; Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, J.D.

Second languages: French, Hebrew

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 1997

Designations: Senior Vice President; Director


Brown Harris Stevens #1 agent in company, 2009


Brown Harris Stevens Westside Office Broker of the Year, 2006-2009


Most Condominium and Co-op Sales, Brown Harris Stevens, 2008-2009


Wall Street Journal Real Estate Top 200 Professionals, 2007


Corcoran Top 25 Agent, 2000-2004


Generalists »

I focus on helping my clients, both buyers and sellers, buy or sell their home, whether it is a condo, a co-op or townhouse. While I sell all over manhattan, I concentrate on the Upper East and Upper West Side and also sell in Tribeca and Greenwich Village. The price range I specialize in is in the $1.5 million range and up, although I do occasionally work with people at lower price ranges. I have also worked with investors, but most of my business comes from people who are buying to live here, at least part time, and most of my sellers are selling to buy something larger or smaller and usually are staying in Manhattan.

Family-sized apt. specialists »

I specialize in selling apartments for and to families looking for a larger home or moving from a rental to a permanent residence. I have school age children raging from ages 4-15 and thus am well versed in neighborhood schools, from pre-school through high school, both public and private. I also know a lot about the attributes of different neighborhoods and buildings, allowing my clients to make educated decisions about their purchase for their family.

First-time NYC buyers »

I work well with first time buyers because I am patient and enjoy educating and advising clients on purchasing in Manhattan. I am not pushy and understand that first time buyers can have fears and hesitations that repeat buyers may not. As a former lawyer, I can also explain the process from very beginning to closing, clearly and in detail. This helps all buyers, even repeat buyers.

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Agent's personal statement

My name is Lisa Lippman, Senior Vice President and Director at Brown Harris Stevens. I have been selling real estate for twelve years, specializing in the sale of high end cooperatives, condominiums and townhomes across Manhattan.


In 2007, the Wall Street Journal recognized me as one of the top 50 brokers in America. I was named the Brown Harris Stevens Westside Office Broker of the Year in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Also in 2008, I was recognized for having sold the most co-ops and condominiums throughout Brown Harris Stevens.


Prior to becoming a real estate broker, I spent several years as a lawyer practicing litigation at two prestigious law firms. I graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and earned my law degree from Cardozo in 1990. My legal background affords me a keen understanding of the negotiation process and the complexities needed to complete a deal.


I take pride in being a straight-forward, intelligent and honest broker. I work hard to understand the individual needs of each client, as well as their comfort with the purchase and/or sale process. My listening skills, combined with my excellent memory of all details, my work ethic and negotiation skills, allow me to service my buyers and sellers most effectively.


