Christopher Stokes Moseley

Charles Rutenberg Realty
Highlight: Excellent buyer's broker with strong analytic capabilites; a rising star



Contact Information (646) 200-5802

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 20%
Representing Buyers 80%

Chelsea, Upper East Side, West Village

Price range:
$1m to $3m

Lifetime deals: 150+

Sales 2006: $2 million

Sales 2007: $3 million

Sales 2008: $6 million


University of South Carolina, BS

Second languages: None

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 2003

Designations: Senior Vice President


Rookie of the Year, Benjamin James Associates, 2003


Number One Broker, Charles Rutenberg Realty, 2008


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I have focused my real estate business as a buyer's broker. I make it a point to give my clients a comprehensive view of the market -- not just one street or building. I deal in Co-ops, Condos and Townhouses/Brownstones in Manhattan.

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Agent's personal statement

As a Senior Vice President and Charles Rutenberg Realty's Number One/Top Broker for 2008, I have worked extensively in residential and commercial sales and rentals throughout New York City. With over twenty-years experience as a sales and marketing executive, I have honed my business skills working for The Gillette Company prior to opening my own boutique sales and marketing consulting firm (with showroom) representing such notable companies as Waterman, Parker, Faber-Castel, Newel-Rubbermaid, Morbier and Sensa. In my years as a successful Real Estate Salesperson and Associate Broker, I have closed many notable transactions and have a long list of residential and commercial repeat clients.


I was featured on Television's New York One in December 2008, discussing my success at earning higher commissions in a difficult market, while working at a non-traditional real estate firm. Also, in the February 2008 issue of The Real Deal, I was highlighted as a “smart” broker for my commission success at the New York office of Charles Rutenberg Realty.


My journey as an Associate Broker began with the honor of being recognized as “Rookie of the Year” at my previous brokerage firm. I have extensive experience working with a comprehensive group of supportive associates, such as Loan Officers, Real Estate Lawyers, along with Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and Contractors.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
111 Fulton Street; Condo Condo 1.0 850
12 West 72nd Street Co-op 0.0 450
125 West 22nd Street Condo 3.0 1800
200 West End Avenue Condo 2.0 1500
455 East 86th Street Condo 2.0 1400
457 West 22nd Street Co-op 3.0 2200
50-05 43rd Avenue Co-op 1.0 850
99 John Street; Condo Condo 1.0 950

Our summary of
Christopher Stokes Moseley

"Chris takes his work very seriously and with great pride. Chris is an excellent buyer's broker. He'll explore all Manhattan neighborhoods to find the right home for his customers and is excellent at crunching the numbers to ensure that they are making a sound investment."

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Verified reviews (10)

“Christopher is easy to work with. He approaches the business from professional standpoint.”

Matthew F.

Posted July 17, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Christopher is incredibly easy to work with. When he helped me buy a home, he became very attuned to what my requirements were, and because of that, every property he showed me was something interesting and he never wasted my time. He usually previewed the property himself, to make sure that everything in the listing was accurate and what was written on paper truly represented the property. He had a large database of properties to choose from, so I was confident that I’d find the apartment I wanted. I’d recommend him to my friends and family in an instant. He was truly professional, and the whole experience of buying through him was a pleasure.
“Christopher is extremely patient. There is no pressure working with him.”

Steve M.

Posted July 20, 2009. Verified October 9, 2009.

Christopher and I worked together for over two years, and he was extremely patient and helpful the entire time. He understood that I wasn't in a huge hurry to purchase another property, and he didn't pressure me to make any decisions I didn't want to make. He showed me everything that fit the criteria we'd talked about, and he was extremely thorough in researching properties and following up with other brokers he spoke to during the process. Everything went very smoothly with Christopher, and I really enjoyed the relaxed pace at which I was able to search. In September, we closed on a great apartment, and I'm very happy with the property. It was a real pleasure working with Christopher, and I'd gladly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase real estate.
“Christopher is a careful listener. We purchased the first condo he showed us.”

Jim M.

Posted July 20, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

I’ve known Christopher on a personal level for a long time. Last year, my partner and I were looking to invest in a very particular type of property. We wanted to find a home that we could both live in and work out of, and we weren’t quite sure where to start looking. Christopher heard us talking about our property needs and asked if we’d like him to help out. He took the initiative to research a number of listings that might interest us, and he presented the list to us the following day. He had listened very carefully to our needs, and we ended up purchasing the first condo we visited. It was such a great help to us that we were happy to use him as the broker to help close the deal. In the end, he truly delivered for us. I’ve already recommended Christopher to friends. His pro-active nature and ability to hone in on exactly what his client wants are truly remarkable and really separate him from the rest.
“Most patient agent I could ever imagine.”

Phylis D.

