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Contact Information (646) 200-5802

Vital statistics

Representing Sellers 30%
Representing Buyers 70%

Chelsea, Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen, East Village/Lower East Side

Price range:
$500k to $1m, $1m to $3m, Under $500k

Lifetime deals: 90

Sales 2006: $5 million

Sales 2007: $6 million

Sales 2008: $6 million


New York University, BFA (Brad); Union College, BA in Art History & Photography (Becki)

Second languages: Spanish

Professional memberships:
Real Estate Board of New York

Active Agent since: 2002

Designations: Vice Presidents


Nominated for REBNY's "Rookie of the Year" in 2005


Portrait Realty's Top Producer, 2005-2006



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We assist buyers and sellers within the Manhattan area and have a sales portfolio that exceeds $25 million. Whether you are embarking on your first purchase, needing to sell your home, or looking for that $10 million dollar gem, we have extensive experience in all.

First-time NYC buyers »

Buying for the first time should be an exciting, stress-free experience!! We have guided and educated first-time buyers for years. Whether it be mapping out your finances to pass a co-op board, discussing the best neighborhoods for resale value (as you will want to upgrade within a few years!), matching you with the right attorney, or putting you in touch with the best mortgage broker --- we are with you from beginning to end in your search for the perfect home.

Pied-a-terre specialists »

The home away from home! Pied-a-terre buyers have come our way for years....We will help you find that NYC "weekender" gem. As some buildings allow these types of purchases - some, of course, do not. We have the knowledge of the "pied-a-terre" buildings throughout the city and are here to help you purchase with ease. Perhaps you even need some help renting it out on your 'off' weekends! Keep all of your options open with us.

Parents »

Parents purchasing for children can be one of the trickiest deals to navigate in this city. Some NYC buildings will allow parents to purchase outright, some require a co-purchase between parent and child, and some want all of the money gifted to the child. With a plethora of experience in this arena (and with our knowledge of buildings and their "parent/child" policies), you will be guided through the purchase with ease.

Under $500k specialists »

Since we work often with first-time buyers, we have extensive experience with homes under $500k. Whether it be mapping out your finances to pass a co-op board, discussing the best neighborhoods for resale value (as you will want to upgrade within a few years!), matching you with the right attorney, or putting you in touch with the best mortgage broker --- we are with you from beginning to end in your search for the perfect home.

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Recommended agent for corporate relocatees

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We assist buyers and sellers within the Manhattan area and have a sales portfolio that exceeds $25 million. Whether you are embarking on your first purchase, needing to sell your home, or looking for that $10 million dollar gem, we have extensive experience in all.

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Agent's personal statement

Our partnership continues to blossom at Charles Rutenberg Realty where we are among the firm's top producers. With a primary focus on both first time buyers and investors within the $250k to $3 million range, we will educate you on the market and help guide you towards the best purchase possible. While we boast a sales history of over $20 million, we never forget how we got there. The needs of our customers always come first and our primary goal is to provide you with a comfortable, knowledgeable, and enjoyable process.


Brad began as an actor/director in New York City almost fifteen years ago. He immersed himself in the Big Apple and quickly fell in love with the city. Once he began to dabble in real estate he learned where his niche was thanks to his keen eye for detail, outgoing personality and fierce hand in negotiating. He first joined a boutique firm in Chelsea and within his very first year became the office’s top producer. He was then promoted to “Sales Manager” and was responsible for training all new agents and overseeing each deal’s successful execution.


Becki moved to NYC to study film and photography. After earning her degree in Art History and spending two years in the photography industry, she took the leap into real estate and immersed herself in the rental market with the city's largest firm. Succeeding as a top producer in a fast-paced environment, Becki gained knowledge and exposure to every block in the city, understanding their aesthetics, history, ownership, value, and resources. Because she mastered the rental market before transitioning into sales, Becki is able to provide customers with a broad range of options. She has a loyal client base and brings a balance of education, creativity, and business savvy to her craft.

Recently sold

Address: Type: Bed: Sqft:
127 West 96th Street Co-op - -
13 West 13th Street Co-op - -
201 West 21st Street Co-op - -
205 E. 89th Street, 2D Co-op - -
205 Third Avenue Co-op - -
211 Thompson Street Co-op - -
245 East 87th Street Co-op - -
250 W. 27th Street, 2H Co-op - -
303 E. 8th Street, 5F Co-op - -
321 E. 45th Street Co-op - -
321 East 45th Street Co-op - -
350 West 42nd Street Condo - -
357 East 57th Street Co-op - -
50 Bayard Street Condo - -
531 E. 87th Street, 5A Co-op - -
531 East 87th Street Co-op - -
632 East 14th Street Co-op - -

Our summary of
Brad Malow & Becki Danchik

"We've seen Brad and Becki work tirelessly for sellers and buyers on complex and lengthy transactions. They are able to work in a variety of price ranges, but are wonderful for the first-time buyer. They received their training doing rentals and sales, so they have a strong command of a wide range of neighborhoods -- from Harlem to Downtown."