I am also active in the New York community, including UJA and my childrens' schools. This enables me to offer a well-rounded approach to navigating the New York real estate landscape, bringing to life all that our fabulous city has to offer.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
1 Central Park West, 37B - - -
100 Riverside Drive, 3A - - -
100 Riverside Drive, 3AB - - -
1049 Park Avenue, 9B - - -
1049 Park Avenue, 9C - - -
1050 Fifth Avenue, 14F - - -
1050 Fifth Avenue, 17C - - -
1095 Park Avenue, 18A - - -
111 East 85th Street, 15G - - -
125 East 91st Street Townhouse - -
125 West 92nd Street, A - - -
126 West 22nd Street, 10N - - -
132 East 80th Street Townhouse - -
132 West 22nd Street, 7 - - -
137 Riverside Drive, 11DE - - -
140 Riverside Drive, 15O - - -
146 Central Park West, 10E - - -
15 West 63rd Street, 12B - - -
15 West 81st Street, 8H - - -
152 West 77th Street, 1 - - -
16 East 96th Street, 3A - - -
16 West 77th Street, 5E - - -
160 West 66th Street, 40F - - -
160 West 86th Street - - -
161 West 75th Street, 4B - - -
161 West 86th Street, 10B - - -
166 East 96th Street, 15A - - -
170 East 77th Street, 5C - - -
170 East 77th Street, 5G - - -
170 East 77th Street, 6E - - -
170 East 77th Street, PHF - - -
170 East 87th Street, W8A - - -
172 West 79th Street, 2A - - -
175 Riverside Drive, 5K - - -
186 Riverside Drive, 5B - - -
186 Riverside Drive, 5C - - -
190 Riverside Drive, 5D - - -
20 North Moore Street, 7E - - -
20 West 72nd Street, 1605 - - -
200 West 86th Street, 12D - - -
200 West 86th Street, 9F - - -
201 West 74th Street, 16D - - -
203 West 90th Street, 9C - - -
205 East 76th Street, 4 - - -
21 East 83rd Street Townhouse - -
21 East 90th Street, 3B - - -
21 East 90th Street, 3B - - -
2109 Broadway, 11-79 - - -
2109 Broadway, 13-79 - - -
2109 Broadway, 16-144 - - -
2109 Broadway, 16-41 - - -
2109 Broadway, 618 - - -
211 Central Park West, 7B - - -
215 West 92nd Street, 10F - - -
215 West 98th Street, 10B - - -
215 West 98th Street, 12A - - -
215 West 98th Street, 2B - - -
215 West 98th Street, 9A - - -
2166 Broadway, 5E - - -
2166 Broadway, 9C - - -
221 West 82nd Street, 8E - - -
233 East 54th Street, 1C - - -
235 West 102nd Street, 4J - - -
235 West 71st Street, 8A - - -
239 Central Park West, 3A - - -
239 Central Park West, 7B - - -
25 Central Park West, 5Q - - -
25 Central Park West, 9I - - -
25 East 83rd Street, 12B - - -
250 West 82nd Street, 72 - - -
251 West 89th Street, 11C - - -
255 West 84th Street, 1GRF - - -
255 West 85th Street, 9CD - - -
257 Central Park West, 2B - - -
257 West 86th Street, 11/12A - - -
258 Riverside Drive, 10C - - -
258 Riverside Drive, 2D - - -
262 Central Park West, 6B - - -
270 West End Avenue, 12E - - -
291 Central Park West, 4W - - -
291 Central Park West, PH7E - - -
296 West 92nd Street - - -
296 West 92nd Street - - -
302 West 86th Street, 12A - - -
304 West 75th Street, 5A - - -
309 West 104th Street, 4C - - -
310 West End Avenue, 12C - - -
315 West 70th Street, 18E - - -
315 West 86th Street, 6D - - -
320 West 102nd Street Townhouse - -
320 West 78th Street - - -
320 West End Avenue, 2B - - -
320 West End Avenue, 2B - - -
324 West 83rd Street, 3E - - -
324 West 83rd Street, 7W - - -
325 West 86th Street, 7A - - -
325 West End Avenue, 2C - - -
33 Riverside Drive, 13F - - -
33 Riverside Drive, 13G - - -
33 West 93rd Street, 2G - - -
334 West 86th Street, 6A - - -
334 West 87th Street, 4B - - -
345 East 73rd Street, 1C - - -
39 West 67th Street, 1204 - - -
40 East 62nd Street, 5W - - -
400 West End Avenue, 17C - - -
401 West End Avenue, 3FG - - -
404 Riverside Drive, 4D/E - - -
41 West 96th Street, 2A - - -
440 West End Avenue, 4A - - -
455 Central Park West, 22A - - -
49 West 87th Street, 3E - - -
5 Riverside Drive, 10AB - - -
50 Park Avenue, 12B - - -
50 Riverside Drive, 10C - - -
50 Sutton Place South, 16E - - -
50 Wooster Street, 3NR - - -
500 West End Avenue, 4D - - -
520 East 86th Street, 14A - - -
601 West End Avenue, 4A - - -
610 West End Avenue, 8D - - -
63 West 17th Street, 6A - - -
63 West 17th Street, 7A - - -
685 West End Avenue, 2A - - -
685 West End Avenue, 5A - - -
73 WORth Street, 4C - - -
90 Franklin Street, 3S - - -
900 Fifth Avenue, 7A - - -
935 Park Avenue, PH - - -
993 Park Avenue, 9E - - -

Our summary of
Lisa Lippman

"Lisa is an attorney by training. She is serious, energetic and no-nonsense in her approach--yet she has an easy and winning manner. Lisa is married, a mother of three boys, and resides on the Upper West Side. She knows the UWS market cold and is considered by her colleagues to be a consummate professional."