Posted July 17, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Christopher is the most patient agent I could ever imagine. I searched with him for an apartment for nearly a year, and he never slowed down or ran out of new listings to look at. Every listing he showed me fit my preferences and price range, but he understood that I wanted to find the perfect property, and he persisted in trying to find it. He was truly wonderful to work with, and I’m very satisfied with my experience with him. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
“Chris helped me to find a very specific type of property in the city - his research and commitment to me as a client allowed him to find exactly what I was looking for in record time.”

Tiger D.

Posted October 9, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

When I moved to New York, I decided I wanted to purchase a work-live condominium in the city. I hired Chris to help me find this property because in our initial talks, he seemed to have a very strong grasp of both the residential and commercial markets of Manhattan. I've bought a number of properties in my lifetime, and I've never known an agent who has been able to find exactly what I wanted in such little time. Chris and I looked at ten or twelve properties, but I eventually purchased the first one we had looked at. I found Chris' commitment to my needs to be valuable. He never showed me what he wanted to sell. Instead, he did a vast amount of research to find properties that other realtors might not take the time to find, and he found properties I would be interested in. Chris is an extremely busy man, so there were a few times during the purchase in which he wasn't available to talk or took some time returning my calls. I didn't always follow everything he was trying to explain, so there were also times in which we didn't completely connect; however, my experience with him was overall very positive, and I've recommended Chris to my friends.
“As first-time buyers, we were very impressed by Christopher's dedication to us.”

Joe T.

Posted July 22, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

Working with Christopher was absolutely delightful. My wife and I were first-time buyers in the city when we met him, and he worked very hard for us throughout the process of the purchase. He never wasted our time with properties we weren’t interested in because he really understood what we were looking for and made sure his listings met our criteria. Once we decided on an apartment in a co-op, Christopher was very helpful in negotiating the price, and preparing our approach to the Board. He even referred us to a landscape architect who assisted us in renovating our garden. I would recommend Christopher to my friends and family without reservation. He’s very responsible, intelligent, and he has great respect for his clients and everyone he works with. I consider him to be the best agent I’ve ever dealt with.
“I know Chris always had my best interests at heart.”

Ellen O.

Posted July 20, 2009. Verified September 23, 2009.

My experience working with Christopher was very positive. I had been living in the same rental for eight years and wanted to buy, but after an in-depth analysis, Christopher and I decided that finding a new rental would be better with my current budget. To me, this showed that he truly had my best interests at heart. Once we made the decision to pursue rentals, he researched many properties that were within my price range and preferences, and answered any questions I had about them. He really displayed a strong understanding of what I was looking for, and that helped make me feel fully taken care of. I’ve already recommended Christopher to a couple of friends who have purchased with him and been very satisfied. When I decide to move from my current apartment, I’ll definitely contact him again.
“Christopher is a great listener which enables him to develop a deeper understanding of his clients, their wants and needs.”

Robyn H.

Posted July 22, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

Buying a home with Christopher was fabulous. He really listens, not only to what his clients say, but also to the way in which they talk about their preferences. Because of this, he seems to develop a deeper understanding of his clients' needs than even they might know. He then factors all that information into his incredible database of the properties, and he even accounts for the current market situation. When we were searching for a home, Christopher narrowed down the search incredibly well and screened many properties before we even visited them, so we never felt like our time was wasted. He also has a great sense of humor and is very respectful to all of his clients, so I'd recommend him to high-end customers and more modest buyers alike. He really focuses on finding the perfect apartment for his client, and that's what comes through in his work.
“Even though Chris was the seller's broker for my first purchase, he made me feel like my happiness was his top priority.”

David S.

Posted October 7, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Chris was fantastic to work with. He was the seller's broker on my first real estate purchase, and even though I wasn't directly his client, he was professional in every way. Chris never put any pressure on me to buy the apartment - his top priority was that I would be happy with my purchase - and he never exhibited any of the ugly stereotypes associated with salespeople. His forthrightness and honesty made me feel like he was on my side the entire time. I would absolutely recommend Chris to others looking to buy or sell. He was upbeat and helpful throughout the process of my purchase, and he really possessed every characteristic I was looking for in someone to help me with such a large financial purchase.
“Chris helped me to find a rental when I needed to downsize. His understanding of what I was looking for saved time and effort, and made the whole move go very smoothly.”

Jon G.

Posted October 12, 2009. Verified October 23, 2009.

Over the summer, I was looking to downsize to a rental space. I chose to work with Chris because he had helped a friend of mine to find a home last year, and I had seen how they worked together and was very impressed by what Chris had done. I had an excellent experience working with Chris. When I described what I was looking for in a home, he understood it right away, and he was able to target the right kind of locations very quickly. We didn't have to go see very many properties, saving both time and effort. Once we found a place, Chris helped with the application process and made sure that everything was organized and orderly for the landlord. We negotiated a lower rent, and the whole process went very smoothly. I've told Chris already that I would recommend him to others, and I definitely would hold to that promise. He's an all-around terrific agent.