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Verified reviews (13)

“Becki was informative, knowledgeable and took the time to explain anything I was still unsure of.”

Cara P.

Posted July 15, 2009. Verified September 28, 2009.

Two years ago, I had to sell my Upper East Side co-op apartment, and I came into contact with Becki. I noticed from the beginning that she was eager to help with anything she could. She offered me plenty of information regarding the process of selling and comparable prices in the area. Becki always took her time to explain anything I was still unsure of. Whenever I had a question and left her a message, she called back promptly. The whole experience was full-service, and I was extremely satisfied with Becki’s professionalism. I would absolutely recommend Becki to family members or friends. She’s a great resource to have when putting a property on the market.
“Buying in NYC can be a long, arduous process. Becki handled everything extremely well.”

Sandy P.

Posted July 15, 2009. Verified October 5, 2009.

Working with Becki was terrific, and because of my experience with her, I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family. I knew from previous home purchases that the process of buying property can be long and arduous, but Becki handled everything extremely well. She was incredibly organized, which was more helpful than I can describe. One of the biggest obstacles in my purchase was preparing a Board package that would be accepted, but she made sure the whole package was perfect before I handed it over. She understood exactly how the Board operated and knew what they were particularly picky about, so I was confident with what she had prepared for me.
“Becki understands the market and finds the right apartments to show me.”

Paul C.

Posted July 15, 2009. Verified September 25, 2009.

I first met Becki through one of the apartments I’ve rented in Manhattan. She was the listing agent of the property, and just from that experience working with her, I’d recommend her to others. I recently contacted her again to help with my first purchase in the city, and she’s already raised the bar. She’s adept at reading her client and finding ample listings to look at, and she’s made me very comfortable in the search. I’ve worked with a number of other realtors, and I trust Becki the most out of all of them. There’s no hidden agenda with her, and she’s always available to answer any questions I have. If I had to narrow it down to a word, working with Becki is fantastic.
“Becki was extremely patient and an excellent resource.”

Kathy N.

Posted July 14, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Becki is an extremely professional and patient agent. When we were looking at properties, I was very particular in what I wanted, and she kept bringing me new listings until we found an apartment I was completely satisfied with. She had an extensive knowledge of all the properties she showed me, was very personable the whole time, and had a great staff working with her. I highly recommend Becki to anyone looking to buy or rent. She’s an excellent resource in this market, has great connections to other top-notch professionals throughout the industry, and will keep working until she finds what you want.
“I am a real estate investor and landlord. Becki makes my job as landlord easy.”

Roland J.

Posted July 15, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

I'm a real estate investor and own a rental building in Harlem. Becki takes care of almost everything in terms of renting out the apartments, and she has a tremendous work ethic. She brings potential tenants to the building, takes down their information, and screens them before sending me the final paperwork to double check. She makes my job as a landlord extremely easy, and she's one of the best real estate agents I've ever worked with. I've seen her work with my tenants, and I am confident recommending her to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the city. I can attest to her abilities as a broker, and am sure that anyone who works with her will have a very positive experience.
“Becki is an honest professional who helped me find the best affordable apartment.”

Dean M.

Posted July 20, 2009. Verified July 20, 2009.

My experience with Becki was fantastic. When I relocated to the city, I was looking for a rental, and we spent a bit of time together before searching so that she could really understand my needs. When we started looking for an apartment, she was very knowledgeable about not only the buildings we looked at, but also the price points of various neighborhoods, which helped me get a great deal. She wasn’t pushy like many other brokers I’ve worked with, but instead was genuinely interested in finding me the best apartment I could afford. She’s a truly honest professional. I’ve already given Becki’s contact information to some friends and they’ve been very pleased working with her.
“An honest agent. Becki is fun to work with.”

Nancy S.