TopAgentGuide™ editors


Verified reviews (11)

“Lisa's rare combination of professionalism and pleasantness has benefitted my real estate development business.”

Robert W.

Posted September 2, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

I am a developer in Manhattan, and Lisa and I have had an ongoing relationship for a couple of years. I have worked with a lot of brokers in New York and she is top quailty. In particular, her follow-through is exceptional. If I ever ask for a piece of information or if I need something, Lisa gets back to me as fast and thoroughly as possible. Specific to the New York City market, she is able to get an assignment done without coming off too pushy or aggressive. Lisa is a rare combination of both professionalism and pleasantness.
“I know real estate well so I didn't initially want to use an agent to buy a home. However, I am glad that I decided to use Lisa.”

Adam K.

Posted September 2, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

I recently worked with Lisa to buy a second home on the Upper West Side, as an investment. She is top-notch. Lisa is knowledgeable and has a solid understanding of the market. I know real estate, so I started the process with no desire to work with a broker. However, I am glad I decided to work with Lisa because she made the process much easier and she had very valuable information. She has lots of detailed information that extends beyond what one can find online. I would use Lisa to buy or sell in the future and I have already recommended her to others.
“Lisa helped me buy my first home -- a co-op on the Upper West Side”

Ken Z.

Posted September 30, 2009. Verified October 13, 2009.

Lisa and I had an excellent working relationship. Lisa helped me to buy my first home, a co-op on the Upper West Side. She understood what we wanted and directed us to solid opportunities. Lisa was responsive and pro-active. She has superior market knowledge. I Would not hesitate to recommend her (and already have done so).
“Lisa cares about her clients, first and foremost.”

Gerry F.

Posted August 25, 2009. Verified October 14, 2009.

Lisa was particularly skilled in the sale of our apartment on 82nd and Riverside Drive in Manhattan. We listed it at a time when the market was high, but as the market fell she was prescient and advised us wisely on pricing. We ended up selling at a time when nothing was selling -- and at a good price. Lisa inspired confidence in buyers as well as in us. Lisa cares about the client, first and foremost. Lisa advised us when we decided to look in Riverdale, even though she did not receive a commission. However, she knew our taste and our financial desires and knew that we wouldn’t find what we wanted in Manhattan. She waived her commission to accommodate our needs.
“We have met a lot of brokers, but none have come close to Lisa's level of care and knowledge.”

Bryan M.

Posted August 25, 2009. Verified September 16, 2009.

Lisa helped my wto both sell and purchase a co-op apartment in 2003, and we have since had an ongoing relationship. She has shown me homes from time to time to keep me updated about the market. Lisa’s understanding of my interests continues to evolve as she takes my feedback and translates that into more refined and more directed showings. This is invaluable to me in that I do not waste time looking at homes that I would not be interested in. I referred a friend to Lisa and he had a very positive experience as well. He and his wife were close to a deal to sell an apartment but there remained a small difference between the buyers and the sellers. Rather than transact at the buyer’s latest offer, Lisa advised our friends to wait a day, because she thought that the buyers would increase their offer to the current ask. It turns out that Lisa was right, and my friends sold their apartment at the better price. Lisa was very aware of the dynamics of the transaction and although she gained very little from the increased bid, she had the interest of her clients at heart. Lisa is always concerned first and foremost about her clients. She offers very sound advice and she cares about her clients as individuals. Lisa is energetic, in a genuine sense and very responsive. We are fortunate to have found Lisa. I have met a lot of brokers and none have come close.
“I'm a real estate developer. Lisa is one of the best brokers I've worked with in my 30 years doing this.”

Dan K.

Posted September 11, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

I have been working as a real estate developer for over 30 years and in my experience Lisa is one of the best brokers with whom I've worked. She is honest and very much to the point. Lisa works harder than most people I know -- she is always the one who personally shows apartments. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market and particularly responsive. She always responds to calls or emails right away. Lisa is very effective and very professional.
“Lisa is down to earth and has integrity. She always made us feel as though we were her top priority.”


