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Aaron Niedermayer

Aaron Niedermayer

Prior to TopAgentGuide™, Mr. Niedermayer was a core member of the investment team of Redbrick Partners, the first firm to focus on professionalizing investment activity in the single-family housing asset class. At Redbrick, Mr. Niedermayer was involved in all aspects of the investment process, interacting with dozens of real estate agents on the purchase or sale of over 500 homes.

Mr. Niedermayer also was a member of the asset management team within the Real Estate Finance group at UBS. At UBS, he helped manage over $5 billion in commercial real estate loans and analyzed leasing activity, renovation/capital improvement schedules and budgets, property operations and sales activity. 

Mr. Niedermayer began his career as a communications and branding consultant with Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates. He is an honors graduate of Duke University.