Julia Boland

Halstead Property
Highlight: Business-minded, customer service oriented Harlem expert



Contact Information (646) 200-5827

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 50%
Representing Buyers 50%

Harlem/Morningside Heights, Chelsea, Upper West Side

Price range:
$500k to $1m, $1m to $3m

Lifetime deals: 150

Sales 2006: Pending

Sales 2007: Pending

Sales 2008: Pending


Boston University, BA; Boston University, MA (International Relations)

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York; 85 Broads; New York Junior League

Active Agent since: 2001

Designations: Senior Vice President; Associate Broker; REBNY New York Residential Specialist Designation



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Agent's personal statement

At The Boland Group we believe that a changing market always represents opportunity for the savvy. We are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make the very best decision. If you are thinking of selling, buying, or relocating we can assist you. We are experts at creating marketing plans to maximize your property's potential. If you are making your first purchase we are here to guide you and make the process as stress free as possible. We are one of the most successful teams at Halstead Property because we are the perfect mix of experience, professionalism, and tireless work ethic. A large portion of our business is by referral which I believe speaks to our professionalism and dedication to delivering excellent customer service.


As the head of The Boland Group, I oversee a team of four agents who have considerable knowledge of the Manhattan real estate market. Co-op, condo or townhouse, I have sold them all. Having worked on over eight new luxury condominium projects, I have extensive knowledge of all aspects of marketing and selling new developments. Each of my sellers receives a customized, in-depth marketing strategy personalized for their property to achieve the best possible results.


Having completed the gut renovation of a brownstone shell in Harlem, I know how to build a quality home. I created the development plan, built my team and then took the shell from complete beam replacement to the finished product, creating a home owners' duplex and three rental apartments. This first hand fixer-upper experience is invaluable to my customers as I can share my knowledge of renovating, navigating the city bureaucracy and finding the best skilled workers.


Call or e-mail me today and you will be on your way to making an informed choice.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
1 Fifth Avenue Co-op 2.0 930
101 Warren St Condo 2.0 -
103 West 117th Street Condo 3.0 -
11 West 69th Street Co-op 1.0 700
111 West 117th Street Condo 3.0 -
114 East 13th Street Condo 1.0 1100
115 East 9th Street Co-op 1.0 1500
124 West 119th Street Townhouse 0.0 -
128 West 70th Street Co-op 1.0 -
134 East 93rd Street Condo 3.0 -
135 West 70th Street Condo 3.0 1645
15 East 10th Street Co-op 1.0 900
166 West 76th Street Co-op 0.0 -
169 Hudson Street Condo 0.0 -
235 East 87th Street Co-op 0.0 950
236 West 138th Street Townhouse 4.0 -
245 West 19th Street Condo 2.0 1197
252 West 17th Street Condo 2.0 -
320 West 76th Street Co-op 0.0 1600
380 Lenox Avenue Condo 2.0 -
39 East 20th St Condo 0.0 -
40 East 9th Street Co-op 3.0 900
407 West 40th Street Co-op 1.0 -
43 Murray Street Co-op 1.0 -
444 East 86th Street Co-op 2.0 1750
60 Sutton Place South Co-op 1.0 1350
72 Mercer Street Condo 2.0 4204
77 Bleecker Street Co-op 1.0 750
77 Eighth Avenue Condo 2.0 -
9 West 126th Street Townhouse 6.0 -

Our summary of
Julia Boland

"Since moving to Harlem a few years ago, Julia has become one of Harlem's most active and knowledgeable agents. Having gut renovated her Harlem townhouse, Julia has extensive experience with fixer-uppers including permits, expediters, contractors and pricing. She leads a team of experienced agents who are customer service oriented."

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Verified reviews (7)

“Julia's due diligence allowed me to increase the asking prices of my development project, and she received full-price offers for every unit.”

Charlie M.

Posted November 6, 2009. Verified December 7, 2009.

I'm a real estate developer, and I hired Julia to help me market and sell luxury condominium units in two of my new developments. Julia is extremely professional, focused, disciplined, and insightful. She does an incredible amount of homework and due diligence, and because of that, she was the one broker that suggested I actually raise my asking prices. The first week we got several "full ask offers" and within a month went into bidding wars and got up to 10% over asking on a few units. Without a doubt this was largely due to her abilities as a salesperson (before, during and after the buyers are in the buidling). She really knows the art as well as the science of being a broker. I highly recommend Julia to any developer, and have done so several times already. Moreover, I just signed her to sell my current project.
“Julia did a great job of giving me only the important details I needed to feel comfortable and informed without being overwhelmed.”