Posted August 25, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

I recently purchased a co-op on the Upper West Side and I had a great experience working with Lisa. She is competent and extremely knowledgeable. On a personal level, she is a nice person and down to earth. Lisa was able to find me what I wanted and more. She is extraordinarily dedicated and responsive. She always responded to me in five minutes or less—weekend, vacation, didn’t make a difference. She made us feel like her first priority. Equally important, she has integrity. Even today, long after our purchase, she is still willing to provide helpful contacts and recommendations which speaks volumes about Lisa as a person. I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone; she has my complete confidence.
“Having met many brokers, I can say that she is everything that you could want in one -- knowledgeable, honest, ethical, responsive and decisive.”


Posted September 4, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

The first time we worked with Lisa was for the purchase of our first home shortly after getting married. We had decided to stay in the city and were looking for our first place together. Lisa helped us buy an apartment as well as a surrounding apartment so that we could combine the two. She has also advised us on our renovations for resale someday and has helped to keep us abreast of the market. Lisa is everything you could want in a broker -- and we met a lot before working with her. She is knowledgeable, honest, well-respected, experienced, responsive and decisive. Lisa is tough when she needs to be yet kind all the time. She guided us through the entire process and was an incredible resource every step along the way. Her background as a lawyer and as a long-time resident of the Upper West Side were invaluable. She is a professional, and puts her own integrity first. She takes the time to get to know you as a client, understand your needs and both listens and advises. She knew what kind of place would hold its value, and what was worth it and what wasn’t. She knew a property and could value it in a second. Lisa walked us through the bidding process, always trying to get us the best price but making sure we were taken seriously. Her communication skills are excellent. She knew all of the other brokers and had relationships (good ones) with everyone. She worked tirelessly for us -- she knew about apartments before they were even on the market and screened things for us before having us meet her. I felt as if we were always first on Lisa’s mind, and I know now (from sending her to many friends) that all of her clients feel that way. She took a personal interest in helping us find a place we could call home, and made the process incredibly easy. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about her. She is truly amazing. And yes, I would recommend her and I have -- many, many, many times. And I will keep doing that.
“As a real estate developer, I can say that Lisa's performance as the agent for our properties has been excellent.”

James R.

Posted September 3, 2009. Verified September 22, 2009.

I work at a real estate development company and Lisa and I have worked together continuously over the past two years. I always have an excellent experience with her. She works very hard to sell our company's apartments, but she does not oversell or exaggerate what is being offered. Thus, when she brings a buyer to the table there are never any surprises. I would certainly recommend Lisa.
“Lisa listens to your needs and understands your priorities. There is no wasted time.”

Esther F.

Posted September 2, 2009. Verified October 13, 2009.

I bought and sold homes on the Upper West Side through Lisa and I think she is a phenomenal broker. Lisa really listens to what you need and understands your priorities. I have worked with other brokers who act according to what they would do in your same position or what they prefer. Lisa works in accordance to what is best for you. Every home that she showed me was a real possibility, and I appreciated that she didn’t waste my time. Lisa also does her research before she speaks with you. Nothing slips through the cracks with Lisa. She comes to you with the information thoroughly thought through and prepared. Lisa does not do the research on your time with her, and she was organized every step of the way. Lastly, she is very fun to be around. She is witty and smart; this is important when you are spending a lot of time with a broker to find an ideal home. I am a very happy customer on both the buying end and the selling end. She knows how to make a deal happen.
“Lisa is pro-active and committed to achieving her clients' goals.”

Anne S.

Posted September 3, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

Lisa is the consummate professional. Many in the real estate business seem relatively passive, which might work well enough in an up market. Lisa takes charge; she helped me stage my apartment very attractively and at minimal cost, and I knew when she pitched it that she “understood” the property in a very positive way. Her follow-through is excellent and her knowledge about the nitty gritty of actually buying and selling real estate is well above average compared to her peers. She is extremely responsive and one feels that she is completely committed to getting her client’s deal done.