Posted July 14, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Working with Becki was a pleasure. Despite the fact that my partner and I didn’t end up purchasing due to financial reasons, we would still completely recommend Becki to others, especially because she was so honest and objective with us regarding our financial situation. Whenever we went out to look at properties together, though, we saw that Becki had worked ahead of time to schedule the day’s viewings as efficiently as possible, and we always had a lot of fun working with her. When we decide to start searching again, we’ll be contacting Becki to help.
“Working with Brad is like working with an extremely knowledgeable friend.”

Heidi K.

Posted July 20, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Working with Brad is like apartment shopping with an extremely knowledgeable friend. I bought and sold my Upper East Side co-op with him, and both times he was relaxed, informative, and he gave me great advice regarding the transactions. He also kept me up to date during the closing process for both the purchase and sale of the apartment, which I really appreciated. Because of my experiences with Brad, I’ve recommended him to some of my friends, and they’ve had success working with him, as well. He’s truly a great guide to have in today’s market.
“Brad is a phenomenal broker. Kept the process moving in the right direction.”

Marc A.

Posted July 15, 2009. Verified September 25, 2009.

Brad is a phenomenal broker. I can’t recommend him highly enough. When I was looking to buy property in Manhattan, Brad researched a number of listings before we even started searching, and he previewed some of them, as well, to make sure they were apartments I would be interested in. Because of Brad’s pro-active approach, I was able to find a property very quickly. Once the process of buying the apartment began, Brad was very focused and diligent, and he was always willing to accommodate my busy schedule. He worked hard to keep the purchase moving forward, and the whole process went very smoothly.
“Attentive, thorough and comfortable. Brad makes the process an easy one.”

Mindy E.

Posted July 15, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

Brad is an all around great real estate agent, and I’d absolutely recommend him to my friends and family. He’s extremely attentive of his clients’ needs and he’s straightforward in regards to what his clients can realistically expect out of a deal. He thoroughly researches each property before showing it, and whenever a question or concern arises, his responses are punctual and thought out. Aside from being an adept agent, he’s also a very nice person. All of this makes working with him an easy and comfortable experience, and I really appreciated that comfort when purchasing my home.
“As a first-time buyer, Brad really understood my mindset.”

Jennifer Y.

Posted July 15, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

I worked with three different agents before I met Brad, and after our first day looking at properties together, I already felt much more comfortable with him than I had with any of the others. I was a first-time buyer, and Brad really understood my mindset. He was patient and informative, answering all my questions and explaining the process of purchasing real estate in the city. He displayed an incredible amount of knowledge, and I knew from the first day that he was the broker I wanted to work with. Brad really persevered in working with me. After we had looked at quite a few places, I decided I wanted to take a break for a couple months to reevaluate my situation. He stayed in contact the entire time, and when I decided to start looking for a home again, he was right there to help. We eventually found an apartment through one of his industry connections, which were a great resource throughout the closing process, too. I’ve already recommended Brad to others, and my first experience with him was so good that I’m currently working with him again to rent out my apartment.
“Brad works to build strong, trusting relationships with his clients.”

Jonathan F.

Posted July 14, 2009. Verified November 9, 2011.

I was introduced to Brad by a neighbor in my building who had worked with him a number of times before, and I’m glad I was given the recommendation. Brad was very realistic about what I was hoping to achieve in selling my property, and he took the necessary time to understand my timing and price goals regarding the sale. I’ve found that over the last five to ten years, it seems like anyone can become a real estate agent, and that makes finding a good one especially difficult. Aside from being a great person all around, Brad is one of the few professional real estate agents I’ve met in a long while. He understands that the agent-client relationship is based on mutual understanding, and he works to make that relationship a strong one so that the process of selling a home goes very smoothly. I’ve already recommended Brad to a number of friends who have bought and sold properties in Manhattan with him. They’ve all had success stories similar to mine, so I would gladly recommend him again.
“Brad was always available, honest and, most importantly, patient. Made buying a home simple.”

Christine S.

Posted September 27, 2009. Verified September 27, 2009.

My husband and I were referred to Brad by a friend who had recently purchased a three-bedroom apartment with him and was very pleased with his work. For me, working with Brad was one of the best and easiest home-buying experiences I could have imagined. Brad was not only resourceful, but he was always available, completely honest with us about the market and the properties we visited, and had great advice. Even if we had a question at midnight and sent Brad an e-mail, he would usually write back within minutes. I think Brad’s biggest strength is his patience. I had heard horror stories about how agents in the city tend to be extremely pushy and pressure their clients into making premature decisions, but Brad wasn’t anything like that. He was always patient and understanding with us, and that really helped the process. I have already recommended Brad to others, as has my husband, and we’d continue to do so without reservations.