Charlotte R.

Posted November 6, 2009. Verified December 7, 2009.

Since working with Julia, I've definitely tried to route more people in her direction. She's extremely organized and knowledgeable. I'm the type of customer who likes to know every detail of a transaction, and Julia did a great job of giving me only the important details I needed so that I wouldn't become overwhelmed with all the technical aspects of real estate. I still felt comfortable knowing how my purchase was progressing, but I wasn't burdened with what I had hired Julia to take care of. She did a great job educating me as a first-time buyer, and her perspective regarding a first purchase was one that placed importance on teaching her client. At the same time, she really looked out for me and shared her extensive knowledge of both the industry and Sugar Hill area. I will work with Julia again when I re-enter the market.
“Julia understands that her business is based on customer satisfaction and referrals, and she has no interest in forcing something on a client.”

Kirstin M.

Posted November 6, 2009. Verified December 7, 2009.

Julia is a consummate professional. She is talented at sizing up the needs as well as the desires of her clients; she reads people well and can incorporate unspoken factors in making her evaluations. Julia has no interest in forcing something on a client if they're not interested - she understands that her business is based on customer satisfaction and referrals, and I really respect the way she's built her reputation. I found Julia to be incredibly knowledgeable about all of Manhattan, but she was exceptional in Harlem. As a resident of the area, her enthusiasm makes her a great salesperson for the neighborhood. At the same time, she's straightforward, forthright, and honest in all of her dealings, so she never puts her clients in a situation that wouldn't make them happy. I've already recommended Julia to others, and I will continue to do so. Her great ideas and enthusiasm in everything she does really set her apart.
“Julia's exceptional quality of work helped me to fulfill my dream of owning a home.”


Posted November 6, 2009. Verified November 12, 2009.

I was a first-time buyer when I purchased my apartment with Julia, and she was invaluable to the process. Her ability and willingness to walk us through every part of the purchase was exceptional, and I feel like she went above and beyond with her work. I think I was very lucky to be a first-time buyer with Julia on my side. She was instrumental not only in the search for my apartment, but also with the co-op Board process. She assisted in organizing the paperwork I needed for the Board, and this is what allowed me to fulfill my dream of owning a home. I highly recommend Julia to anyone looking to purchase property, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.
“Julia is a motivated broker, and she's been exceptional in terms of marketing my properties.”

Abe S.

Posted November 6, 2009. Verified November 6, 2009.

Working with Julia has been very positive. She's a motivated broker, and I think she's exceptional in terms of marketing my properties. With me, she's straightforward and conscientious, and I find that to be a great compliment to her professional approach to real estate. I'm very satisfied with Julia's work.
“Julia's willingness to go the extra mile and her ability to fulfill the role of my real estate guide to Manhattan keep me coming back to her as a broker.”

Steve M.

Posted November 6, 2009. Verified November 6, 2009.

In my business, the most important characteristic a broker can have is the willingness to go the extra mile in regards to pulling comps and doing research into what's currently selling in the market. I've continued to work with Julia not only for her willingness to complete these tasks, but her ability to fulfill the role as my guide to Manhattan real estate through her extensive knowledge. Julia not only helps me determine what finishes and amenities to include in my development projects, but she also helps me to set an asking price for each unit. With the actual sales, I've found Julia's strengths to be her ability to market the properties for me. She's a great salesperson, she's very personable, and she can get the point across to my perspective clients. In addition to that, her team is another incredible resource, and her ability to lead that team is crucial. Finally, she is timely and honest, which are things that I would usually take for granted in a broker, but in Julia's case, they really add to the package.
“Because we didn't have our own broker, Julia took us on as her own clients and helped us through the purchase of our condo.”


Posted November 6, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

We had a really good experience with Julia. We met her at an open house, and we told her right away how much we loved the space. We weren't working with a broker, so Julia took us on as her clients and began to work on setting up the sale. She was thorough in responding to any concerns we had, and her responses were always very timely. She was patient with us throughout these concerns, and she remained honest and upfront the entire time. Because the condo we purchased was in a new building, the closing was slightly delayed, and Julia was completely forward with us regarding how long she thought it would take and why. I would definitely recommend Julia to friends and family. She really knows Harlem, from its history to its current transformation to what she sees as its future, not to mention the properties themselves.